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Chapter 168 Choose a path

Chapter 168 Choose a path
Whether it was going to be the rise of dark warriors like Ding Yan said. Or "the right path" like Zhu Llingdie said. They were not what Chu Yunsheng wanted eventually. He just wanted to survive and live better.

Ding Yan wanted him to create a new order. But Zhu Lingdie wanted him to join her to resume the old order.

There were insects outside the city; aliens inside the city. It seemed like nowhere in Jin Ling city was peaceful now.

He couldn't sleep at that night. While staring at the endless dark sky he suddenly felt very tired, maybe the dead people were much happier.

But people were reluctant to die, he was the same.

If Ding Yan had the ancient book, Chu Yyunsheng believed that he would definitely be able to rule the city and create a new order; if Zhu Lingdie had the ancient book, Chu Yunsheng believed that she would definitely be able to resume the order

Chu Yunsheng knew his limit, during the age of light he was just an ordinary office worker, if it weren't the book, he would be dead already.

But Ding Yan and Zhu Lingdie those people were from the upper class. They were nothing like him.

He might look stronger than others, but inside his mind, he was still an ordinary man. Ding Yan and Zhu Lingdie had their plans. But it seemed like he just tried to survive day by day.

This was also the reason why they had two different approaches. Ding Yan wanted to wait for the fight between the woman in the white dress and the cloaked man broke out. so he could gain advantages from it. but Zhu Lingdie wanted to use the woman in the white dress to resume their orders.

However, Chu Yunsheng himself was moaning internally that there wasn't a peaceful day.

He had thought about it,  he had thought about why he would feel annoyed by those things. At the end, he gave himself a conclusion, it was because he did not have any ambitions.

Living like a normal person was not an ambition, reach Yuan Tian stage three was not an ambition, they were more like the short term objectives he was forced to set by the current situation.

But what was his ambition really, Chu Yunsheng felt that finding his ambition was as difficult as writing an essay.

It was said that a person's personality decided one's fate, and the way of thinking led one’s path. He could not change his character to become like Ding Yan or Zhu Lingdie. He could only try to find ambitions that suitable to both himself and this world.

As he was thinking what he wanted to do the most in his mind. He felt like apart from he hoped that his family would live peacefully for rest of their lives. He didn't want to do any other things. When he was young, he wanted to become an adventurer, and now He was just curious about this new world and the secrets behind the book. However, he couldn't leave his family. Maybe one day when Jin Ling became a safe place and after his family settled down. He would set off his adventure to discover this world.

Then he let out a long sigh, and took out the ancient book.

Since the stone stele flew away, he had tried to find out the secret of the stone stele in the ancient book.

After the non-stop days and nights hard work by lecturer Tang and other professors, he could finally and barely understood few paragraphs.

With the strange experience he had in the past few days, he opened the book and started to read the book once again.

The information inside these few paragraphs was about the senior practitioner. He was heavily injured when he had a fight with his enemy who was chasing him. Accidentally he discovered the people in a human tribe were on their knees worshipping a stone stele.

Based on the information on the book, It seemed like the stone stele mentioned in the book was not as big as the one Chu Yunsheng discovered. The senior practitioner used "surprised" and "shocked" symbol several times to express his feeling at that time. According to the description, the human tribe around the stone stele was much smarter than the other human tribes at further regions, and the weapons they used were much more advanced than others.

The senior practitioner described that even he had travelled countless galaxies, he still could not understand that stone stele. All he knew was that the stone stele might have some connection with the myth that happened hundreds of millions of years ago. Because of this myth, the earth had become a battlefield for countless times. However, never once the winner of the battle discovered the secret behind the myth.

When Chu Yunsheng read here, he suddenly thought about the extinction of the dinosaur. Was it also because of the myth?  Or maybe the dinosaurs were not from the earth at all.

he shook his head to clear his thoughts. it seemed like he got carried away too far. Then he carried on reading.

At the very beginning, the people who came to the earth were either very famous overlord of the galaxies or the leaders of the civilizations. Because of the war, a lot of those overlords and leaders had fallen. Then the things that they left behind became the late comer’s treasures, and then it caused the wars and conflicts again and again…  The cycle repeated for a very long time until the myth was almost completed forgotten! if it wasn't that the senior practitioner lived for a very long time, he probably didn't even know about how this kind thing started.

Then Chu Yunsheng thought about the stuff that the cloaked man and the woman in the white dress were looking for. are they here for the treasures that left by those overlords? However, there was no evidence to support his assumption and the book also did not mention about what kind of treasures they left behind, so he carried on reading.

However the next paragraph was not completed deciphered, all he could understand was
"...the sudden and strange communication with the stone stele..."
"...hundreds of millions of years ago... Legendary and invincible seven sects….Qi Shǐzǔ
…. A rare race…."
"..Eliminated by a group called 'the great devil' in one night..."

The senior practitioner did not seem to be interested in the things left behind by the galaxies overlord and the leaders of the civilisations, it seemed like he only interested in the stone stele a lot.

It was a shame that his time was running out, and he could not study the stone stele.

A lot of things Chu Yunsheng did not understand, he had to guess what they meant based on the context. He could feel that the senior practitioner was worried about the great devil, the symbols like “quick”  “take out the treasure!” “eliminated the monsters” “to my world” repeat several times.

He sighed again. he still had no idea what he wanted to do even after reading the ancient book.  If The senior practitioner was still alive he would probably be very disappointed with him.

However, He still would not choose Ding Yan’s path, he also would not choose Zhu Lingdie’s path, because he knew for sure that was not something he wanted. It might take a long time to find his own path, but he was willing to wait.

At moment, he had to find the senior practitioner's treasure first.

It meant that he had to finish gathering the maps. Since the second map was found, he vaguely felt that the book was pointing at the north-west. He did not know where it was exactly, and he could not leave his auntie behind to find them either. So he had to eliminate all the threats first. The food problem, two alien's problem, and create a city that was safe for them to live.

According to Zhu Lingdie’s information, the cloaked man and the woman in the white dress were equally powerful, So he had rough idea how powerful they were.

If he wanted to kill them, only having level three talismans was not enough. He had to reach the peak of Yuan Tian stage two as soon as possible.

Also, he needed to go to the GRD to ask professor Sun what the anti-world was exactly. The ancient book did not seem to have any description about it.

The hazy shimmer slowly appeared in the sky as if it was challenging the endless darkness

“Maybe, helping Ding Yan and Yao Ziang to take control of the city is not a bad idea after all.” Chu Yunsheng was gazing at the glimmer of light and mumbled.