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Chapter 187 Temple

Chapter 187 temple
“I'm leaving tomorrow. “ Chu Yunsheng said one more time

“Ah!” Edgar woke up in shock. He knew this day would come, but he still felt like he was hit by a lightning when he heard it.

the past two month was the most peaceful period he had since the dark age began. Although he didn't know what Chu Yunsheng was doing every day outside the town, he knew he was preparing to leave soon.
“Mr. Lennon, may I go with you?” Edgar asked nervously. He was scared that chu Yunsheng was going to say no. :” I won't be a trouble, I can stay far away behind you….” he immediately added.
“you are going to die if you come with me.” said Chu Yunsheng,  he was not trying to scare Edgar. He couldn't even tell if he was going to cross the area of sticky substance alive, Let alone bringing another ordinary human with him.

:” stay here, I'll leave some food to you. You probably can still live for some time.”
Chu Yunsheng looked at the outside through the windows. The reason why he said "sometime" was that he also was not sure how long this man was going to survive. It might be one week. It might be just two days. Once the town was covered with the sticky substance. It wouldn't be long for insects to find him.
:”Mr. Lennon, please, I'm begging you, please allow me to follow you. I'll be dead if i stay  here……” Edgar begged.
“are you sure you want to leave with me? You have to understand that I'll not protect you once we enter the area of sticky substance. You are still going to die if you follow me.” Chu Yunsheng said.
:”yes. Mr.Chu, I've decided it. No matter what. I'll give it a try! Please let me follow you, I can cook, I can be a lookout, I can do anything. I can protect myself, you don't need to protect me. I won't regret it.” Edgar looked at Chu Yunsheng with hope.
“are you good at shooting?” chu Yunsheng was curious.
“yes, Mr.Lennon. In America, I have a permit to carry a gun. I'm also a gun hobbyist. You don't need to worry too much about me.” said Edgar while raising the rifle in his hand.
Chu Yunsheng almost forgot Edgar was not from China, if Edgar was good at shooting, then he might be useful to him.
The type 1 dark energy gun was still in his storage talisman,  Chu Yunsheng hasn't touched it, since he got type 2 from professor Sun. He also had spare bullets from the GRD. Roughly 80 of them.
The gun was already enchanted with fire soldier talisman, it was much more powerful than the ordinary energy gun.
If he could arm Edgar, then Edgar could hide inside the golden shell to assist him, although compared to the size of the swarm it was nothing, to him more help meant less risk.
:”ok, Edgar,  prove that you are useful to me.Try your best to get used to this new gun. And you only have 82 bullets. Don't waste any of them.” he took out the gun from his loose cloak and passed it to Edgar.
“type 1 dark energy gun!?” Edgar was shocked. Although he was not a formal researcher, he still worked for the GRD before, so he recognized the gun.
:”Mr.Lennon, I won't let you down.” Edgar was much more confident now.
:”but I have to tell you. Once we leave this building, there is no way back and even if you are in the danger, I probably won't be able to save you. Do you understand?” said Chu Yunsheng.
“I understand it, Mr.Lennon. “ Edgar said sternly. This was his only chance to escape from here, he had to try it.
“that's good. Take a good rest after you get used to it. We Probably won't be able any breaks for a very long time.” Chu Yunsheng wrapped himself with his cloak again and closed his eyes.
Tomorrow, he and this man would face the entire swarm. So he had to take a good rest as well.
Maybe they would be able to run away tomorrow. Maybe....
Chu Yunsheng didn't sleep all the way to the next day. He woke up in the midnight.

In the dim light, he noticed that Edgar still hasn't slept yet. He was staring at a photo in his hand and there was a flicker of a smile on the corner of his mouth.
Chu Yunsheng sat up, threw a piece of furniture into the campfire and suddenly asked:” Edgar, are you American?”
“I'm sorry, Mr.Lennon, did I woke you up.” Edgar immediately apologized.
“your family?” chu Yunsheng asked.
:”yes. Mr.Lennon, my wife and kids. They are still at America.” Edgar said.

“before the sun disappeared, we had regular phone calls. I promised them that I'll come back to them alive…..” he seemed to be dejected.
“that's why you didn't choose to kill yourself like other people?” he asked.
“people who killed themselves won't be able to go to the heaven. Mr.Lennon. Even if I can't go back. We are still able to meet each other in the heaven. If I killed myself. Then I won't be able to see them ever again.” said Edgar while stroked the photo.
“: they may not die anytime soon. Your country has the most advanced and most powerful weapons. There are also countless elites scientists in your country. So, maybe the situation over there is better than us here.”
:”Mr.Lennon, thank you. But…. I'm not saying you are wrong. I have learned a lot in GRD. Everything we knew has changed…. Everything…” Edgar shook his head.
:”My wife's grandmother came from a rare ethnic group in Mexico, and she insisted that they were the Mayan descendant, she was a poor old lady but a kind and loving person. When she was young, and whenever she was beaten by my wife's alcoholic grandfather ... she would often warn me and my wife, at the last few days of 2012, the sun would fall, and it would no longer rise, she hoped that I could stay in the United States to take care of my wife and children who it happened.”
"Mayan…. you mean she told you about the Mayan prophecy?" Chu Yunsheng was surprised. Because he also studied the Mayan prophecy before.
:”yes, at the time, I also thought it was ridiculous. I thought it was because she wanted me to stay in the USA with my family. So she made it up. I could understand how she felt. although I'm a black man, I have received a proper education in the university. So I didn't believe those things. That's why I came here….” suddenly his eyes were wide open.
:”oh my god! How stupid I was. I almost forgot that when we visited her, she had also mentioned that when the disaster came, escape to the ruined old temple, only in that way would we receive the God's salvation. god! She had already predicted the dark age, then the things about the temple must be true! She will take Tina and the children to the temple she mentioned, she definitely will! Mr.Chu am I right?"
:”she will!” chu Yunsheng answered simply.
Looking at Edgar who was still very excited. Chu Yunsheng suddenly had a strange thought. Whether it was the Mayan prophecy or the book’s prediction, they all pointed at 2012. But why 2012? Was it set up by someone,  who set it?...
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Chapter 186 I'm leaving tomorrow

Chapter 186 I'm leaving tomorrow

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Chapter 186 I'm leaving tomorrow.

Chu Yunsheng felt like he had returned to the horror city. He was like a ghost wandering this abandoned town.

In order to absorb more energy from the red shells, he decided to once again use the frost arrow.

Speaking of long-range attack weapons, whether it was a gun or a crossbow. They were both something Chu Yunsheng was not good at.  When it came to the skills Chu yunsheng had mastered during the age of light. The only skill he had learned was how to write a program.
After all back then, he didn't have the time and money to get into these luxury sports club. He just needed a skill which could help him to earn a decent amount of money, to support him into buying a house and probably help him get married soon… in short, just like most of the people during the age of light, the skills he had mastered from back then were totally useless in this post-apocalyptic world.
However, it all changed after the earth was plunged into the darkness. He learned how to fire a gun, how to kill people, eat stuff that were not even considered as food...
The months of experience he had wouldn't make him an expert in shooting, but at least he was able to freeze a red shell a hundred steps away now.

If he was hiding in the dark. Without being noticed by the red shell, he could also achieve 100% hit accuracy, as long as the red shell didn't have any big movements.
If he didn't move while the insects were moving then his accuracy would drop down to half.
If both of them were moving. Unless it was in a extremely dangerous situation, normally he wouldn't shoot the crossbow. Because he didn't want to miss the shot.

Unlike when he was in the horror city, he could no longer encounter an individual red shell. Many red shells often stayed as a group on top of the sticky substances. So not having many choices he took a huge risk looking for a small group of them and attacking them.
Only until he had enough Yuan Qi to make a monster seal talisman, did he start to change his hunting strategy.

He summoned a red shell and used it to lure the other red shells outside the area of sticky substance. Then he would kill them as fast as he could before the swarm arrived. This strategy instantly sped up his hunting progress.
When the sky once again went completely dark, Chu Yunsheng quietly returned to the 15-storey building. He had also made some adjustments to the building before he leaving it. He had spread the red shell”s corrosive liquid everywhere inside the building, from the ground floor to the third floor.
The mice also came back twice, but every time they were stopped by the corrosive liquid. Soon they all gave up and left.
When Chu Yunsheng returned, Edgar quickly prepared the mouse meat as usual. After Chu Yunsheng finished his meal, he quietly returned to the place next to the fire and held the gun to watch out the surroundings.
Time quickly passed, Chu Yunsheng didn't expect that it took him almost two months to prepare everything. The temperature started to drop again and it started to snow. Perhaps it was winter time if it was still in the age of light. Chu Yunsheng thought.
Edgar had already used a knife to shave his beard many times before, But it was still growing.
Chu Yunsheng’s supplies slowly and steadily increased in this two month time, the number of absorption talismans and offensive talismans he had, also increased.
The insets are a fire element monsters, so most of the offensive talismans he made were the counteract of the fire element. Apart from the glacier talisman. He also made 10 ice trap talisman.
The success rate of making an Ice trap talisman was 50%, so you can imagine how much yuan qi he wasted.
He also made a new offensive talisman, the icicle whirlwind Yuan Fu. He also tested the power of it on a small group of red shell. Once the talisman was activated, all the red shells within a radius of 50 meters around him would be penetrated by the spinning icicles.
According to the ancient book, icicle whirlwind Yuan Fu was as powerful as li Huo fu. But because he was dealing with fire element monsters, the power of ice element offensive talisman seemed to be more powerful.
Chu Yunsheng was scared of being surrounded by the swarm again. If he didn't have a talisman that does area damage, sooner or later he would be trapped in the swarm just like last time.
Same as the ice trap talisman, the success rate of making one icicle whirlwind talisman was very low.
It was 30%, even lower than the ice trap yuan fu. At the end, he only made 15 of them.
The only thing made him happy was the success rate of making the monster seal yuan fu was rapidly increased, he could almost achieve 100% success rate.
He also did a test on the sealed monster, he could only summon 10 monsters at a time, if he summoned more than that, the power of “min” would start to disrupt or even take back the control.
So Chu Yunsheng gave up sealing the red shells. Most of the monsters he sealed were golden shells and green shells.
In total, he sealed 20 golden shells and 5 green shells.
He had thought about just using the green shells to fly over the area of sticky substances. However, whenever he looked at the number of green shell flying in the sky and even more of them resting on the tombs, he gave up the idea immediately.
After sealing another purple flame monster, he had finally finished his long hunting.
His plan was to deploy the insects he sealed in a formation, the purple flame monster would be at the front of the group, and the rest of 9 golden shells would spit fire to assist the purple flame monster at the back of the purple flame monster.
In the past two months, the insect’s sticky substances had also spread towards the small town, Chu Yunsheng didn't doubt it would spread across the town. So he needed to leave now.
In the last few days before he left, Chu Yunsheng didn't plan to go out hunt again, he needed to nourish those monsters with yuan qi.

:”I'm leaving tomorrow.” said chu Yunsheng after he ate a mouse meat.
The night was dark, and the building was quiet. There was a small campfire in the middle of the room they were in.

The faint light and the sound of fire crackles were like a lullaby made everyone felt very sleepy.

Edgar who was looking at the flickering fire, didn't seem to hear to what Chu Yunsheng said.
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Chapter 185 Mr. Lennon.

Chapter 185 Mr. Lennon
Edited by Slayer Wolfx “You don't know where Jin Ling city is?” Chu Yunsheng was disappointed. He suddenly felt so weak and about to fall on the ground. He risked his own life to save this black man, but he didn't even know where Jinling is! :”Then how did you escape from the city?” his voice was less energetic than before. “Oh! Mr. Lennon, we were sent out of the city four days ago. We were sent here to collect samples…” Edgar carefully explained. The reason he could survive was all because of this cloaked man. Although he had cursed this man to die as soon as possible when he was leading the swarm towards the building, he would never tell anyone that. The man was too strong, he could only use “super-man” to describe this cloaked man. The vicious insects couldn't stop him, the purple flame monster couldn't kill him. Even those dirty and disgusting mice were blasted into pieces by this man. And this man, this Lennon, didn't seem to have any injury at all. If this wasn't a miracle then he didn't even know what it was!? However, he didn't know Chu Yunsheng was heavily injured. His body was even struggling to support him standing up. “..so this is it…” Chu Yunsheng let out a long sigh. Suddenly his frowned his brows:”what did you call me?” he instantly changed his tone. He was covered with the red cloak at the moment, even his face was covered with armour. Why did he call him Mr. Lennon? “Ah?” Edgar was scared by Chu yunsheng’s sudden change of voice. He just survived from an extremely dangerous situation, and he could barely calm down at this moment, Chu yunsheng’s word instantly made him nervous again:” I…. In my hometown, if the person wears the cloak and moves like the thunder we call the person Lennon...” “Lennon?” Chu yunsheng recited the name one more time, maybe he was just too nervous. Even the professor Sun and Zhu lingdie didn’t know the name of the cloaked man, how could this black man know? He unsheathed the sword, and held the dark energy gun while approaching the windows. Through the big gap on the windows, he looked down. Apart from many green dots, he could not see anything. However, the direction where the green dots were moving made him relieved. It seemed like those mice were retreating. Chu yunsheng guessed that probably after another hour the hazy shimmer would start to appear in the sky. But at the moment, he had to find a place to cure the poison inside his body. The smell of blood in the air was too heavy inside the room. Chu yunsheng stepped over a male's body and said:”move all the bodies out, it's better to keep them on the ground floor.” If they kept the body here, sooner or later the monster would find his place. Edgar looked at the dark corridor, he was really scared of those mice. But he did not dare to defy Chu yuansheng's request. So he just slowly dragged the body towards the corridor and planned to just leave the body in the stairwell And quickly run back. Chu yunsheng did not have any talisman of cure poison, he also could not make one at the moment. Unleashing Yuan qi would only cause the poison to spread even faster. He had to rely on his body to slowly eliminate poison by itself. However, his body also needed “fuel” which is yuan qi to eliminate the poison. So he had to constantly absorb yuan qi from the absorption talisman. After he found a clean room and stayed in there just by himself for almost three hours. He finally removed all the poison out of this body after the hazy shimmer appeared in the sky. The room was filled with the smell of burnt meat, Chu Yunsheng did not find the smell very pleasant, nor did he felt sick. Because it was not the first time he was eating the food amongst the piles of the bodies. When he entered the room, he saw the bodies were sacred around the floor, one of the body’s head was even burned by the fire. Although Chu Yunsheng didn't care about those people's lives, he was still a human being. He still felt uncomfortable to see the body was left on the ground like that. So he asked the black man to move those bodies out. Chu Yunsheng knew Edgar just left the bodies on the stairwell. But he didn't care, as long as he could move those bodies out of his sight. In terms of this black man, Chu yunsheng could not help him much, he planned just to give him some insects meat and leave him here. Based on the situation outside, it is just a matter of time until the area of sticky substances spread to here. He was not sure if he could break out from the area of sticky substances, let alone bringing this man with him. “Mr. Lennon, would you like some mouse meat?” said Edgar. He had already grilled around 5 mice meat. Chu Yunsheng only had some insect’s meat inside his storage talisman and some food roughly enough for a single person to eat for a month. But he was not upset because less food inside his storage talisman means the more food the office had. It also meant that even without him, his family could still survive for some time. May God bless they are ok! He mumbled. Chu Yunsheng didn't decline Edgar’s offer. He picked one up and put it his mouth. Without any salt and other spice. The meat tastes horrible. But both men didn't want to spit the meat out. It was the only thing that could give them energy. Chu Yunsheng only ate two mice, just enough to make him feel not so hungry. He purposely controlled his own meal. Because he thought that if he ate too much and became too full. His movement will be slow down, and even his brain will signal his body to relax. In this dangerous environment, if you were not cautious enough, you might be dead next second. Through the broken windows, Chu Yunsheng looked outside again. From the 15th floor. He could almost see the entire town. The mice have already disappeared from the street. But they left many “bite marks” everywhere. “Are those mice aways here?” Chu yunsheng suddenly turned around and asked. If the mice’s home was in this town, then it would become a trouble to his plan. He was not scared of those mice after his body was fully recovered. Even the mutant mice would not threaten his life. however, they were too many, and they could crawl into many places, if they stayed here, they would expose his location when he was in the fight with the insects. So it was extremely dangerous to have them around. “Mr. Lennon, I have never seen so many mice before, they came out of nowhere…. I swear...” Edgar could not hide his fear when he talked about the mice. “Indeed. they have a lot of numbers, and it seemed like they eat everything” Chu yunsheng decided not to ask him any more questions because he did not think he could get any useful information out of this man. He checked his weapons and decided to scout area just by himself. He also needed to go out to check the insect’s area of sticky substance and choose one weak point to break out. “those bugs don't eat them, their natural enemy is almost extinct. With their fast breeding speed….” Edgar was still mumbling even Chu Yunsheng had already stopped listening. Suddenly his eyes were wide open:”Mr. Lennon, you saw some of those mice were glowing in green right?.. Yes… you must have… breed.. Mutation.. Gene.. heredity...oh my god! There will be more of those mutated mice.” at first he seemed like wanted to ask Chu Yunsheng a question, as he carried on taking he started to mumble again, until the end, he almost shouted out loud. “But the human can't reach that speed.” said Chu Yunsheng while getting ready. :”Mr. Lennon? You…. Are you leaving now?...”Edgar panicked. If this man left, what would happen to him? Even the mice could kill him easily, let alone the bugs. :”I'll be back before the sky goes dark. You need to take a good rest now. You will need to guard this area the entire evening. I may be staying here for a while.” said Chu yunsheng. Chu yunsheng needed to prepare enough offensive talismans and absorption talismans to help him break through the area of sticky substances. He also needed a large number of monster seal talismans because he could not break out of the sticky substances just by himself.. And this could not be done in a short amount of time. That was why he planned to stay here for a while. Intense fight required him to have a good rest at night. He could not take a rest while guarding the area, that was why he needed Edgar’s help at the moment. Chu Yunsheng looked around and picked up a rifle and gave it to Edgar:” take this, if you can't even defend yourself. God won't be able to save you either!” :”Mr. Lennon… I … I won't let you down!” he was surprised that he was still useful in Mr.Lennon’s mind. He knew that if he lost his value to this cloaked man, then he would be abandoned by this man soon. When he was still in the state of happiness, Chu Yunsheng had already left the room. Chu yunsheng headed east of the town when he came out of the building, however, he did not get very far, because he discovered a purple flame monster was wandering around in the east alone. He quickly retreated from the east then changed his direction, quietly lurking towards the west this time.

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Chapter 184 be strong and courageous!

Chapter 184 be strong and courageous!
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Just when Chu Yunsheng charged into the building, he immediately noticed that some dark and long objects flew towards him quickly.

Puff Puff Puff… the sound of sharp objects hitting the door behind him after he dodged the attack was heard. He quickly turned around and squinted his eyes to see what that was. In the hall that was illuminated by the dim green light he noticed that there were long sharp icicles, he turned around again and found out that the floor of the hall had already been covered by the mice, and amongst those mice, there were few of them that had long sharp icicles on their back.

Chu Yunsheng couldn't kill them all, so he just fired several shots to make a gap in those mice, then he wrapped himself tightly with the cloak and charged inside

Yang dong had totally lost his composure, he retreated from the first floor to the second, from the second to the third, then all the way to the 12th floor, followed by the others,  But the mice were still chasing them, they even burned all the wooden furniture in the 8th and 9th floor in order to stop the mice from chasing them. But they did not expect those mice had some strange abilities to put out the fire.

The glowing mice and the strange ability, are those really mice?

Yang dong panicked, am i really going to die soon? Seeing the death was slowing approaching them, he started to breathe fast. They had already lost three people during the retreat, almost everyone was injured.

The blood-curdling scream made by the three people when they were eaten alive made their body tremble.

Originally they thought that the mice would become their food. But they did not expect that within less than a few minutes, their “food” would become their predator!

From the 12th floor to the 14th they had completely blocked all the possible entrances in attempting to hold on till the hazy shimmer appeared in the sky once again.

The mice usually don’t like to have any activity under the light, maybe they will retreat when the hazy shimmer appeared.
But at the moment, those mice’s attack seemed to be very persistent, even if the floor was blocked, they still were not sure for how long it would stop them.

This time, everyone including Wang qishun hoped a red shell insect would come out to scare those mice away, however they could not find any red shells which usually would wander around their area. 

:”lao yang, are we really going to die this time.” wang qishun said, his lips were dry and his eyes seemed to have lost focus. As an ordinary person. It was not easy for them to hold on for so long. All the researchers on the side had already lost their mind.  laughing, crying, acting like a psychopath. It seemed like they could not stand this mental torture anymore.

“You all gonna die, no one will live, hahaha-- all die`` hahaha ``` no one lives````!” shouted one of the researchers, his face was twisted, his laugh was creepy as if he had totally lost his sanity.

“This man lost his mind!” yang dong took out a cigarette box, there was only one cigarette inside, it was the last one he wanted to keep for the last moment.

It took him some time to make the crumpled cigarette straight again, then he sat next to a pile of fire and started to smoke the last cigarette he got, But the researcher who lost his mind disrupted his last moment of peace. He was pissed off, so he used the gunstock to knock out the researcher.
“Shut the fuck up!” he cursed while using the left hand to remove the cigarette and exhale a long smoke. at the same time, he kicked the researcher who was passed out on the floor few times.

He glanced over the other people and suddenly noticed the black man Edgar had not died yet:” fuck me, he is still alive!” he glared at Edgar and murmured.

Edgar did not know what he was talking about, but he knew it was not something good when he saw his angry glare, so he immediately curled up his body and moved to the side.  “.....be strong and courageous...” he was reciting the same words over and over in this mind.

“It is all because of him, motherfucker!” cursed liu tiesheng. His mind was filled with the thought, that if it were not this black man, the mice would not come; if it were not this black man they could live longer…. The anger made him stand up and walk towards Edgar. He used his right leg, constantly kicking Edgar in attempt to vent all his anger.

Edgar did not dare to fight back because liu tiesheng still had the gun. All he could do was to curl up his body and use both of his hands to protect his head. “...be strong and courageous...” he murmured those words quietly as if those words could help him to relieve the pain.
“Shut...the … fuck… up… shut … the .. fuck .. up...”Hearing that only served to make liu tiesheng even angrier; So he constantly beat Edgar as if this was the only way he could forget the fear of death.

The mice had already reached the 14th floor which was the floor below them. They could clearly hear all the squeaking and chewing noises made by them.

Yang dong’s eyesight did not stay on Edgar very long. Instead, he was staring at Su Chenyi who could not stop her body from shaking. He was actually quite surprised by the thought he had. It was funny how he still had this kind of desire before he died.
But a human is just an animal, sometimes they just do what they want to do, there is no reason behind it. Since there was not much time left for him, he did not need to think too much about it. Maybe just a little bit indulgence before he dies.

“What are you doing!?” Su Chenyi said  with a quivering voice. feeling the aggressiveness in those eyes, she quickly moved back in panic.

“You know what I am doing, so stop pretending it, everyone is going to die soon...” then he jumped towards her and started to rip her cloth off.

Death was slowly approaching the 15th floor, soon the entrance door to the 15th floor started to have some cracks which was getting bigger and bigger until they could see the crowded mice behind the door.

But the people on the 15th floor did not seem to care about the slowly breaking door. ...Crying… beating….struggling but no one seemed to want to try to fight the mice.

Tears kept running down from wang qishun’s face. Looking at the broken door he slowly put the tip of the gun in his mouth. He removed the shoes and used his toe’s to press the trigger…..

He did not want to be eaten alive, suicide was less painful.

But it seemed like he was struggling to press the trigger. His whole body was shaking and he was breathing fast. His mind finally broke down when he saw the first mouse that crawled in through the door. He roared loudly and closed his eyes…


When the first mouse crawled into the room, lie tienshang who was the nearest to the door became the first target, as the mouse quickly jumped onto him. He immediately stopped beating Edgar and fired several shots at the door:”come at me, you motherfucker!....” he shouted hysterically.

More and more mice started to appear and jump onto him. He had already used all the rifle’s bullets. But he still had the pistol, he drew the pistol from his waist and pointed at his head and pulled the trigger straight away….

Su Chenyi was still fighting yang dong, she quickly took out a small knife and stabbed it into yang dong’s neck very hard. at the same time, she was knocked out by the gunstock.

The gun dropped from yang dong’s hand, he was using his both hands trying to cover the wound on the neck, but the wound was too deep….

A male researcher and a female researcher were holding each other’s hand before they both jumped off the 15th floor together...

The door to the 15th floor was finally destroyed by the mice and all of them flocked in….

Edgar heard everything, but he did not dare to look at them, he just curled up his body like an armadillo:”.....be strong and courageous… be strong...” he murmured and started to cry.

Many mice had already crawled onto him and there were even more of them that were still blocked in the small corridor.

Suddenly many beams of light were shot into the 15th floor from the corridor. All the mice in the corridor were blasted into pieces.

The twelve sword qi’s were unstoppable, even the green light mice were instantly blasted into pieces.

Within a second, the corridor was emptied, and all the wall around the corridor was covered with blood.

Chu yunsheng stepped on the bodies of the dead mice and walked into the 15th floor.

Looking at the dead bodies scattered around the floor, his body started to tremble. He did everything he could, ran as fast as he could. But he was still late.

He had also shouted he was here to save them when he was downstairs. but why would they still commit the suicide?

Chu Yunsheng turned around with the disappointment. Suddenly he noticed a body was moving in the corner and then he heard a weak voice:”...be strong…. And …..courageous…”

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Chapter 183 the fire in the sky

Chapter 183 the fire in the sky.
Chu Yunsheng had heard about the animal which exposed to a dangerous amount of radiation can cause their genes to mutate.
He has already forgotten about where he heard it. But he doesn't think those mutant mice were caused by the radiation. Because the professor sun told him before that there was only one nuclear explosion, and it was not near Jinling. So it only left one possibility.

It is that those mice might have awakened like the little tiger. But what is this number? How the fuck they have so many “awakened mice”? He thought

Originally there were several animal awakening cases in Jinling city. And GRD had also conducted a temporary research on it. But unfortunately, the result was very disappointing. The most of the animal awakening cases seemed to be a lot slower than the human, and even they did awaken, their abilities were very weak. But the little tiger was an exception.
As the time passed, the food shortage problem became more and more severe. Many animals were slaughtered before they even sent to the GRD. So lack of research samples also made them stop the research.

It was dark around Chu Yunsheng, so he couldn't tell how many normal mice were out there. But even there were a lot of them, the number of the awakened mice was still very unusual. He couldn't tell the awakening ratio of those mice. But he was sure that it is higher than human.

But it is not important now. The important thing is, he is being transported to a different place by those mice. and the most shocking thing is he is just one of the bodies being moved by the “mice army”. although he couldn't see it very clearly. But the things those mice were carrying resembled human bodies in the dim green light.

He needs to speed up recovering now. He doesn't know where those mice want to carry those bodies to. But he is sure that it is not somewhere nice. So he clenched the absorption talisman and trying to recover his strength as fast as he can.
The world he is living in right now is so unpredictable, he thought everything was going so smooth and so well, but who would have thought that he had become so weak that he couldn't even defeat those mice...

He did not think he took what he had for granted, he also worked hard to make his family’s life better. But at the end, all the plans, all the effort were wasted. All he has now was a broken armour, a dying purple flame monster and some absorption talismans

Plan leads to success. Working hard will make dreams come true.  This type of rule doesn't apply to this world. With such unpredictable world, you will never know what will happen in the next second...

In Chu Yunsheng's mind, even though he kept thinking if he could restore his strength and if he could escape from here, he will definitely be able to survive. But in reality. Who knows what's beyond those tombs. It may be just another wasteland or it may be just another death trap.

But it doesn't mean that he will give up trying. It would be truly a shame if he did not even dare to try.

That’s why he constantly using absorption talisman to restore his Yuan Qi in order to help his body fight the poison.

Suddenly he noticed there was a cloud of fire floating in the dark sky to his right. He slowly turned his head and squinted his eyes to look carefully. He then noticed that it was actually a building. and it seemed like two floors of the buildings was on fire.


He suddenly heard a human scream.

It was not an illusion! he told himself. He was semi-conscious earlier, but now he is fully awake, so he is sure that it's not an illusion.

Chu Yunsheng almost jumped up when he heard it again. Since the machine failed to connect to the anti-world,  only him and two aliens escaped from the channel’s strong suction!
The cloaked man was killed by him, and the scream didn't seem to be made by the woman. So there is only one possibility left.  someone else in jin ling city also survived!

But how many? How exactly did they escape? Where is the city now?....

Chu Yunsheng had so many questions. But he couldn't get any answers. The desire to know the answers was strong that it instantly made him decided to go to the building and ask whoever was in the building those questions.

Originally he wanted to wait until he could recover a little bit more of Yuan Qi, but now he didn't want to wait anymore.

It was dark around him, and he didn't know where the mice were going to transport him to. He didn't know his location, and he also didn't know how long the fire is going to last. Once he left here, he probably will never be able to find the building again.

“fucking mice” he cursed again and forced himself to cut off the absorption talisman’s Yuan Qi supply. It was still painful when he moves but he didn't care about it. He needs to get to the building before everyone was killed.

He took out the corrosive liquids from the storage talisman, held his breath and jumped up.
The sudden movement made his pain become even worse. He gritted his teeth very hard and smashed the corrosive liquid on the ground.

Then he took out the dark energy gun fired several shots to kill the mice and to see the terrain around him. when he fell on the ground, he immediately charged towards the building.

Several mice had jumped on him and were constantly worrying the cloak before he charged out. But it seemed like the cloak was still able to withstand those mice's teeth.

Chu Yunsheng was running fast, regardless his extreme movement caused the poison inside his body started to spread faster,  he was still running.

he has already changed the gun to the sword, and the speed was instantly increased again... the answers to his questions were near, he could even see the entrance of the building now.

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Chapter 182 human and mice

Chapter 182 human and mice 
“.... Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go….”Edgar Silently recited in his mind. His body was shaking, however, he still had to keep crawling into the dark.

The rope was being dragged longer and longer until he disappeared from everyone's sight.

After another wave of sharp pain, Chu Yunsheng woke up once again, he started to notice that the number of times he lost his consciousness was very abnormal. Only when he carefully examined himself one more time did he realized that he had been exposed to the corrosive liquid for too long and the poison had already spread deep inside his body. It was the main reason caused him to lose his consciousness repeatedly.

This place was not safe, went into a coma in this place was extremely dangerous. But Chu Yunsheng didn't have any talisman of cure poison. All the Yuan Qi he restored were gathered by his Rong Yuan body automatically to suppress the poison from spreading faster and further. But the effect was very slow and he passed out once again......


Chu Yunsheng felt a sharp pain from his thigh, it instantly woke him up one more time. When he realized what happened, he instantly broke into the cold sweat. He was surrounded by many little green light dots, they were like many ghost fire floating around him.

There was a pair of green lights on his thigh, and that was the cause of pain.

He tried to move the gun and aimed the gun at the green light dots but he was too weak. The gun was dropped on his thigh and it provoked The light dots. Only when the light dots jumped towards the gun, did Chu Yunsheng realised what they were. Those were green eyes and they belonged to a mutant mouse.

The mouse was ferociously worrying the gun and trying to rip it open. Chu Yunsheng immediately grabbed the handle of the gun and pulled the trigger when the mouse was chewing the tip of the gun.

The dark energy gun didn't make any sound. but the energy bullet made a spark when the gun was fired, It instantly blasted the mouse into pieces and hit the ground in the crowd of green dots. At the moment when the spark appeared, Chu Yunsheng gasped in shock, the green light dots he saw were just the tip of an iceberg.  There were so many more of them crawling in the dark facing different directions…...

The last time he encountered the mice was when he was on the way to Jin ling.  At that time, the mice he encountered were just the regular mice. But this time was different. the eyes of those mice were glowing in green light in the dark. Even an idiot would know that those mice were much more dangerous.

The condition of his body seemed to be getting worse, the poison began to slow down his movement. He couldn't even take out the corrosive liquid from the storage talisman.

"Fuck, am I really going to be killed by those mice?" Chu Yunsheng cursed silently.

But he was not going to give up so easily. He forced himself to split some of Yuan Qi out and used it to activate the Armour, then he wrapped himself in the cloak.

At the beginning, he tried to use the gun to kill those mice, but there were too many of them and
He couldn't infuse Yuan Qi into the dark energy gun anymore because his body needed those Yuan Qi units to defend the poison. so he relied on the energy field inside the gun to trigger the fire soldier talisman to unleash the enchanted energy bullet. However, there wasn't much Yuan Qi left inside the fire soldier talisman. so at the end, he gave up shooting the gun.

Now Could he survive this or not, it all depended on if the cloak and the armour could withstand those mutant mice’s teeth or not.

But in the meantime, he needed to absorb Yuan Qi from the absorption Yuan Fu and help his body to fight back the poison as soon as possible. Once he recovered. He could easily kill them all or escaped from here.


Wang Qishun felt very sleepy since the night went completely dark.

When he was about to take a nap, the rope in his hand suddenly stretched very tight. Then he heard some rustling sounds came from the deep dark street.

He was startled and threw away the rope in panic. then he realized he needed to inform other people, so he immediately signaled Liu Tiesheng and then quickly ran towards the door to close it. But just when he about to close it, He saw the rope was loosened again.

When he was relieved and thought everything was going to be the same just like last few times, he saw Edgar was running back quickly from the deep dark street while attempting to shout out loud even though his mouth was gagged. It seemed like Edgar was trying to tell them something, but his scream was muffled.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

It was Edgar banging at the building's entrance using his head. In this silent dark evening, it was extremely loud and clear.

“This fucker! like I said, sooner or later he will get us all killed!” Liu Tiesheng hissed.

“Listen! It doesn't sound like the insect!” no one knew why Wang Qishun suddenly became so brave to lean against the wall to listen to the sound came from outside.

“Mice! Food! Open the door! Liu! We have something to eat now!” Edgar finally rubbed off the gag and shouted with excitement.

However, Liu Tiesheng did not believe him. only when he saw a mouse crawled into the building through the gaps between the door did he finally change his mind.

No one likes to see the mice in the age of light, they were the definition of dirty and disgusting. However, after what everyone has been through, the definition of mice has changed to food and delicious.

It was because of that, the mice inside jin ling were almost extinct.

Liu Tiesheng’s mind was instantly filled with one word - food when he saw the mice. if there is mice outside, it means that there is a chance to survive longer. He instantly picked up his loose pants and looked at Yang Dong, it seemed like he wanted to ask Yang Dong’s opinion first before he acts.

“Xiao Wang, open the door, let's catch those mice!” Yang Dong picked up a chair and slam onto the mouse which just crawled into the door. He raised his head and shouted at those researchers:"if you all don’t want to die, catch those mice!”

The mice like dark, and since the dark age began, they became even smarter. So this opportunity is very rare. if they missed out this opportunity, there probably won’t be next time.

Soon the mice started to crawl into the building through the gaps one by one. It made them even more excited, it means that they won’t be hungry for a very long time.

However, they did not know they are facing.

Wang Qishun pulled the door open, a shadow instantly fell on the ground, it was Edgar with several mice crawling on top of him. He was tumbling on the ground trying to get those mice off him.

“Bitch! You Bit me! Die! Die!” he finally broke free from the rope and grabbed the mouse which was trying to crawl into this cloth, smashed it onto the ground. He was shouting while using his feet to stamp the mice

The mouse flocked in as the door opened, but they didn't seem to worry, everyone was so excited as if they were on the drug. They used everything they can find in the building as weapons to kill the mice as many as they can.

:"this does not look right! It's getting more and more!” the first one noticed the abnormal number of the mice was not the people who were holding the guns. It was the female researcher Su Chenyi.

Her scream instantly remind everyone, even though they have killed a lot of them, but the number didn't seem to reduce!

:"motherfucker! I knew this black egg would not bring luck to us" Liu Tiezheng cursed out loud, he grabbed two mice which were about to crawl into his cloth and slam them onto the ground. Then he immediately ran upstairs.

Everyone noticed what he was doing, they immediately followed, no one wanted to be left behind.

:"Fuck off!" cursed Yang Dong while pushing an old researcher away. That man instantly tumbled down the stairs.

Wang Qishun was the last person running up the stairs. when he saw someone fell off the stair he instinctively tried to help the person, but then he saw several mice jumped onto him, it immediately scared him away and made him ignored the person just kept running.

:”help...He… ah” the researcher was quickly swallowed in by the massive number of the mice.


The door to the second floor was closed!

But no one was relieved, they could still hear the mice were chewing the wooden door. This door won't be able to stop them for long.

Meanwhile, the mice still couldn't break Chu Yunsheng’s protection. But they were not giving up, many of them crawled underneath Chu Yunsheng started to lift him up and move him towards the place that had even more green light dots.

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Chapter 181 the most difficult night

Chapter 181 the most difficult night

Soon the fire rain disappeared again, the sword qi also disappeared. the world outside the building once again covered by the darkness. They did not know if the cloaked man was still alive or not. But they could still hear the insects screeching.

Everyone in the building was looking at each other. finally over! They thought. And almost at the same time, they all let out a long sigh of relief.

Probably the insects will leave soon. They thought…..

Suddenly the beams once again appeared in everyone's eyesight.

Liu Tiesheng instantly jumped up. The beam penetrated layers and layers of insects and reached outside. It seemed like the cloaked man was buried by the swarm of insects once again.

But even that, he still didn't die!

How come a dark warrior can be this powerful.

Everyone's nerves have stretched to their limit.

But when a “monster” appeared they lost their hope instantly.

“purple….purple...purple flame monster!” Wang Qishun was so scared that he instantly sat on the ground. He couldn't stop his teeth from chattering and he voice was constantly shaking. His face also turned as white as a dead body.

Purple flame monster is a type of monster they never had a chance to see it before, they only have heard of its existence- a powerful monster with flame antenna and scaly armour.

It is said that no one was able to kill this type of monster. Although some of the rumours say there was a man in the west district killed the monster single-handedly. But at that time all kinds of the rumours were going around inside the city. So it is not really believable, some even said there was a man had some kind of deal with the king of the insects… how ridiculous was that…..
All the people in this building are the lowest class of people in Jin ling city. Liu Tiesheng, Yang Dong and Wang Qishun only had a gun less than a month,  Edgar and other “researchers” are just some contractors, they are not really the formal researchers, so there is no way they could get access to the secret research. Let alone the research about the purple flame monster.

So when they confirmed that it was the purple flame monster, they all stayed away from the windows. They were so scared that the monster would spot them. Some people even lie on the floor and curled up their bodies. No one dares to ask more questions now, no one even cares about if the cloaked man can survive or not.

Even  Wang Qishun who asked so many questions also kept his mouth shut.

It seemed like they already had the answers. And it's just the ways they react to the answers were different.


No one knows how long they have stayed in the silence because no one was watching the time. all they could think of was to stay as quiet as possible until the swarm leaves.  In fact, it has already been a while since the purple flame monster appeared. There were not many noises outside the building now, comparing to before. All they could hear were just a few insects running past the building from time to time.

:"Lao Yang, are we still going to kick the people out?” Liu Tiesheng was the first one trying to break the awkward silence.

He seemed to forget about he was trying to avoid this topic earlier, when he realised what he said, it was already too late. He regretted it. he shouldn’t have said those words. But he was also surprised that why would he saying something that was supposed to be said by Yang Dong.
“ah!” Yang Dong reacted reflexively, then he murmured:”wa...wait.. Let’s wait until we confirmed the man is dead.”

What if. although it is one in millions chances, but still, what if the cloaked man is still alive, then the people they kicked out might tell the cloaked man that they have food, and if the cloaked man wants to take their food, just with their three trash guns, there is no way they could kill him.

“Lao Yang are you joking right!? You were the one kept saying he is not going to survive!” Wang Qishun seemed to be a little bit agitated by Yang Dong’s word. Maybe he was too nervous.

Almost another half hour passed in the silence... 

Chu Yunsheng was hiding in the gaps of a broken wall. His throat was dry and he was breathing heavily. It was extremely painful for him to breath the air so heavily and so rapidly. The cold air went through his windpipe like a knife slicing through his throat.

He has already reached his limit, if he did not summon the purple flame monster, and temporarily scared away those insects, he could not have crawled out the mountain of the insect and hidden inside this small town which had already been destroyed by the artillery bombardment.

Chu Yunsheng let out a short grunt, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in this stomach. He could not see what exactly caused it, because it was dark around him. but he could tell that he was bleeding, he felt something penetrated his stomach. He quickly took out a pile of cloth from the storage talisman and ripped them into some long stripes.

He stuffed some of the cloth into this mouth and bit it, then deactivated his armour and started to check his wound in the dark. It seemed like something sharp had pierced through his three layers of protection, presumably the insect’s sharp leg.

He was sitting on the ground with his back against one side of the broken wall, and his feet against the other side of the broken wall. He used the cloth to wrap the slippery sharp leg and then took few quick breath. Suddenly his eyes were wide open, the pain made his hands constantly shaking, but he was still trying his best to pull out the sharp leg from his stomach bit by bit. He bit on the cloth very hard and his face was filled with blood vessels and sweat. In the process of pulling the sharp leg out, he had never stop grunting in pain.

Chu Yunsheng did not know how deep the wound was, he also could not tell how much blood he had lost. All he could remember was the crack sound when the armour made when he was still fighting the way out. The shield was instantly destroyed by the sharp leg and when he tried to block the leg, but it was already too late, the leg had already stabbed into his body. All he could do it to cut it off to prevent the insect from pulling it out.
He was extremely weak now, it even took him several attempts to pull out the cloth in his mouth. But when he tried to clean his wound, he suddenly lost his consciousness.

Luckily he was woken by the pain just in few seconds time. He quickly took out the clean bandages and medicine in the storage talisman in attempting to stop bleeding.

The severe pain caused his body to shake uncontrollably, he took him a while to finally wrap the wound with the bandages. The qian bi sword was stabbed on the ground next to him, and he also took out the gun and held it in his arm. After doing all of this, he felt like he could not move anymore, and his consciousness slowly started to fade away…..
It was already midnight.

the small town and again restored its creepy silence. Suddenly a human figure was kicked out of the entrance of a tall building. The person tumbled over on the ground, then quickly got up and attempted to run back in panic. But then a clear gun cocking sound made the person stopped immediately. It seemed like the person was struggling to make the decision. But eventually, the person still crawled into the darkness reluctantly. 

The person was tied up with a rope, and the other end of the rope was from inside the door where the person was kicked out. It seemed like the rope was constantly extending as the person crawling deeper and deeper into the darkness.

The rope was constantly extending until a loud scream appeared at the end of the street. Then the rope was instantly stretched tightly and a few seconds later, it became loose again.   

The people in the building immediately closed the door and held their breath to listen to the movement outside the building.
A single red shell was holding a half of the man’s body and screeching loudly then quickly ran into the darkness heading towards tombs….
One hour passed in the silence again. The people inside the building started to whisper.
“have all the insects gone?”

“should we send another person out?”

“That black man! Sooner or later he will get us killed!” 

“What if he leads the insects towards us?”

“Are you stupid…we have done so many times now, and you just starting to worry?....”

The rope was slowly pulled back, the end of the rope only left a bloody half body and some sticky internal organs.

Chu Yunsheng was once again woken by the human scream,he slowly sat up against the wall. The wound still hurts but it has stopped bleeding, the Rong yuan Body has also started to heal the wound by itself.

He looked around and attempted the find the direction where the sound coming from. But he could hear anything.

Probably i was dreaming again… everyone has disappeared, who else would stay here except him. Chu Yunsheng thought.

He took out an absorption talisman and tried to recover his energy slowly. He had finished all the offensive talisman, even the golden shell was instantly killed by the swarm. He only has a purple flame monster but it is on the verge of dying.  If the swarm comes back, there is no way the purple flame monster will be able to defend him.
He needs to find a place to hide and recover as soon as possible. And he believes that when the hazy shimmer appeared again, he will be able to find it. he just needs to get through this evening, then everything will get better.

So tonight is going to be the most difficult night ever.

“Oh, god! Liu, please! You can’t do this to me, please! I am begging you…..” Edgar was on his knee and constantly begging, it was not that he did not want to resist, but when a gun was pointing at him all the resistances are useless.

“Shut the fuck up, Xiao Wang tie him up.... Xiao Wang!..... Xiao Wang?” Yang Dong was irritated by Edgar's constantly begging. But when he tried to ask Wang Qishun to tie him up, he could not find him.

He looked around and what he saw instantly pissed him off:" are you fucking kidding me, Xiao Wang, it was just half body, why the fuck you are so scared. How long are you going to untie the body? Come here, watch this black man! Let me untie it. ”

Wang Qishun was instantly relieved. He quickly ran back like a gust of wind as if he was scared that Yang Dong is going to change his mind.

Yang Dong put the gun on his back and spat on the floor then walked towards the body.

Seeing his begging did not change three people’s mind, Edgar looked at other researchers on the side. He was hoping that those people will help him.

But almost everyone was avoiding to have an eye contact with him.

He lost his hope completely.

Knowing there is no way to escape, he bowed his head down and murmured:” ….

First, they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me……..(footnote1)”

Footnote 1

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chapter 180 the “monster” is coming to town

Chapter 180 the “monster” is coming to town
As if the world was raining fire, Chu Yunsheng’s surrounding was once again lit up. The insects in the radius of thirty meters had burned into ashes.

This was the result when he just used a fire elemental talisman. If he uses a high-level ice elemental yuan fu, he believed that the damage would be even greater.

Chu Yunsheng charged out once again when he broke free.

He wished that there could be a glimmer of light to help him to see the insect’s movement; dodge all the attack and run even faster.

But it was just a wish, and this wish would never come true. There was no light, it was pitch black. It was like an unfair fight between him and the insects,

No matter where he ran, he would be covered by the corrosive liquid. If it were not because of his three layers of protection. He would be probably already dead.

Every time he stepped his foot, he would step into a pile of corrosive liquid. If he was not careful enough, he would slip over.

When the lightning flashed by earlier, he had estimated the distance, It was roughly 3km from where he was to the small town. Although it was not far. But he had to pay a great price for every meter he made.

He had only 10 Li Huo talisman left, every time he used one, it would be more dangerous for him. If he finished all 10 of them, then he would not be far from dead.

Meanwhile in The small town three kilometres away.

“oh.... oh..... my god!” said Edgar. At first, he said in an extremely quiet voice, then slowly he started to raise his voice:" he is coming towards us! He is leading the insects towards us! Oh god! Please…." His mandarin was totally out of tune and he said it half in English and half in Chinese.

“motherfucker shut the fuck up! I'm going to throw you out if you are making any more noises! You Fucking black egg!(nickname)” Liu Tiesheng hissed while using the gunstock to hit Edgar’s back.

The sudden sharp pain made Edgar grit his teeth very hard, but he still didn't let go of Liu Tiesheng’s thigh:" Liu, he is leading the insects towards us, we all gonna de, we all gonna die….” he shouted in panic.

"you are always craving for heaven, aren't you? why are you so scared now?” said Yang Dong who is a forty years old man with an unshaven face and skinny body but piercing eyes. He was cleaning the gun while saying it casually to the black man.

“Motherfucker! Lao Yang why the fuck we were sent to protect those stupid researchers to collect some bullshit samples. They just gave us the guns a few weeks ago, how the fuck are we going to protect those people!” Liu Tiesheng was constantly swearing.

“at least we are still alive, even jin ling city such a big city could disappear just like that, what more do you want? If we went back on time, we are probably dead now.  Tiesheng, If you want to live few more days, you should listen to me.

Now, only me, you and Xiao Wang have guns. We should get rid off those researchers and just take care of ourselves. Xiao Wang, say something as well. Don't be silent, you are not a dumb person and stop trying to be a good man, you know the amount of food we have is not enough for everyone!” Yang Dong spat on the ground and said.

“i... I… I think we should be thinking how to deal with those insects outside first. The swarm is very close now.” Wang Qishun equivocated and pointed at the outside.

Those people were staying at a fifteen-storey high building. From time to time, they could see the light burst out in the dark outside the building. They had also witnessed the fire rain not long ago. It was at the moment when the fire rain appeared did they see a human figure was desperately trying to break out the swarm.

“This man is dead for sure! No one is able to escape this kind of attack, even the dark warrior king. Don’t worry! as long as we don’t make any sound. The swarm will leave after they killed this man.” Yang Dong snorted.

“I have heard that someone in the west district was even stronger than the dark warrior king….” said Liu Tiesheng while picking up Edgar and throwing him to the side.

“I don’t believe such odds exist, Besides, even if he is really that man, he will still be dead in this kind of situation!” Yang Dong said categorically.

“Look, he unleashed the fire once again!” Wang Qishun shouted in shock. This is the sign of the dark warrior, only the dark warrior will be able to unleash the supernatural power.

“Holy shit! His ability is truly powerful. each blast could kill an area of the insects, dark warriors truly deserve their reputations!” Liu Tiesheng was watching the fight through the only binoculars they had. However, he could only see it when the fire was unleashed.

“Power won’t be able to save him this time, Let me guess, he was surrounded by the swarm, and it was dark outside, it means that he could not see anything! With the amount of the insects in the swarm, do you really think he is able to break out? Well, unless he is not human, then that’s a different case!” Yang Dong laughed sarcastically.

“But he is still moving, look at those beams of light, he is moving even faster….” Wang Qishun paused for a second then asked:” if he is not a human, then what is he?"

“How do i know, this kind of question you need to ask black egg.” Yang Dong smirked:” Tiesheng, xiao wang, it has been three days now, and I don’t want to continue like this, I am going to be straight with you guys, I am taking one third of the food, the rest of food you can do whatever you want. I don’t care if you want to feed those people or keep it yourself, it is none of my business.”

“Lao Yang, but they are working for General Research Department, if something happens to them…..” Liu Tiesheng was hesitant.

“Are you stupid, the whole city is gone now, and you are still thinking about GRD, it is a fucking ghost research department now!” Yang Dong’s face instantly fell.

“Look, I was just a regular civilian not long ago. and whoever works for the three major headquarters can easily get us killed. I am just thinking what if some of them are still alive! And what if they found out what we did, we will be dead.” Liu Tiesheng sounded very worried.

“You think you will survive this!? With the amount of food we have, if we finished it all, we all gonna die eventually! Why are you thinking that much!” said Yang Dong, then he gently tapped his head with the tip of the gun, it seemed like he wants to remind him, if they really get to that level, just use the gun to end their life.

“What if we found more food?” Liu Tiesheng did not seem to give up. no one wants to die. He was still hoping that there might be a chance for them.

“Why the fuck you have so many what if? You coward! if you really that worried, let me help you, I’ll make those men go away, and I’ll keep the girls. Motherfucker, those females researchers always thinking they are better than us, always commanding us to do this, to do that.  now,  Let me see how they are going to command me again! Even if I am dying, I want to die happy, I want to die in bed with those girls, and I want to die with all the food in my stomach!” Yang Dong squinted his eyes and said.

“Brothers, can you two stop arguing, look that “monster” is getting closer! Why is he not dead yet? He is too powerful! If he continues like this, he is definitely going to lead the insects to us!” wang Qishun was distressed.

“Still alive?” Yang Dong was surprised, it has been a while since they started to discuss this. Normally, that man should be dead by now.

“why I have a feeling that even we died, he will still be alive? That beams of light never stopped, it was constantly shooting towards this way. Even that fire, he had already unleashed the 4-5 times. Who knows how many insects he had killed! it might be true that he is not a human?” Wang Qishun’s voice started to shiver.

The fight is getting closer and closer, they could even smell the heavy smell of insects corrosive liquid in the air, they also started to hear the man's roar.

“no way, that's not possible, he will never be able to get here alive, maybe it was his last-ditch struggle!” Yang Dong stared at the slowly fading fire and said.

“fucking hell, he unleashed the fire again, he also speeded up as well!” Liu Tiesheng was shocked.

“what do we do? What should we do? Brother Tiesheng and Lao Yang, what if he really gets here….” Wang Qishun panicked.

“xiao….xiao Wang, how.. How many times did you see him unleash the fire?” Yang Dong suddenly found himself could even talk properly. This is getting crazy.

“1.. 2….around 7 times!” Wang Qishun replied. He was hoping that Yang Dong would give him an answer.

He was a refugee several weeks ago. all he did before he got recruited was hunting the mice inside the city and waiting to die. He didn't know anything about the dark warrior.

But Lao Yang knew a lot more than him. So he hoped that Lao Yang could tell if this dark warrior has reached his limit or not. He just turned 20 years old. he doesn't want to die, not least not now.

However,  Yang Dong just opened his mouth, but he didn't know what to say.

‘8…..9….” the man was getting closer, he could even see the man's red cloak and sword in the fiery rain.

The sound had already alerted the researchers, they all moved closer to the window and watched this incredible scene.

:"no way, that's not possible…" Yang Dong couldn’t believe what he saw.

“10!” Wang Qishun almost jumped up.

They had already stopped using the binoculars. because they could see it with their naked eyes. They could see the cloaked man penetrated the swarm like a fire rocket and whichever the insect was crashed by him would be either flew high into the air or knocked all the way back. No one could stop their body from shaking when seeing this man's power.

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Chapter 179 speed

Chapter 179 speed

Chu Yunsheng turned the cloak back and forth trying to find a way to activate this cloak, he even tried to infuse yuan qi inside, but nothing happened.

After a long sigh. He gave up. The cloak is not something he could understand at the moment. Maybe one day he would be able to find out the mechanism behind it and use it on his armour.

The hazy shimmer once again shed light into the crater. He had been staying in this place for three days now. And many insects were still running towards the huge pit left by the black sphere.

He didn't know for how long it would continue. But he couldn't stay here for very long. Because the insects around the golden shell had started to pile up. And soon the swarm would notice the difference and surround him.

The golden shell was in “sleep” mode because it had not received any command from Chu Yunsheng for a very long time. a few insects had noticed it and tried to move the “dying” golden shell away. So Chu Yunsheng had no choice but to use the type two dark energy gun to kill them.

Fortunately, in the last three days, he noticed the insect’s running pattern. There was roughly a 10 minutes gap between each big wave of insects running towards the huge pit. He could use this 10-minute gap to run away.

As he was thinking, another wave of monsters was running towards the huge pit near the crater.

He had to go now. He couldn't wait until the sky went completely dark. The insects might be able to detect him in the dark and he couldn't see the directions, thus once he ran into the swarm it would be really over.

He quickly recited the incantation to seal the golden shell again, then he slowly moved up towards the edge of the crater and began to crawl on the ground. At the same time, he looked around trying to find anything that might give him some information, so he could tell where his location is right now.

After the city disappeared, there was only a gigantic pit left on the ground and he had already lost his sense of direction when the golden shell dug into the ground three days ago.

The only thing he could use as reference were the giant tombs at the distance. But originally Jin ling was surrounded by the tombs, so there were tombs in all four directions.

He looked around once again, but he couldn't find any sign of Yangtze river. It means that he is most likely not on the west side or the north side of the huge pit.

But whether it was the east or the south, it didn't really matter at the moment. He just needed to get out of here as soon as possible.

 There was a green dragon mountain to the east of jin ling. The vast mountain range is an ideal place for him to hide. There was also an abandoned small town to the south. There were many newly developed housing estates in here. So it is also a good place for a short stay.

Two minutes quickly passed as he was thinking for a place to hide. But he didn't stop crawling. Because the next crater is almost 100 meters away from him. And he needs to get there, dig a hole and cover himself with soil in 8 minutes. After 8 minutes the next wave of insects will arrive.

He was slowly approaching the area of sticky substances. Only in that way would he be able to find more reference objects to determine where he was.  The night was getting darker and the visibility started to reduce. It was blurry around him so he couldn't see anything at the distance apart from the giant tombs spurting out fire from time to time.

When he reached the fifth crater, it has already taken him an hour.

He still couldn't find anything that could be related to the green dragon mountain. He was most likely in the south. He told himself.

With the fire that was spurted out by the tombs. He could vaguely see some shadows which resembled some houses.

Time was pressing and he needed to get out of here before the night went completely dark. He needs to get to those houses and hide in there.

The reason why he needed to speed up was because he noticed that the insects inside the swarm started to act strangely. A lot of insects seemed like they were searching for something towards his direction.

It is no longer safe here. He needs to run! Run as fast as he can!

He was not sure if those shadows were really the houses or not. But there was no choice for him now.

As the last bit of hazy shimmer disappeared from the sky. Chu Yunsheng jumped up and started to run.

At the same time, the insects that were searching towards him all looked up instantly. Then one by one they started to rush towards him and chase him.

Chu Yunsheng was not worried about the insects which were chasing him on the ground. He was more concerned about the green shells on the sky and the hidden monsters ahead of him.

He didn't have the fire levitation ability like what Lan Chaoyin had. He only had two legs.

He had already stored the gun and changed to the sword. Since It was much easier to use the sword to slice open the insects which were blocking his way.

His other hand was clenching onto a Li Huo talisman. Although it was a fire element offensive talisman and it was not effective when attacking the red shells, he only had this type of offensive talisman now.

He didn't want to kill them, all he wanted was to make a way so he could get into those housing estates and hide in there like what he did in the horror city.

Suddenly lightning flashed by the dark sky. It was like a whip that cracked open the dark night.

Since the dark age began. Apart from snow, there weren't any rainy days, let alone the thunder and lightning.

Chu Yunsheng was stunned for less than a second, then he was excited to see many buildings under the lightning. It was like a quiet ancient castle, wrapped in darkness, filled with "mysterious" and "evil" feeling.

But in the next second, his excitement vanished. before the lightning appeared he was running in the dark, he only relied on his sense of directions to guide him towards the housing estate. but when the lightning appeared, he noticed that he was running towards a slightly different direction, and in front of him was another crowded swarm. There were even a few golden shells in there

The lightning only appeared for a split second, and then disappeared. But Chu Yunsheng could still hear the buzzing sound made by the green shells when they were flying towards him.

The land was once again covered by the darkness, apart from the insects screeching sound, Chu Yunsheng once again lost his vision.

But his body did not stop moving, he was still running, he slightly adjusted his direction and ran towards the housing estate.

He had to get through this, no matter what!

He covered himself with the cloaked man’s cloak. although he did not know how to use it, it's powerful defence ability was not weaker than his armour. he could not even destroy it using this sword


Chu Yunsheng crashed into the swarm. with his fast speed and yuan qi energy shield, the first few insects were knocked away instantly. But he was still charging.

Then the sword qi was unleashed, 12 swords qi’s were formed into a spiral shape and drilled a way out of the swarm.

The sword qi was like a shooting star that destroyed all the insects on its way.

But the insects were not afraid of death, many of them tried to fill the gap and some of them were trying to catch Chu Yunsheng from behind. More and more insects started to push in.

When Chu Yunsheng just broke the mandibles of a golden shell which just crawled out of the ground. His upper body was instantly pinched by a red shell.

He quickly broke free from the red shell’s claw, but a green shell has already dived at him. He was knocked over and tumbled on the ground. before he had a chance to get up, he was buried under many corrosive liquids…..

But he did not choose to fight back, he could not kill all the insects, only when he reached the town would he have a chance to run away.

He could not dodge the insect’s attack because he could not see anything, he could only unleash the sword qi to make a way and using the light caused by the sword qi to see the way in front of him.

 At the moment, he only hoped that the cloak, armour and shield would be able to withstand all the attacks!

As long as he was not trapped here by the insects, he believed that he would make it.

But soon, he was buried once again. this time, he was buried by the insects, one insect jumped onto him and the other insect closely followed.  red shells, golden shells, green shells. Insects after insects until it became a hill of the insects, and Chu Yunsheng was buried underneath it.

The sword qi was unleashed underneath the hill of the insects, a few of the insects at the bottom were knocked away, but comparing to the hill of insects, it did not seem to have any effect at all. Chu Yunsheng roared loudly underneath the hill of insects, and his hand clenched on the Li Huo talisman.  Yuan Fu was glowing the dazzling red light and flew towards the sky…...

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