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Chapter 176 the disappearance of Jin ling city

Chapter 176 the disappearance of Jin ling city.
Chapter 176 the disappearance of Jin ling city.

Chu Yunsheng was slightly surprised to the cloaked man’s weapon. It was a curved sword “Dao”, not the straight sword “Jian” that the fire king Qi Xuan mentioned.

“Is it possible that the cloaked man uses two types of weapons?’ He wondered.

But he didn't plan to ask him. It also had nothing to do with him. He just needed to stand aside and wait for the result.

If the entrance did open, he just needed to follow them. But he didn't plan to help them once he got inside. If they couldn't open it, that was even better.

Before he left the office building, he had taken out all the food in the storage talisman and stored them in the office building, in case if he couldn't return in time and the people in the office building would have a food shortage crisis.

He only kept some food enough for him to survive for one month. He also had a lot of red shell's meat. So he thought that it should be enough for him.

He had also visited professor Sun and gave him two bottles of culture fluids he brought back from the inside the tomb. He hoped that with their intelligence, they would be able to find something from it.

Since he had everything prepared, and he didn't have much pressure right now, he just stood on the side and saw what exactly those two aliens were doing! At the same time, he also used his Yuan Qi to heal his treasure - a purple flaming monster, while watching troops sorting dark warriors to go to the correct positions.

At the beginning, it was very chaotic because no one knew where they supposed to stand. Soon, after troops step in, they all found their positions.

The machines at the ice element section and the fire element section looked relatively simple. Other elements’ sections had a lot of additional hardware.

‘Those are probably the energy converters they talked about.’ Chu Yunsheng thought.

Chu Yunsheng had absolutely no idea how those machines work. Even professor Sun also said that they couldn't understand the theory behind them. Those two aliens also didn't teach them anything.

‘Maybe they didn't bother to teach humans just like the human didn't bother to teach ants.’

Chu Yunsheng's Yuan Qi did not contain other elements. So he also didn't know where to stand. He stood there for a while and then finally decided to go to the fire element section with Yao Xiang. Since everyone knew that he was a fire elemetal dark warrior.

All the dark warriors were split into several rows. The distance between each row was just enough for a man to walk through.

The centre of the triangle conical machine slowly opened. A hole soon appeared on its top after it was activated. It then “spat out” many pieces of flat boards.

Those flat boards flew towards the dark warriors in the first row in a straight line. When the line of flat boards reached the end of the first row, It instantly turned 90 degrees and then started to go through the second row. The same thing happened when it reached the end of each other rows.

It looked like the line of the boards was moving in a zig-zag pattern. The line of boards constantly stretched out until it reached the last dark warriors in the last row.

When those boards finally stopped, it instantly caused a commotion in the crowd. It was because those flat boards were floating in the air in front of every dark warrior!

The size of each board was just about the size of a laptop in the age of light. There were no strings to lift those things in the air. ‘How can they float in the air?’ Everyone was thinking about the same thing.

“Quiet, please stay quiet!” a senior officer shouted using a megaphone, “please listen to my command, reach out your right hand, keep it on the flat board... starting from the fire element section… please infuse your energy into the board… then the earth element section, the element section, and the last ice element section…”

“... ready… now… fire element section!”

Chu Yunsheng did not want to cause any trouble, because he knew his Yuan Qi did not contain any element. So he just put his hand on the flat board and did not infuse any Yuan Qi into the board.

However, all the fire elemental warriors around him started to unleash their fire elemental energy into the flat boards. When the flat boards received the energy, its surface instantly started to have flaming ripples.

Soon, the flaming ripples on every flat board started to resonate with each other and this resonance started to flow towards the triangle conical machine.

Then the entire fire element section seemed to be covered with red fogs. It was glowing in dim red light.

Suddenly, the top of the triangular cone machine shot out a red light beam straight to the centre of the pentagon.

"... now, earth element section…"

A dim yellowish fog started to rise in the earth element section and the machine in the earth element section shot out a dim yellow light.

".... metal element section…"

"... wood element section…."

"... Lastly, the ice element section..."

When the white beam hit the centre of the pentagon and met with other beams, a spherical energy field was formed, and the colour of the spherical energy field was constantly changing. It was changing more and more rapidly!

At the same time, 5 people who dressed in red quickly pulled down the control panel on each triangle cone machine. It seemed like they were entering some commands into the machines.

Chu Yunsheng did not know what they were doing. However, he noticed that the symbols on those people’s red dresses were exactly the same as the symbols on the cloaked man’s dress.

After those people entered something into the machine, the five light beams started to show different frequencies and fluctuations

Although Chu Yunsheng did not understand how to operate those strange machines, he was extremely sensitive to the energy fluctuations and this type of sensitivity saved him once in the fog city. It was at the time when he spotted the girl who had attempted to assassinate him.

He started to pay attention to the frequencies and the fluctuations made by those five machines. The longer he paid attention to those frequencies and fluctuations the more he felt that it seemed like they were trying to find some kinds of frequency bands.

As the sphere in the centre of the pentagon slowly became bigger and bigger, Chu Yunsheng started to notice the beams slowly began to distort and twist in the energy field. In the end, those beams formed a colourful whirlpool in the centre of the “sphere”.

Chu Yunsheng inadvertently glanced at the woman in the white dress. He noticed that she seemed to be very worried.

He then looked at the cloaked man, but the cloaked man just stood there not moving.

The five people dressed in red immediately closed the panel after they entered the command.

Suddenly, those machines started to make strange noises,  and the whirlpool in the centre stopped changing. The colours all disappeared in the sphere and the sphere in the middle also stopped expanding.

Then Chu Yunsheng was shocked to discover that the energy in the middle of the pentagon seemed to have become exactly the same as his Yuan Qi. It became pure and without any other elements!

‘What is going on?...’  He was alarmed.

Then he noticed that the woman in the white dress seemed to be relieved.

Same as the other five people in the red dress. It seemed like everything was going well.


However, as time passed by, the stern expression once again returned to their faces.

Chu Yunsheng felt something was not right. The sphere in the middle of the pentagon started to expand again!

This time it was expanding extremely fast.

The cloaked man hasn't had any movements since Chu Yunsheng arrived. But now, he also reached his hand out to signal the five people in the red dress. They immediately opened the panel to operate something once again.

However, the sphere did not show any signs of stopping.

Less than second, many people also realized that something went wrong.

The five people in the red dress were still trying to get the situation under the control. However, all five machines started to make the high-pitched warning sounds...

All the dark warriors started to move back in panic. However, that strange sphere was getting bigger and bigger. It was closer and closer to them!

Fear of the unknown is almost a part of the human instinct. As long as Chu Yunsheng was still a human being, he would also be scared of the unknown.

The cloaked man and the woman in the white dress almost disappeared at the same time. One of them re-appeared at the fire element section, and the other one re-appeared at the ice element section. They all started to check the machines by themselves.

However, despite they operated the machine in person, it still did not stop the machine from making the warning sound. The sphere was still expanding as if it was mocking how foolish those two aliens were. Less than 10 seconds, it covered the five machines and quickly expanded to the place further behind.

At the moment when Chu Yunsheng was covered by the sphere, he seemed to have seen another insect’s world. The difference was that the world he saw this time had many gigantic plants and the insects were… Before he even had a chance to take a closer look, he was pulled back to reality.

Then, one of the men in the red dress shouted in fear, “the channel connected to a wrong place! This is not the anti-world,  it's the insect’s world!"

"This is not the anti-world, this is the insect’s world…" his word was like a nuclear bomb exploded in the crowd and everyone was scared to death.

Suddenly, a green shell was pulled out from the centre of the whirlpool as if it wanted to tell everyone his words were true!

"Quick! Stop the machine!" Chu Yunsheng shouted loudly. He instantly pulled the sword and hacked onto one of the machines!

He did not expect the outcome would be like this. If they opened a channel towards the insect's world, even an idiot would know what the consequences would be!

Chu Yunsheng’s speed was very fast, before everyone realised, he had already destroyed two machines.

However, it was too late. The sphere was already out of control, It was no longer restrained by the machines. It was constantly expanding until it covered the entire city.

Everyone was holding their breath, and even the two aliens also did not know what to do.

Suddenly a strong bright light flashed through the hemisphere that covered the entire city in the sky.

Then, within a split second, Chu Yunsheng felt the heaven and earth Yuan Qi around him were rapidly compressed. All he felt was that everything around him was shrunk into an extremely bright light dot.

In the next second, he felt like he was being sucked into something and then he was stuck.

Then he felt that his feet were not touching the ground and his body began to fall!

When he finally resumed his vision, he was stunned. The sky was still the dark sky, the tombs on the other side of the river were still spurting flame. But he was still falling and falling.

In the extremely bright and slowly fading light that was unleashed by the compressed light dot, he looked down. Underneath him was not Jin Ling city. It was a gigantic deep semi-sphere pit.

The city was gone!... The city was gone!... Everyone was gone!...

The side of the pit that was near the river slowly started to break and the water from the Yangtze River started to pour into the gigantic pit.


Chu Yunsheng was smashed onto the ground. However, he did not seem to feel the pain at all. Because his mind was completely blank!

“Bang!  Bang!”

The sounds were caused by two heavy objects fell on the ground.

Chu Yunsheng numbly turned his head.

Amongst all the people in the entire Jin Ling city, only two people... no... not two people... only two aliens were kicked out by the powerful suction.

His eyes instantly turned red and filled with blood vessels, “A-L-I-E-N-S!” he roared loudly.


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