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Chapter 174 Mental breakdown

Chapter 174 Mental breakdown
Chapter 174 Mental breakdown

“In order to activate the five conical-shaped machines, they need different types of dark warriors, this is the list... ” Ding Yan passed to Chu Yunsheng a document and said slowly.

Chu Yunsheng briefly looked at the document and asked, “there are many fire and ice elemental dark warriors inside the city, the metal elemental dark warriors are barely enough to meet the requirement, but the wood elementals and the earth elementals, where they can find those people?”

“This is why they never stopped arguing. According to the cloaked man, they have already made the elements converting machines. They can convert metal element to wood element, fire element to the earth element, and use those converted elements to activate the energy field and open the entrance.

But the woman in the white dress said that the converted energy is not stable, the success rate is not very high, it is a waste of time and resources. She even tried to destroy the machines to extend time.” Ding Yan laughed.

“What happened in the end?” Chu Yunsheng asked.

“Of course the cloaked man will not let her destroy it, the cloaked man seemed to be very eager to enter the anti-world, he said that if the woman in the white dress does not want to come with him, he could do it alone. If he found the thing they wanted, he will not share it with her.” Ding Yan shook his head.

“Do you know roughly when?” Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and asked. he was curious about what kind of stuff would make the cloaked man so eager to go the anti-world.

“I don’t know, but probably within 7 days, the insect does not seem to have any movements anytime soon. So GCH has asked all the dark warriors to store their energy,” said Ding Yan.

Chu Yunsheng roughly calculated that although the time was not a lot, he had enough time to make level three offensive talismans.

So Chu Yunsheng locked himself up on the tenth floor and started to make many level-three offensive talismans.

Making a high-level offensive talisman could be a very dangerous thing. If he was not careful enough, he could lose control of Yuan QI’s flow inside his body. Just like what happened when he tried to bomb the tombs. He could even lose his life.

Although two aliens were quite dangerous at the moment, he still thought that the insects should be his main focus, so he still planned to make more ice elemental offensive talismans.

Of course, he also prepared some fire elemental offensive talismans as well. He still remembered how he was defeated on the roof of the office building that day, so he did not want to have the same thing happened again.

Apart from the glacier talisman, there were many other more powerful ice elemental talismans as well. However, the glacier talisman was the easiest one to make.

But at the moment, he was trying to make the other type of level-three ice elemental talisman. It was a supportive talisman and it was mainly used to trap targets with ice elements.

After the talisman is activated, it would freeze the target into a block of solid bipyramid-shaped ice and trap the target inside.

This was how it was written in the book. Because Chu Yunsheng had never actually used it before, so he had to imagine what it looked like.

This talisman was the most suitable talisman for him right now. There were also many other powerful talismans in the book. However, the progress of the symbols deciphering was not going very well. So he still could not recognize other symbols.

Ice trap talisman cost the same amount of Yuan QI as the monster seal talisman, it cost him around 45 units of Yuan Qi, and it was extremely difficult to make.

Chu Yunsheng took a deep breath and tried to recall all the procedure once again in his mind. Then he started to unleash Yuan QI to make the talisman. Despite he had carefully handled every step, he still failed twice and lost a lot of Yuan Qi. He only succeeded at the third try.

It was not easy to make one, so Chu Yunsheng did not dare to go out and test its power. He just wanted to have one for the emergency use.

In terms of the rest of Yuan QI, he planned to use all of them on making the glacier talismans. After all, that was the only talisman he could make at a very high success rate.

He spent almost three days to make talismans. In total he made around 20 glacier talismans, 10 Li Huo talismans and 1 ice trap talisman and the rest of absorption talismans, he planned to keep them for the emergency use.

Chu Yunsheng got up and slightly moved his body, after he had prepared everything. Having spent three days making talismans continuously, making his body very stiff, and he was mentally exhausted as well.

Looking at his watch, it was almost 20:00 now. He suddenly felt very strange. Usually, Jing Tian would send up food by 19:00, but it was already one hour late now. There was still no sign of her.

‘What happened!’ He was alarmed.

Chu Yunsheng was focusing on making talismans in the past three days. He did not pay attention to the surrounding at all. After all, the office building was heavily guarded by the ice and the fire combat teams. So he did not need to worry too much.

However, right now, the office building suddenly became unusually quiet, became dead silent.

Normally, he could hear the kids shouting and playing in the yard. But now, he could not even hear a kid crying at all!

It was dead silent...

Chu Yunsheng’s heart quickly sank, he had been through so many dangerous situations, he knew exactly what would cause such a situation happen.
He tried to calm himself down. Usually, people would not sleep at this time, but how come no one makes any sound?
“Hu Zai?”Chu Yunsheng tried to get a response from outside.
The little tiger usually guarded at the door outside. Normally, if he called its name, it would immediately jump into the room and try to rub its body against Chu Yunsheng's face.

But this time, it did not happen. It was still quiet outside.

"No! it can’t be! it can’t be…" He repeatedly told himself that everything was ok and it was just he himself thinking too much. Jing Tian had sent food up earlier. If there was a fight he would have definitely noticed it.

Even if the cloaked man came to the office building in person, he would not be able to handle the entire office building without making a sound.

The reason why he was anxious was not that he was concerning his own safety, he had almost lost his life several times. To him, no matter how dangerous the situation he was in, he would not panic. But if his family was in danger, and if Ding Yan and other people in the office building was in danger, he would definitely go crazy.
The door creaked open.

Chu Yunsheng slowly opened the door and the creepy creaking sound made by the wooden door echoed in the 10th floor.

The blood-chilling door sound made Chu Yunsheng even more worried. Was he hallucinating? How come he never noticed that the door would make such a creepy sound before?

‘Check downstairs!’

The 9th floor was the floor where he, his aunt and his cousins lived.
His footsteps were very fast but light. However, probably because it was too quiet inside the building, he could hear all the footsteps echoed back to him.

Soon he arrived at the stair landing of the 10th floor. Suddenly, he heard a rustling sound coming from downstairs. However, it disappeared in a split second.

Then a click sound. The light instantly went out.

The whole office building was plunged into darkness.

Chu Yunsheng face became more and more stern. He no longer attempted to make any sound. The armour was activated and the sword was lifted up. His eyes were as cold as ice, and he was staring down at the endless dark stairwells.

He tried his best not to think of the worst and only think of one thing. It was that no matter who was behind this, whether it was the aliens or the monsters, if they hurt what he treasured and cared for the most, he would fight them to death.

It was the dark age, there were not many things left for him in this world.

It was just the stairwell between two floors, but it seemed to be even harder for him to walk, comparing to the journey between the horror city and Jin Ling city.,

He was scared to see the floor covered with bodies! If that really happened, he would lose his mind!

Not blood smell, this was why he still kept walking not running…

“Clack, clack, clack…”

The sound of his foot armour hitting the concrete floor echoing in the stairwell.

Chu Yunsheng took a deep breath and opened the door on the 9th floor.

It was pitch black, even the windows were covered with the black curtain.

The 9th floor was the floor he and his aunties lived. Normally, it should not be this dark. He instinctively clenched the sword and his palms started to sweat…

Suddenly, Chu Yunsheng lost his vision, the whole 9th floor instantly became bright and noisy!
Chu Yunsheng’s nerves were stretched to the breaking point. He instantly moved back and covered his body with the sword
However, what he saw was not monsters, nor the bloody scene, or the cloaked man. It was the colourful lights and banners, and many familiar faces.

He was shocked, and he also felt strange. He looked around and then his eyesight stopped at Ding Yan’s smiley face.

“Ge, happy birthday!” said Jing Tian who was the only one holding the candle.

‘Birthday? What is that?’

His mind was still thinking of monsters and all the possible dangers, he could not process what he saw.
But when he realised what they were saying,  he was not happy at all.

It was supposed to be a happy birthday celebration. However, everyone seemed to have noticed something.

They all fell into silence.

Chu Yunsheng was glaring at Ding Yan and kicked away the little tiger who was about to jump onto him, “Do you have any fucking idea how scared I was! Ah!?~~” he roared loudly.

At that moment, he was crushed by the pressure which had been building up since the beginning of the dark age...

He had a mental breakdown.


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