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chapter 180 the “monster” is coming to town

Chapter 180 the “monster” is coming to town
Chapter 180 the “monster” is coming to town

As if the world was raining fire, Chu Yunsheng’s surroundings were once again lit up. The insects in the radius of thirty meters were burned into ashes.

This was the result of a fire elemental talisman. If he used a high-level ice elemental talisman, he believed that the damage would be even greater.

Chu Yunsheng charged out once again when he broke free.

He wished that there could be a glimmer of light to help him to see the insect’s movements, dodge all the attacks and run even faster.

But it was just a wish, and this wish would never come true. There was no light, it was pitch black. It was like an unfair fight between him and the insects,

No matter where he ran, he would be covered by the corrosive liquid. If it had not been his three layers of protection, he would probably have been already dead.

Every time he made a step, he would step into a pile of corrosive liquid. If he was not careful enough, he would slip over.

When the lightning flash appeared in the sky earlier, he had estimated the distance. It was roughly 3km from the place where he was to the small town. Although it was not far, he had to pay a great price for every meter he made.

He had only 10 Li Huo talismans left. Every time he used one, it would be more dangerous for him. If he finished all of them, then he would not be far from dead.

Meanwhile in the small town three kilometers away.

“Oh... oh... my god!” said Edgar. At first, he said in an extremely quiet voice, then slowly he started to raise his voice, “he is coming towards us! He is leading the insects towards us! Oh god! Please…" His mandarin was totally out of tune, and he was so scared that he said it half in English and half in Chinese.

“Motherfucker, shut the fuck up! I'm going to throw you out of this place, if you are making any more noises! You fucking black egg! (nickname)” Liu Tiesheng hissed while using the gunstock to hit Edgar’s back.

The sudden sharp pain made Edgar gritted his teeth very hard, but he still didn't let go of Liu Tiesheng’s thigh, “Liu, he is leading the insects towards us, we all gonna die, we all gonna die…” he shouted in panic.

"You were always craving for heaven, weren't you? why are you so scared now?” said Yang Dong, who was a forty years old man with an unshaven face and skinny body, but piercing eyes. He was cleaning a gun while saying it casually to the black man.

“Motherfucker! Lao Yang, why the fuck were we sent to protect those stupid researchers to collect some bullshit samples? They just gave us the guns a few weeks ago. How the fuck are we going to protect those people!” Liu Tiesheng was constantly swearing.

“At least, we are still alive, even Jin Ling city such a big city could disappear just like that, what more do you want? If we go back on time, we are probably dead now. Tiesheng, If you want to live a few more days, you should listen to me.

Now, only me, you and Xiao Wang have guns. We should get rid off those researchers and just take care of ourselves. Xiao Wang, say something as well. Don't be silent, you are not a dumb person and stop trying to be a good man, you know the amount of food we have is not enough for everyone!” Yang Dong spat on the ground and said.

“I... I… I think we should be thinking of how to deal with those insects outside first. The swarm is very close now.” Wang Qishun equivocated and pointed at the outside.

Those people were staying at a fifteen-stories high building. From time to time, they could see the light bursting out in the dark outside the building. They had also witnessed the fire rain not long ago. It was at the moment when the fiery rain appeared, they saw a human figure was desperately trying to break out the swarm.

“This man is dead for sure! No one is able to escape this kind of attack, even if that person is a Dark Warrior King. Don’t worry! As long as we don’t make any sound. The swarm will leave after they killed this man.” Yang Dong snorted.

“I have heard that someone in the Western district was even stronger than any Dark Warrior Kings…” said Liu Tiesheng while picking up Edgar and throwing him to the side.

“I don’t believe such odds exist. Besides, even if he is really that man, he is still dead in this kind of situation!” Yang Dong said categorically.

“Look, he unleashed the fire once again!” Wang Qishun shouted in shock. This was the sign of a dark warrior. Only a  dark warrior would be able to unleash the supernatural power like this.

“Holy shit! His ability is truly powerful. Each blast could kill an area of the insects! Dark warriors truly deserve their reputations!” Liu Tiesheng was watching the fight through the only binoculars they had. However, he could only see it when the fire was unleashed.

“Power won’t be able to save him this time. Let me guess, he was surrounded by the swarm, and it was dark outside, it means that he could not see anything! With the amount of the insects in the swarm, do you really think he is able to break out? Well, unless he is not a human, then that’s a different case!” Yang Dong laughed sarcastically.

“But he is still moving. Look at those beams of light, he is moving even faster…” Wang Qishun paused for a second then asked, “if he is not a human, then what is he?"

“How do I know, this kind of question you need to ask black egg,” Yang Dong smirked, “Tiesheng, Xiao Wang, it has been three days now, and I don’t want to continue like this, I am going to be straight with you guys, I am taking one third of the food, the rest of the food you can do whatever you want. I don’t care if you want to feed those people or keep it yourself, it is none of my business.”

“Lao Yang, but they are working for General Research Department, if something happens to them…” Liu Tiesheng was hesitant.

“Are you stupid, the whole city is gone now, and you are still thinking about GRD. It is a fucking ghost research department now!” Yang Dong’s face instantly fell.

“Look, I was just a regular civilian not long ago, and whoever works for the three major headquarters can easily get us killed. I am just thinking that what if some of them are still alive! And what if they found out what we did, we will be dead.” Liu Tiesheng sounded very worried.

“You think you will survive this!? With the amount of food we have, if we finished it all, we all gonna die eventually! Why are you thinking that much!” said Yang Dong, then he gently tapped his head with the tip of the gun. It seemed like he wanted to remind him, that if they really got to that point, then just use the guns to end their own lives.

“What if we found more food?” Liu Tiesheng did not seem to want to give up. No one wanted to die. He was still hoping that there might be a chance for them.

“Why the fuck you have so many what if? You coward! If you are really that worried, let me help you, I’ll make those men go away, and I’ll keep the girls. Motherfucker, those females researchers always think that they are better than us, and always command us to do this, to do that. Now, let me see how they are going to command me again! Even if I am dying, I want to die happy, I want to die in bed with those girls, and I want to die with all the food in my stomach!” Yang Dong squinted his eyes and said.

“Brothers, can you two stop arguing, look that ‘monster’ is getting closer! Why is he not dead? He is too powerful! If he continues like this, he is definitely going to lead the insects to us!” Wang Qishun was distressed.

“Still alive?” Yang Dong was surprised, it has been a while since they started to discuss this. Normally, that man should be dead by now.

“Why I have a feeling that even if we died, he will still be alive? That beams of light never stopped, they were constantly shooting towards this way. Even that fire attack, he has already unleashed the 4-5 times. Who knows how many insects he has killed! It might be true that he is not a human?” Wang Qishun’s voice started to shiver.

The fight was getting closer and closer, they could even smell the heavy smell of insects corrosive liquid in the air. They also started to hear the man's roars.

“No way, that's not possible, he will never be able to get here alive, maybe it was his last-ditch struggle!” Yang Dong stared at the slowly fading fire and said.

“Fucking hell, he unleashed the fire attack again, he also speeded up as well!” Liu Tiesheng was shocked.

“What do we do? What should we do? Brother Tiesheng and Lao Yang, what if he really gets here…” Wang Qishun panicked.

“Xiao… Xiao Wang, how… how many times did you see him unleashed the fire attack?” Yang Dong suddenly found himself couldn't even talk properly. This was getting crazy.

“1... 2… around 7 times!” Wang Qishun replied. He was hoping that Yang Dong would give him an answer.

He was a refugee several weeks ago. All he did before he was recruited, was hunting the mice inside the city and waiting to die. He didn't know anything about dark warriors.

But Lao Yang knew a lot more than him. So he hoped that Lao Yang could tell if this dark warrior had reached his limit or not. He just turned 20 years old. He didn't want to die. At least not now.

However, Yang Dong just opened his mouth, but he didn't know what to say.

‘8… 9…” the man was getting closer. He could even see the man's red cloak and sword in the fiery rain.

The noise had already alerted the researchers, they all moved closer to the window and watched this incredible scene.

"No way, that's not possible…" Yang Dong couldn’t believe what he saw.

“10!” Wang Qishun almost jumped up.

They had already stopped using the binoculars, because they could see it with their naked eyes. They could see the cloaked man penetrating the swarm like a fire rocket and no matter what insect was crashed by him would be either thrown high into the air or knocked all the way back.

Seeing this man's power, no one could stop their bodies from shaking.


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