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Chapter 169 making the armour to reinforce the city

Chapter 169 making the armour to reinforce the city
On the second day early morning, Chu Yunsheng went to the GRD straight away. Because he could not sleep all night, it made him he looked like he was exhausted.

when Chu Yunsheng arrived at the city centre. He noticed that there were a lot of heavy-armed soldiers guarding the place where the stone stele was,  There were five big triangle cone-shaped strange machines built around the place and formed in a pentagon shape.

Since when did GRD build this? Chu Yunsheng wandered.

With the help of the special rank badge that professor Sun gave to him, Chu Yunsheng easily past the security and went into the lab.

Assistant Zhou was told by professor Sun that whenever Chu Yunsheng came to GRD, he should take him to the lab first.

Professor Fang and professor Sun were busy doing the experiment when Chu Yunsheng arrived. Their tired expression indicated that they had not had a good rest, but their eyes were filled with excitement.

"Xiao Chu, just the right time. Look Lao Fang’s experiment, it's almost completed now!" professor Sun rubbed his red eyes and said with excitement.

"what experiment?" Chu Yunsheng was curious.

"the new smelting technology! Combine with necessary dark energy, we could missive produce the armour using the shell of the insects!" professor Sun said proudly:" it's a huge technology advancement in the human history!"

"However the theory is not perfect, once it was completed, we could directly deploy the armour to the army and equip our soldiers" professor Sun pressed the machine's buttons and said.

"In that way, we will have fewer people dying!" Chu Yunsheng admired their intelligence and what they did here.

Although the armour they made did not improve soldier's physical strength like the armour he made.  The only benefit it provided just some defence ability. However, it could still save a lot of soldier's lives.

"Not just that, we could also use this technology to reinforce the walls around the entire city, so the swarm can be blocked outside the city!" professor Sun laughed out loud as if he saw that day was near.

"It must be a very spectacular scene" Chu Yunsheng could also imagine the scene, the walls that between the light and darkness; civilization and beasts.

"Yes, Xiao Chu, i really hope that day would come sooner, too many people have died!" professor Sun let out a long sigh.

"We have to thank the stone stele, it gave us the inspiration, that was a truly miraculous object, a lot of researchers were affected by it. It was a shame that it flew away, otherwise..." professor Fang sighed.

"Lao Huo has already organized the smartest biologists and neurologists to study the impact of this incident on the brain. As long as we found out what caused it, we will figure out a way to improve it. Lao Fang don’t be upset." said Professor Sun.

“Xiao Chu, we also wanted to talk to you, but it was delayed by this experiment for almost two days. " professor Sun paused for a second and said.

"We will talk about that later, I need to ask you something first, what is the anti-world?” Chu Yunsheng knew what they want to talk about, From Mo Wuluo’s incident, he had already realised how bad the food shortage problem had become.

"They still found you!" said professor Sun, it made Chu Yunsheng baffled. Then he signalled the assistant Zhou and whispered to him:" go get Lao Chui, don’t alert other people."

As the top level people at the GRD, professor Sun more or less knew something about the woman in the white dress and the cloaked man. Chu Yunsheng followed them into a quiet room and waited. 

Soon, professor Huo ran into the room:" Lao Sun, what is so important? I still have a lot of experiments on ongoing!” he said hurriedly.

Just when he finished the sentence he saw Chu Yunsheng. Then he looked at professor Sun and professor Fang’s stern face again. He seemed realised something, So he slowly closed the door and sat down quietly.

"Xiao Chu, we didn't intentionally want to hide it from you, because we don't know much about them. In fact, compared to them, you are the only secret we and GCH want to hide!" said professor Sun.

"me?" Chu Yunsheng heart skipped a beat.

"yes. the former chief commander was our old friend. When we arrived Jin Ling, we have reported the things about you to him. At that time, the argument between him and the alien had reached a peak state. He was extremely worried about the future of Jin Ling. So, after we confirmed that you are a human, he had listed all your information as the highest classified information. No one else except him in Jin Ling could access your file. The day before he died, he had destroyed all your documents." professor Sun slowly explained.
"why does he want to do this? A lot of people in the second division knows about me. You can not keep it as a secret." Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows. He had heard too much secrets recently. He almost couldn't handle the pressure.

"commander Du’s men didn't know a lot of things about you. So it doesn't matter. Also, everyone treated their saying as a rumour. So, not many people believed them. But Xiao Chu, think about it, have we ever revealed any information about your abilities, your sword and armour. We even hide them from the new chief commander. We even lied to them." professor Sun said.

Chu Yunsheng dazed for a second, what he said was true.  he had never been bothered by the researchers from GRD, even Zhu Lingdie who had a strong connection in Jin Ling also thought his armour and weapons were from GRD. So it was them covered it up for him.

"Now let’s talk about the anti-world. Since you heard that word, that means those two aliens have found you. But We don’t know much about them, the former chief commander had arranged me to observe the cloaked man in secret before. According to the information we had about him and with my years of experiences as a biologist. I am sure that he is not a human!" professor Huo said sternly.

"One of them is very cruel and cold to human, the other one is slightly better. But both of them have never revealed any of their technological knowledge and dark energy knowledge to us. Not even the slightest! It was because of this, the former chief commander had never stopped arguing with the cloaked man, it was also the reason why the cloaked man killed him!"

"Since the former chief commander died, we all knew that they don’t care about the human lives, we have to rely on ourselves. To us, they are as dangerous as the insects outside the wall, and maybe even more dangerous!" said professor Sun.

"if they don’t care about us, why they are helping two deputy chief commanders to gain control of Jin Ling city?" Chu Yunsheng pointed out where they contradicted themselves.

"This is just temporary, the entrance to the anti-world is in Jin Ling. Before they found the things they were looking for, they need someone to secure and stabilize the entrance when they entered the anti-world.

Secondly, they need equipment to open the entrance, this part they had already done without us, they had selected and controlled a small group of people to do it. But we still needed to provide them with the materials.

Thirdly, the dark warriors, they need some dark warriors to assist them to open the entrance, they need the dark warrior’s energies to do it.

This is all we know. But it is more than enough for us to know why they need to control Jin Ling." said professor Sun.

"Why would two deputy chief commander willing to be controlled by them?" this was what Yao Xiang wanted to know. Chu Yunsheng was also baffled.
"They don’t have other choices, those two aliens could easily kill Zhù Xīruì and Fāng Yuèhòu! At the moment, Zhù Xīruì and Fāng Yuèhòu had different opinions about the future of Jin Ling. Fang Yuehou thinks we should join the alien and surrender to them, in that way, they will probably help us. But Zhu Xirui thinks we should use two aliens conflict to gain advantages from it. We should not be their slaves." professor Fang explained.