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Chapter 172 Culture Fluid

Chapter 172 Culture Fluid
Originally Chu Yunsheng wanted to try his luck to find a tunnel inside the tomb which might be able to lead him deep into the swarm. But he did not expect he would encounter one golden shell straightaway and it was the one just was born from its “cocoon”.

There were several pre-conditions to use the monster seal talisman if he wanted to capture the monster successfully. The first one was, he had to use it when the monster was at its weakest status. it was why he often used it when the monster was dying.

He did not know if this one counts as at its weakest status, but he finally encountered one, there was no way he would give it up without even trying. If he did fail, he also gained valuable information as well.

He slowly took out the monster seal talisman which had been modified by him. he had already done some adjustment to the foot of talisman, so when he used it, it would no longer shine a bright light.

However, if the Yuan Qi fluctuated in the area too long, it would also alert the insect, so he had to do it as quickly as possible.

Half of the golden shell’s body was still inside the deflated meatball, when the dim light of monster seal talisman was cast onto it, it instantly started to struggle its huge body attempting to fight back.

Although it was different than sealing a dying monster, the talisman still worked. It meant that this golden shell was very weak at the moment. However, comparing to a dying monster, sealing this live one cost him a huge amount of Yuan Qi,  within less than three seconds, it almost consumed him two third of Yuan Qi, And it was still rapidly decreasing.

If he could not seal the monster before he exhausted with his energy. He would have a huge trouble. The monster would be free from talisman’s control and it would alert other insects.

He had absorption talismans, but with the Yuan Tian stage two’s ability, he could not output the Yuan Qi and restore Yuan Qi at the same time, he had to rely on the last ⅓ of Yuan Qi and hoped that the golden shell would be exhausted soon.

A man and an insect both were struggling and both of them did not want to give up. The other meatballs around them also moved from time to time, it made Chu Yunsheng even more nervous.

Time quickly passed. when Chu Yunsheng’s energy was almost empty, the new golden shell finally stopped struggling.

After a quiet whoosh sound, the golden shell was shrunken and flew towards the monster seal talisman.

Suddenly, an accident happened, when the talisman pulled the golden shell out, it also broke the two tubes that attached to it. One tube burst out a golden coloured liquid, the other tube burst out a red coloured liquid. Some of those liquids were sucked into talisman with the golden shell. But some burst onto Chu Yunsheng’s armour.   

 The liquid which was sucked into the monster seal talisman was instantly “spat out” from the talisman and spat all over Chu Yunsheng’s body.

A burning sensation quickly spread across his body.  He was shocked and thought he might be poisoned by the insect’s poison. Despite the tired feeling after Yuan Qi was exhausted, he quickly moved back and attempted to run away.
At the same time, the internal wall of the tomb started to move violently. Then a huge tube flew out from deep inside the tombs and connected to the tube which Chu Yunsheng used to come in. luckily Chu Yunsheng had already got into the tube and he was on the way out.


A gush of red sticky liquid burst out from deep inside the tomb, Chu Yunsheng and little tiger were flushed out by the sticky liquid. Just when he got out, he immediately heard the red shells in the swarm were screeching towards the crater.

They must have noticed me! He thought.

Chu Yunsheng barely had any Yuan Qi left, so he did not dare to stay any longer. He immediately started to run away with the little tiger. There were many craters near the riverside allow them to hide. The insects did not chase to the riverside, they only searched the area where the tube was. After they did not find anything, they all returned back to the swarm.

Chu Yunsheng also did not dare to run too far, because he was scared that it would speed up the poison to spread across his body. He was hiding in a crater that was almost two men’s deep, and took out the talisman of cure poison quickly.

However,  even talisman removed the poison out of his body and cured his burning sensation, but he still felt something was not right.   

Only until he started to restore Yuan Qi, did he notice that his Qi cultivation speed was speeded up. Although just a few seconds of difference, he still noticed it. He had been staying at Yuan Tian stage two for quite a while now, any slight Yuan Qi fluctuation difference inside his body he would notice it.
Was it because of those golden and red coloured sticky liquid?
He remembered that the meatball had two small tubes attached, and the golden shell was inside those meatballs.

Are those some kind of culture fluid? Or is it just one of them? Did the insect use it to speed up the golden shell’s growth?  Although he did not know which one increased his cultivation speed. But there were some still on his armour. So he quickly wiped off them and stored in the bottles he took out from the storage talisman.

He planted to study those liquids when he got back to the city, but at the moment, he still needed to find the purple flame monster.
Chu Yunsheng had learned from the last time he sealed the golden shell which was when he was in the southern district. He immediately cut off his Yuan Qi supply to the monster seal talisman after he confirmed the seal was successful. Otherwise, with golden shell’s scary Yuan Qi consumption, he would have probably lost the ability to move when he was inside the tomb.
Only when he fully restored his Yuan Qi did he dare to resume the connection. Then he summoned the golden shell and started to prepare a hole in his back.

When he once again returned to the sticky ground, Chu Yunsheng clearly felt that the “min”’s influence was much weaker now,

He controlled golden shell and carefully moved around inside the swarm. With little tiger’s detection ability, they finally found a red-purple flame monster near a tomb.

Unlike the busy red shell insects, the red-purple flame monster just stayed there not moving, only its two antennas were moving in the air from time to time. Not a single insect dared to approach it. All the insect were moving around it. Chu Yunsheng also saw a worm that fell on top of its antenna from the tomb was instantly burned into ashes.  It was like a king, no insect was allowed to touch its territory.  It made its surrounding became a “no-insect” zone.
Chu Yunsheng took a deep breath, he slowly controlled the golden shell to approach it. Then all of sudden, he ordered the golden shell to spit fire at the red-purple flame monster.

It was a provocation! A deliberate provocation!

And the red-purple flame monster would not allow such thing exists in the swarm.

It would not allow a golden shell to offend its dignity.

However, when it reacted, Chu Yunsheng already ordered the golden shell to dig into the ground and dig toward the riverside. He was worried that the purple flame monster would not be able to find him. So he ordered the golden shell to dig towards the ground from time to time.

The red-purple flame monster was enraged by this golden shell’s behaviour. It instantly charged out tried to catch the golden shell, but it dug into the ground once again.

It was like a Whac-A-Mole game, the golden shell was a mole and the red-purple flame monster was the one trying to whack it.

However, the red-purple flame monster did not know that it was being led into a death trap.


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