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Chapter 170 the entrance of the anti-world

Chapter 170 the entrance of the anti-world.
Chu Yunsheng thought for a second, Zhu Lingdie seemed to have also talked about two paths his father and Fang Yuehou chose. Although professor Sun was not a senior officer at the GCH, what he said was very close to the truth, so he asked:” what exactly is the anti-world?”

“Mr.Chu, you studied engineering, you should know that antimatter existed in this world right! For example, a proton has a positive charge while an antiproton has a negative charge. A collision between any particle and its anti-particle partner will create huge energy, its power can compete with any nuclear weapon known to us!

During the age of light, creating antimatters and preserving them was extremely difficult. They can only be used in the lab, but since the entire scientific system has been changed, we have discovered a lot of dark energies and dark matters. We had re-deduce the theory before. If the anti-world exist, its link between the positive world is the mysterious dark energy. This is the only assumption that we have which can barely explain the stability of the entire space.

We have also proposed a theory that the dark energy’s antimatter could be just dark energy itself, it is like the photon, the antiphoton is itself." professor Fang tried to explain it as simple as possible.

Chu Yunsheng was indeed an engineering student, and professor Fang also explained in a very simplistic way, so he understood a little bit what he said. :”if the antiworld only contained antimatters, that means that if we entered the anti-world we will be dead, won't we?” he asked.

"This is why the aliens came to you, not other low-ranking dark warriors! From what we observed. their targets are at least rank 4 dark warriors or individuals who are as powerful as the dark warrior king! We suspected that the reason why those aliens set this standard was that only when dark warriors reached this level, their energy shield will be strong enough to prevent them to collide with the antimatter.

Also because of the existence of dark energy field, the collision of particles and anti-particles, may not lead to a large-scale of energy release. However, we don’t know the rules of physics in the "anti-world" and because of the limited condition, we couldn’t conduct any kind of experiment. The only data we could gather was from the last nuclear explosion and made some assumptions based on those data." professor Fang shook his head.

Chu Yunsheng knew which nuclear explosion he was talking about, he had also personally experienced it, he was almost killed by it.

In any case, Professor Fang's explanation was enough to make Chu Yunsheng realize the "anti-world" was extremely dangerous.

However, Compare to other dark warrior kings, Chu Yunsheng had more protection methods. He had armour, shield and Ben Ti Yuan Qi’s protection.

“when I came here, I saw the troop has blocked the place where originally the stone stele was. There are also five strange shaped machines. Is that what they are going to use to open the entrance for the anti-world?” Chu Yunsheng asked.

“Yes, that's right! Xiao Chu, after the stone stele left, they have sped up their plan. They are going to activate the machine very soon, so you need to be prepared! Be extremely careful.” professor Sun sounded very concerned. :”our technology is not as advanced as them, you are the only one we know who has the power to compete with them. So please do take care of yourself!”

Chu Yunsheng did not need anyone to remind him. It was his life, of course, he would take care of himself. He would not be manipulated by those aliens.

:"We have told you everything we know. Also, The type 2 dark energy gun has also been completed. We will ask Xiao Zhou to send it over to you.” said professor Sun.

“thank you!” said Chu Yunsheng. Although their caring about him was different than the Auntie's family's caring about him, He didn't know what else to say apart from that.

“this is the information regarding the new food research I sort out recently. It's only just my personal opinion. It may be fragmented and not systematic, but on the macro level, the direction is not wrong. In terms of specific research work, it requires you to put some efforts on it.” said Chu Yunsheng while passing out some draft he spent quite a long time to describe the concept and the principle behind the talisman of cure poison.

“let me have a look!” professor Huo was the first one grab the paper.

“huh? This is truly incredible!” professor Huo’s expression was changing quickly while glancing through the draft. With the impact from the dark energy and dark matter on the traditional physics and biology. They had already started to think outside the box.

What Chu Yunsheng did was eventually given them the answer without telling them how to do it. It was like giving a technician a completed product. The technician might be able to reverse engineer the product and understand all the knowledge behind it.

:”since Xiao Chu is confident about it, in my opinion, Lao Huo you should organize people to start the research as soon as possible. The food shortage problem has already reached the critical level, we shouldn't delay it any longer.” professor Sun roughly looked at the paper and said.

The information Chu Yunsheng brought to then was a huge surprise!

Once the food crisis was solved, then people would have the strength to fight the insects. It would be just the matter of time to eliminate all the insects.

GRD this huge “research machine” started to run its maximum power after Chu Yunsheng left. Chu Yunsheng heard that all the researcher’s break time was reduced. They were only allowed to take a rest less than 6 hours’ break a day.

“brother Chu, something happened on the other side of the river!” Yao Xiang shouted at Chu Yunsheng before he got into the office building. He was short of breath because He just ran back from the front line.

It seemed like the swarm was trying to recover themselves recently, and there was not any movement from the other side of the river.  So normally Chu Yunsheng didn't need to go to the front line all the time. Only Yao Xiang and Lu Yu took turns to lead the teams to patrol the front line from time to time.

“what happened?” Chu Yunsheng’s heart sunk, if the insects were pushing at this time. The situation inside the city would get even worse.

“the research team that was supposed to collect research data and samples from the other side of the river had encountered the red-purple flame monster this morning! They have lost most of the data and ran back in a panic!”  Yao Xiang said nervously.

“how can they survive if the encountered the red-purple flame monster?” Chu Yunsheng doubted about they could run away. He could still remember when he encountered the red-purple flame monster for the first time. Apart from him, anyone whoever got locked by it would be dead definitely.

“they saw it through the binoculars. They were so scared that they ran away in panic!" said Yao xiang.

“do you know the exact locations? Take me to see those researchers!” Chu Yunsheng said immediately.

The reason why Jin Ling city could survive from the last insect’s push was mainly that there weren't many red-purple flame monsters this kind of powerful monster in the swarm. If there were many of them, Jin Ling city was probably already taken by the insects.

Since he killed the last red-purple flame monster he had always been paying extra attention to this kind of special monster. He also told Lu Yu and Yao Xiang that whenever anyone discovered them, tell him straightway.

Before, he just wanted to gain more experience, so it would be easy for him fight the same monster in the future, but now the situation had changed. He suspected that the reason why the swarm didn't have any movement was that “min” was first injured by the ancient book, then it was injured by the stone stele. It probably had not recovered from the twice injuries yet

He suddenly had a very bold plan. If there was just one purple-red flame monster on the other side of the river. He could seal it!