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Chapter 193 he was too fast!

Chapter 193 he was too fast!
:” brother Zhao, he really killed all the flying head monsters, all of them!” Xiao Si came from the back door and said with a surprised tone.
Strangely enough, when he finished telling everyone, his friends did not seem to have heard him.

:”Brother Zhao,? brother Zhao? Da Li? What’s the matter with you?” Xiao Si panicked when he saw everyone just standing there not moving.
:”we are fine, what's the situation outside?” Zhang Zizhao subconsciously asked. He was stunned by Chu Yunsheng's words early on, then he suddenly realized something: "Wait!  all dead? Are you sure?"

"Yes, all dead!" Xiao Si nodded and said.

This time, all the people heard it clearly. They all could not help but gasp in shock.

"He is a Skywalker ... ..." Qin Renbo said it slowly while staring at Chu Yunsheng.
"But in such a short period of time, how did he kill 30 of them?  Even if he is a Skywalker, ..." Zhang Zizhao murmured.

"brother Zhao, are we still leaving?" Xiao Si whispered at Zhang Zizhao's ear while looking at Chu Yunsheng who was standing next to the stairs vigilantly. He went outside earlier, so he did not hear what Chu Yunsheng said.

"Brother Zhao, grandpa Qin and a few other people were injured, it is dark outside, and we can't see the road. Couldn’t we wait until tomorrow?" Jing Mouyou pleaded.

"No, this man is very dangerous, especially that black man, the black man Er Guai saw in Wu City was most likely this man,  we can’t take this risk, the safety of both you and grandpa Qin is the most important thing, so we need to leave here, Xiao Si check the outside again to see if there is any ambush” Zhang Zizhu said in a quiet voice scared that Chu Yunsheng and Edgar would hear it.

"If he wants to catch us, would they really need an ambush?" Jing Mouyou thought, however, she didn't dare to argue with Zhang Zizhao.

At this point, Chu Yunsheng had already run out of patience, he turned around and said: "Edgar, let's go upstairs."

He had seen the skinny monkey-like young man sneaking in at the beginning, he also heard everything he said.

Originally, Chu Yunsheng wanted to ask them about the situation in the Wu City, but now it seemed that the other group was being too defensive, they were even being a bit hostile towards him. So he didn't think that this group would tell him anything. That was why he decided to just leave them alone and go upstairs with Edgar. He planned to leave the house early tomorrow and head towards the city. He wanted to try his luck to find a car and fuels before tomorrow night.
Edgar seemed to be nervous, as he was still holding the gun and did not seem to hear what Chu Yunsheng said, he was standing still like a piece of wooden stick.
"Edgar?" Chu Yunsheng frowned, this guy was too Timid, perhaps he had a mental trauma from what happened in the small town near Jin Ling City.
"Ah… Mr. Lennon, what's the matter?" Edgar suddenly shouted out as if he were a frightened rabbit.

"Upstairs!" Chu Yunsheng said one more time and then stopped reminding Edgar and started to walk upstairs.

Chu Yunsheng was surprised to discover that after the green shell ate the leech-like creatures, its connection to the seal mark was tightened, he could clearly feel that the green shell’s body was swollen and its power seemed to be slowly increasing.

This was a very strange thing, because the ancient book said that it was impossible for the sealed monsters to increase their own power. once the monster was sealed, then its power would be fixed. But why could the green shell increase its power? Chu Yunsheng wondered, he needed to find a place and look through the ancient book once again to see if he missed anything.

But just when he turned around, the creepy smile appeared on Edgar's face once again. however, it only appeared for less than a second, Then he returned back to normal.
:”Okay!” Edgar said then he walked clumsily upstairs.
“Huh?”  a trace of doubt flashed in Qin Renbo's eye.

"Grandpa Qin, let’s just mind our own stuff. those animals have done so many horrible things, they deserved it!" said Zhang Zizhao. he frowned his eyebrows and grabbed Qin Renbo's wrist.

"Zizhao, but I don’t think they are those animals, they don’t look like them at all!!" Li Xi shook his head and said, he was the first one in the group to notice that Chu Yunsheng was a human in the dark and he was also the first one who shouted it out to stop the conflict. 

"Lao Li, did you forget how Er Guai escaped? They are a group of sick animals! They were just playing a game. They let us go, then catch us again, then let us go again… until they have enough fun, then they will reveal their real face "Zhang Zizhao gritted his teeth and said.
"If that is the case, do you really think that we can run away? I think It is better to stay here, wait and see." Li Xi said calmly. 

"huh, if you want to die sooner, then you stay here to play the game with them! I need to send grandpa and Mouyou back! They are our only hope! I will not give them up "Zhang Zizhao snorted.   

“Brother Zhao!” Xiao Si came back from the back door and whispered to him, then he nodded his head to signal everyone it was safe outside.

“Let’s go!” Zhang Zizhao said without any hesitation.
Once they got out of the house from the back door, Zhang Zizhao immediately asked everyone to put out the fire: "everyone hold each other’s hand, be careful! Do not get lost. Xiao Si, we depend on you now!!" Zhang Zizhao whispered in the dark.

" Brother Zhao, don’t worry, I am familiar with this area, I can even walk with my eyes closed." Xiao Si said confidently.   

However in the completely dark world, where they could not even see their own hands, how could they walk on the rugged village road easily?   

These people were slowly moving in the dark drenched in fear. They were scared that there would be a group of animals jumping out to catch them while laughing at them.

Bang! Bang! bang!

Suddenly, there was a burst of beating and smashing sound appeared in the house behind. In the quiet and dark night, it was exceptionally clear.

“Don’t stop moving! Quick! Let’s go” Zhang Zizhao who was the one staying at the back of the group, urged when he saw that everyone suddenly stopped.

:”look, there is a fire!”  someone shouted in the group.
Zhang Zizhao looked back. In the dark, he saw many fireballs being cast out towards different directions from the roof of the house. The fireballs landed on the ground and lit up the surroundings at an incredible speed. 

A fireball was smashed onto a huge mushroom plant next to them and lit up the mushroom before they could react.

“He is coming! Quick! Run! Da Li! Take grandpa Qin, and Mouyou with you! Run!” Zhang Zizhao shouted at his group members who were still in shock. He took a wooden spear turned around and faced the house.

“Brother Zhao!” Xiao Si burst out crying. He knew that Zhang Zizhao wanted to stop the Skywalker, but he was just an ordinary man.   

“Go!..... Quick! Forget about me! Go!” Zhang Zizhao shouted hysterically.

"Xiao Si, go! only you can lead the way in the dark, Da Li,  you stay at the back of the group. Grandpa Qin and Xiao Jing in the middle, you all need to go, now!" Li Xi dragged Xiao Si back and said sternly: "Xiao Si think about Grandpa Qin, Mouyou and the people in the camp, everyone is depending on you. That’s more than 100 people! Go! Quick!”

Li Xi was a weak man, but he still constantly tried to push and drag them forward:”GO! …..” he shouted again.

Just after he told everyone what to do, he also took a wooden spear and ran towards Zhang Zizhao and stood next to him.
The wind of the dark night made their thin cloth rustle in the air.

“Lao Li?” Zhang Zizhao had tears on his face.
"Maybe I was wrong, the animals will always be animals, they will never change, right?" Li Xi smiled desolately.

“Yeah! Animals will always be animals, they will never be humans!” said Zhang Zizhao.

“He is coming!” Li Xi suddenly changed his face.
“Zizhao, I'm here to help you!” a man returned.

“Brother Zhao, I am not leaving without you!” another man also joined his defence.
“My whole family is in the camp. If they want to kill grandpa Qin, and Xiao Jing, then they have to kill me first!”


“Come, you animals!” shouted a woman who had also returned to help them.
The flames were still burning, Jing Mouyou was held tightly under Da Li’s armpit and her face was covered with tears, she felt like a knife was being twisted in her heart when she saw many people sacrificing their lives to save her….   

“Brother Zhao, uncle Li…..” Jing Mouyou instantly crying out loud.


At the same time, a voice burst out in the dark from the direction where Zhang Zizhao was facing:” No one can leave!” 

Then a shadow flew out like a lightning. 

The shadow flew over Zhang Zizhao and the people with an incredible speed, Zhang Zizhao and the others did not even have time to react, let alone trying to stop or delay this man.   

Their heart sunk deeper and some of them panicked. They still could not stop a Skywalker, they could not even delay him for a second.

He was too fast.
And he was heading towards Da Li directly!.

“NO!” Zhang Zizhao was stunned for a second, then he shouted out while running towards Da Li.


Chu Yunsheng quickly passed the tall muscular guy whose name was Da Li. He raised his feet and fly-kicked the man, Da Li was instantly sent forwards with the two people and then fell to the ground.

“who poisoned him.” Chu Yunsheng said coldly, then threw Edgar on the ground. He pointed the dark energy gun at the girl's head who was trying to get up from the ground. and used the other hand to point at Edgar who was tied up by a rope.

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Chapter 192 Suspicion

Chapter 192  Suspicion 
Chu Yunsheng was not that worried once he understood what was behind the creepy giggle, no matter how strange a flying “human head” was, at the end, it was still a human head. Even one arrow could kill it, so it was not very dangerous.

At least from the situation he observed, they were not a threat to his life. It was just the way they looked was rather terrifying.

Chu Yunsheng stopped at the kitchen door and then immediately deactivated his armour. He quickly put on a knitted balaclava covered most of his face leaving only his eyes outside.

There were people outside, but Chu Yunsheng did not know who they were, so he still needed to be very careful. He did not know which way the woman in the white dress escaped to or if the cloaked man had other partners. So he stored everything that might indicate who he was inside the storage talisman.


The back door of the building was pushed open, a group of people who were holding torches rushed in, then a man shouted: "...quick ...get inside….., Da Li, Xiao Si hang in there!”

Chu Yunsheng and Edgar were just about to walk out the kitchen, so both groups bumped into each other.


An ear-piercing screaming…..

Both groups got scared, they did not think that at this time, this place, they would encounter two blurred figures in this small remote building.

The person the nearest to Chu Yunsheng instinctively walked backwards and threw something at Chu Yunsheng and Edgar.

:”no, no, no….. We are humans, we are humans…..!” Edgar shouted in the dark while Chu Yunsheng blocked the sharp object. However, Chu Yunsheng Inadvertently noticed that there was a slight creepy smile on Edgar’s face.

“Don’t shoot, they are humans!” one of them carefully moved the fire torch forward to take a clear look.

“Humans? Why there are humans here?”

“Did they escaped from Wu city?”

“Fuck, they got guns, they are those animals!”

This group of people saw Chu Yunsheng and Edgar had firearms, their face instantly changed and they all nervously pointed their "weapons" at them.

“Oh, god! No….don't move… I'll shoot..”Edgar immediately raised his gun as well

Chu Yunsheng quickly glanced over the group, almost everyone was holding some kind of cold weapons in their hands, and most strangely everyone had their nose and mouth covered with some pieces of clothes.

Arrows and wood javelins were not threats to Chu Yunsheng now.

He just frowned his brows. He didn't want any conflict. They were all survivors. It was not easy for everyone to survive this long. Although they did throw something at him, they didn't do it on purpose. They were just scared and threw it out in panic. He totally understood their reactions.

But if they knew that he was a human beforehand and they still attacked him, then that was a totally different matter.

It was also not that he hadn't killed anyone before. In fact, The number of people he killed since the dark age begun was more than enough to give him death sentence 10 times.

Edgar probably understood them even more than Chu Yunsheng did. He was tied up by Yang Dong and was forced to become a human detector once, so Edgar didn't doubt that those people would kill him.

Everyone was pointing their weapons at each other. No one dared to attack first. Everyone had broken into cold sweat.

But this everyone did not include Chu Yunsheng. He lifted up the dark energy gun and walked straight towards the entrance as if they didn't exist.

:”Mr.Lennon, you...where are you going?” Edgar said nervously. He was scared that Chu Yunsheng was going to leave him here with those people, so he slowly moved towards Chu Yunsheng while still pointing his gun at those people.

However he didn't know that the energy shield that Chu Yunsheng cast onto him was more than enough to block all those people's attack, he didn't need to panic at all.

:”I need to finish those human head monsters, you stay here and tell them we were just passing by…” Chu Yunsheng patted Edgar’s shoulder and said.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know what those people were thinking, but he didn't care. He was more concerned about that if he didn't kill those monsters as soon as possible, they would probably attract more powerful predators, Then he would have even bigger troubles.

:”ah! Mr.Lennon…just me… and them….” Edgar suddenly Stammered.

:” you should be strong and courageous!” Chu Yunsheng smiled. Then he opened the door and disappeared at the entrance.

Edgar swallowed very hard while watching the people in the other group. His finger slowly moved towards the trigger and suddenly a slight creepy smile appeared on his face again…...

“Brother Zhao, that man really went out! Just by himself! There are almost 30 flying head monsters outside!” although Xiao Si tried to suppressed his surprise, everyone could still hear it from his tone.

:”it is possible that he is a Skywalker? Oh my god, those animals in Wu city even sent out a Skywalker to handle us….it's over...!” a woman next to Xiao Si said in despair.

:”Skywalker! Brother Zhao, what do we do? What do we do now?”

:”we are dead!”

:” I recognize that black man, he was with those animals, it is definitely them...”


:”everyone don't panic!  don't panic! Da Li you take care of grandpa Qin and Mouyou. No matter happens, you have to take them back to the camp alive.  They are our only hope! Xiao Si.. You..” Zhang Zizhao forced himself to calm down and quickly told everyone what to do. However there was another voice in his mind constantly telling him to give up, it was a Skywalker, they had no chance of escaping!

Chu Yunsheng raised his dark gun, and then put it down, those flying human heads were flying everywhere, it would be very hard for him to hit anything.

At this moment, he could not help but miss the little tiger. If the little tiger was here, not only would he be able to detect them earlier, he also would not even need to do anything, the little tiger’s claw wind would be able to kill them all.

After those monsters saw Chu Yunsheng put down his gun, they immediately spat out a yellow smoke and revealed their sharp teeth and a long tongue that had many prickles on it. After they spat out the smoke they immediately rushed towards Chu Yunsheng.

"You think that I can’t do anything to you?" Chu Yunsheng immediately fired a shot at the monster that flew towards him and sneered. He could use the sword fighting technique to kill them all at once, however, he did not want to waste his valuable energy on those weak monsters.

“Let me show you what a powerful flying monster looks like!” Chu Yunsheng summoned a green shell and ordered it to kill all the flying human heads.

When the green shell was summoned on the battlefield, the aggressive flying human heads immediately became like cowards and started running everywhere in panic.

However, their speed was no way near the green shell’s speed. The green shell quickly flew out and started to slaughter the human head monsters using its sharp claw.

Strangely, while the green shell was killing those monsters, it was also constantly sending Chu Yunsheng a strong desire to eat those monsters, only when Chu Yunsheng gave it permission, did it started to use its long and sharp beak to suck a Leech-like creature out of the human head.

Chu Yunsheng was very surprised. normally the sealed monsters did not need to eat, they only relied on energy to maintain their body shape, why did this monster suddenly had a strong desire to eat?

But now it was not the time to study this. He should kill them as soon as possible.

Also, Edgar’s energy shield was just a level one talisman, he was still not sure if he could handle it just by himself.

With the green shell killing those monsters outside, it was superfluous for Chu Yunsheng to stay outside, Also with the green shell’s speed, it wouldn’t take too long for it to kill them all.

"Mouyou, do not be afraid, Da Li will protect you, later on, you and grandpa Qin leave first, do you understand?" Zhang Zizhao whispered in a girl’s ear who looked frail.

“Brother Zhao, I am not scared, grandpa Qin said they are not those animals from Wu city. Look at that black man, his body was constantly shaking, he was scared just like us. They are definitely not those animals.” said the girl whose name was Mouyou.

:”Mouyou, you need to remember, those animals are always pretending. They are ruthless and extremely cruel! Did you see the man just went out, did you see his cold eyes, those eyes did not have any emotions, those eyes did not care about our lives. this kind of disdain and arrogant look only exists on those animals.” Zhang Zizhao gritted his teeth and said with hatred.

“sigh….”Qin Renbo who was sitting next to them let out a long sigh, after he heard what Zhang Zizhao said.

Jing Mouyou frowned her delicate brows. The reflection of the torch was flickering in her limpid innocent eyes….

:”brother Zhao, listen! It was the flying monster’s dying scream!” said Xiao Si who was a skinny young man, it looked like his entire body weight was no heavier than 80 pounds. It was so skinny, it was scary. But he was the most nimble person in the group.

“He really is a Skywalker, listen, the screams did not even stop, no one is able to achieve this speed apart from a Skywalker!” said someone who seemed to be very good at hearing.

“Xiao Si, quick, while he is fighting with the flying head monsters, you take them and leave from the back door. It’s dark outside, so once you left the house, he won’t be able to find you!”  Zhang Zizhao said quickly. Originally he thought Chu Yunsheng went out to get his other partners. However With that many flying head monsters outside, even if he was a Skywalker, there was no way he could kill them all before the hazy shimmer appeared in the sky.

“Ok!” Xiao Si swiftly moved out from the group.

At the same time, Chu Yunsheng opened the door and walked back in. :”almost done now, you guys will be able to leave safely!” Chu Yunsheng said to those people.

Zhang ZiZhao and others people were stunned for a moment, they could not believe what they heard. Did this man just say that they could leave safely?

Did those animals set a trap outside? Just when everyone was thinking about why this man would let them leave, they all heard from this man saying:”if you want to take a short break, the ground floor is yours, the first floor belongs to us. Everyone minds their own business.  If you follow the rules, you will all be fine.”

This time, Zhang ZiZhao and the others were completely baffled. They were even prepared to sacrifice himself to make a bloody way out. Is this man not a skywalker from Wu city? Is he really a skywalker just passing by?

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Chapter 191 Frightened

Chapter 191 Frightened
In the past two months, Chu Yunsheng had been thinking about the restriction of entering the channel carefully.

The reason why he and two aliens were kicked out by the channel was either they were too powerful or the channel was not stable.

He did not know how long it would take the channel to stabilise, so he hoped that once he found the third map, he would be able to understand more information in the book and He would probably be able to find some way to bypass the channel.

When they finished the meat soup, both of them looked much better than before,  Then they took turns to boil the water and had a quick shower. It had been a long time since they cleaned themselves. Their body had already begun to smell.

Edgar was disappointed that he didn't get to see what Chu Yunsheng looked like, even after Chu Yunsheng had a shower, he was still wearing the armour.

:” we are heading south, there is a city here, we may be able to find a car and if we are lucky we may find some fuels as well. Then I will need to travel to the west.” said Chu Yunsheng while using his hand to point their location on the map.

"Mr. Lennon, how do you know our position?" Edgar was puzzled.

:”the telephone area code and the newsletter. We are quite far from Jin Ling city now, so the insects should not be able to follow us here, you need to prepare the water, and we will set out tomorrow morning!” said Chu Yunsheng.

"Mr. Lennon, where are we going? Is there a base like Jin Ling in the west?" Edgar stirred a few pieces of wood in the campfire and asked with concerns.

:” I don't know, also, it's just me, not us. If we bumped into any human group, you can stop following me.” Chu Yunsheng said, then he leant against the wall and closed his eyes. There was still a long time until the next day. So he needed some good rest to prepare himself for a long journey.

:” thank you, Mr.Lennon, I don't know how to repay you….” Edgar said earnestly. He then paused for a second and said hesitantly:” Mr.Lennon, I saw some strange plant at the back of the house earlier on.

:”what plant?” Chu Yunsheng asked alarmingly. The experience he gained in the fog city told him that whenever there was a new plant along the food chain, there would also be new monsters.

“It’s kind of difficult to describe it, it's better you take a look in person.” said Edgar with a strange expression.

He then held the fire torch and led Chu Yunsheng towards the back of the house. On the way Chu Yunsheng clenched the dark energy gun, he had more experience in the wild than Edgar, so he could sense the danger.

“Mr.lennon, this is the place!” Edgar raised the fire torch up high, it was enough to lit up the area.

“Mushroom? Super mushroom?” Chu Yunsheng slowly used the tip of the dark energy gun to touch the mushroom-like plant. His index finger was closely against the trigger and ready to pull it.

"From the morphological point of view, it should be a spore plant, classified as Fungi plant. but this body is too big. It is at least …..a meter tall." Edgar measured the super large mushrooms with his own height and said.

"Do you think this plant was originally from earth, was it mutated since the dark age begun or it was like the insects came from outside?" Chu Yunsheng frowned, generally anything not from this planet was extremely dangerous, it was just like what happened in the fog city.

"Mr. Lennon, strictly speaking, I am just a zoologist, I can not make an absolute conclusion based on the limited information. There was a female botanist on our team two months ago. but unfortunately, she was killed before you entered the room." Edgar said in frustration.

"You think it carefully, aren’t you both categorised as biological experts? Aren’t animals and plants both living creatures?" Chu Yunsheng said .

"Gray surface, yellow spots ... ... Mr. Lennon, shall we go outside to check if there are any more plants like this?" Edgar really could not tell what they were, so he carefully asked.

:”not right now, it's dark and dangerous outside, let's go back first.” Chu Yunsheng rejected.
“Put out the fire!” Chu Yunsheng said once they got into the house. He also blocked all the windows and entrances, but He was still very concerned, so he had asked Edgar to put out the campfire.

:”Mr.Lennon?” Edgar said with a shivering voice, he didn't know why Mr.Lennon was so nervous. It made him very scared.

:”shush!… come closer and we take a turn to rest. Pay extra attention to any noise in the surroundings.” Chu Yunsheng said quietly.

"Oh, right...Mr. Lennon, if the spore is from the earth, they would generally be divided into parasitic and saprophytic these two types.  unless there are  lots of rotten corpses around here, otherwise ... ..." Edgar said quietly and suddenly he had a shudder!

"Do you remember the situation around this area when we landed from the sky?" Chu Yunsheng asked

“No, it was too dark, I couldn’t see anything.” Edgar thought for a second and then shook his head.

:”ok, we will have a look tomorrow, you take a rest first, I'll guard the area, remember don’t make any sounds.” Chu Yunsheng instinctively looked at his watch, but he could not see anything, so he gave up.

While leaning against Edgar he was holding the dark energy gun and carefully listening to the noises in the area. 

The night was quiet as usual, as the time was slowly ticking away in silence, the louder and clearer ringing sounds became, it irritated Chu Yunsheng.

At the beginning Edgar was very nervous, it almost took him an hour and finally, the exhumation made him fall asleep.

Chu Yunsheng tried to stay awake while guarding the area, while at the same time, he also tried to speed up his Rong Yuan body’s transformation.


Time slowly passed in the dark... Chu Yunsheng also fell asleep without noticing it.


No one knew how long had passed, Chu Yunsheng head dropped all of sudden and it instantly woke up him. he was scared, then he realised that he had fallen asleep.

How careless of him!  He told himself.  In this kind of strange environment, falling asleep was deadly.

His heart jumped rapidly, In contrast to the dead silent surroundings the sound of heartbeats was so clear. He was like an inmate locked in solitary confinement. If it were not that he had been living in the dark age for some time, he would have probably lost his mind.

Suddenly, he heard small noises, although they were very weak and quiet, it still could not escape Chu Yunsheng sharp hearing.

He immediately lifted up the dark energy gun and clenched the monster seal talisman. If there was any danger he would immediately release the green shells to assist him.

Soon, the noises were getting louder and clearer, Chu Yunsheng tapped Edgar to wake him up.

Edgar woke up in panic, and just as he was about to shout out, Chu Yunsheng immediately covered his mouth.

:”shush!.... It's me... Something is coming!” Chu Yunsheng whispered.

Edgar’s eyes were wide open and his chest was moving ups and downs rapidly because of the fear. He quickly calmed down and nodded his head.

What is it? Chu Yunsheng was trying to remember all the monsters he had encountered in the past, trying to find any monster that might show up in this type of environment.
Suddenly, a pair of yellow eyes appeared outside the kitchen windows, it was slowly floating from left to right. At the same time Chu Yunsheng also heard a creepy and hair-raising “giggles”:

What the fuck is that?

Chu Yunsheng had never seen it before.

And the creepy giggles also scared the shit out of Edgar.

Just when Chu Yunsheng was about to fire the dark energy gun, he saw some dim lights appeared outside the windows, then he heard some human shouting!

There are people still alive? Just when this thought flashed through Chu Yunsheng’s mind. With the help of dim fire, he finally saw what was floating outside the windows.
It was a human head!

To be exact, it was not floating, it was flying. There seemed to be a pair of grey wings growing near the ear on each side of the head, And it was flapping up and down. The sound caused by its flapping wings was exactly the sound Chu Yunsheng heard from the beginning.

What the fuck is this? Chu Yunsheng cursed once again in his mind. Even if he had seen so many strange things before, this still shocked him.


A flame arrow hit the head and pushed it forward. It broke the windows and the head fell inside the house, it tumbled towards Chu Yunsheng.

The face of the human head was twisting and the area that was hit by the arrow was fuming with yellow gasses and bleeding yellow water, soon the head shrunk like a deflated balloon then a Leech-like creature crawled out of the head and desperately tried to reach Chu Yunsheng and Edgar.

:”go. Let's take a look at what happened outside!” Chu Yunsheng said after he stamped the disgusting worm to death.

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Chapter 190 Location

Chapter 190 Location

:”Mr.Lennon, we made it! We are still alive. We made it... god bless...god bless us, we made it…..” Edgar was jumping up and down despite the exhaustion.
:”I need to take a short break, Edgar you guard the area and be careful, we are not safe yet!” Chu Yunsheng said calmly. His word was like a bucket of cold water pouring on top of Edgar’s head, it instantly reminded Edgar that their situation was very dangerous.
Chu Yunsheng had experienced many life and death situations. Every time he escaped from the danger the sense of happiness and excitement would reduce a little bit. Instead, he became more vigilance and careful each time.
This planet was completely messed up now. Strange monsters could come out anywhere at anytime to take their lives away.
For instance, when he was riding the green shell in the sky, he encountered a 20 meters long centipede-like monster.

Whether it was Chu Yunsheng or Edgar, they both had never seen such monster before, none of them knew anything about this monster, So they quickly descend and landed on the ground, then hid in a small village house that had been abandoned for a long time.

It was already night time in the age of light and it was still pitch black around them. they did not know how far they had flown, or where exactly on the map they had landed, they only knew that there were no insects around them and that they were temporarily safe.   

No squeaky grumble mouse noises and no insects screeching wildly, apart from two of them, it seemed like nothing was alive in the area around them.

The dead silent made them every nervous, And the ringing in their ears was getting louder and clearer, and It irritated them.

Chu Yunsheng was indeed exhausted, he felt like his body was like a scattered skeleton, and he couldn't gather all the pieces together. He just randomly ate something from his storage talisman and slowly fell asleep while leaning against the wall.
The place they were at was a typical small southern rural village house, it had two storeys and a small courtyard at the front.

The gate to the house was originally locked. Presumably, the owner thought he would come back soon when he left the house.

However, there was an obvious sign that someone tried to break in before. a piece of metal bar left on the ground was most likely the tool they used for break-in. Presumably, it was the other refugees trying to find some food.

The furniture and other things in the house were scattered, all the drawers were opened, especially stuff in the kitchen, the broken porcelain bowls were everywhere, and they were covered with a thick layer of dust, so it most likely happened a long time ago.

In the bedroom upstairs, all the wardrobes and beds were empty, quilts and clothing had also been taken away, leaving it with only a few electrical appliances.
Edgar was holding a torch made by himself while checking the house they stayed at, the place had a strong oriental rural characteristic. However, even when he checked the big cylinder tank in the courtyard, he still couldn't find anything.
The only useful thing he found was a well, it temporarily solved their water problem, because they had been drinking “dirty” water in the last two months.
In the battle with the swarm at the area of the sticky substance, Edgar was hiding in the back of a golden shell, helping Chu Yunsheng to kill the green shells which broke into their formation, apart from suffering a mental shock, he didn't use much physical energy at all.
The reason Edgar could survive was all because of Chu Yunsheng, he believed that god must have heard him and sent Chu Yunsheng to save him.
Of course, he knew Chu Yunsheng was not a believer, however, it didn't stop him from picturing Chu Yunsheng as the god’s messenger.
He knew what Chu Yunsheng needed the most at the moment, so he went to the kitchen to look for anything he could use and then washed those clean and started to prepare the insect’s meat that Chu Yunsheng gave to him.  He used a knife that was also given to him by Chu Yunsheng to chop the meat into pieces then throw them into a pot.
The Insect’s meat soup did not smell very nice,  however, no matter if it was Chu Yunsheng or Edgar, they were both already familiar with the distinct astringent smell of the soup. Subconsciously they all started to treat this kind of smell as the smell of the food.
Chu Yunsheng only had a few biscuits in a hurry before he fell asleep. Rong Yuan body’s powerful and greedy digestive function had already converted the biscuit he had into food energy. The sense of hunger made his stomach growl loudly, and when the familiar smell of the insect’s meat wafted into his nose. It instantly stimulated the nerve cells beneath the cerebral cortex. His eyelids twitched for a few second before he woke up.

Staying vigilant even during a rest had already become Chu Yunsheng’s habit, only when Yu Xiaohai or the little tiger was by his side, did he occasionally fell into the deep sleep. later on, Yao Xiang also became a person who he could trust.

But this black man was not on his “trust list”, as a matter of fact, he only knew this back man for barely two months. And most of the time he was out hunting for the insects. So, that they didn't communicate much.
There were many differences between them, Edgar was also a foreigner. the only similarity he was able to find was they both were the Jinling City’s only survivors. Of course, he did not count the woman in the white dress.
;”Mr.Lennon, you are awake? Just a few more minutes then the Soup will be ready!” Edgar’s tone was full of respect. However, he also didn't know that it was the use of this kind of tone that separated him from Chu Yunsheng.

If it was Yu Xiaohai, he would probably be like:” brother chu, you are fucking awesome, holy shit.. we are lucky, there is a well here, we don't have a problem with the water now!”

:”Edgar, have you checked the house?” Chu Yunsheng shook his head, as he tried to get rid of the thought about Yu Xiaohai from his mind. But his sense of hunger still made his stomach growling.

Since he started to cultivate Yuan Qi, he had witnessed all kinds of strange phenomena that only existed in xianxia novels.

Based on the stories he read in xianxia novels, He originally thought that the stronger he got, the need for the food would be reduced, at the end, he would become immortal and he would no longer need to eat anything.

But the reality was that, no matter if he was at Yuan Tian stage one or stage two, the amount of food he needed didn't reduce at all. He would still feel hungry if he didn't eat for a while.

:” I've checked it already, apart from a well, there is nothing left, no food, no batteries, or fuels and weapons etc… is an empty house!” Edgar immediately replied.

:”I'm not asking for this, I'm…sigh.. forget about it, I'll check myself.” Chu Yunsheng sighed. comparing to him, Edgar’s experience of living outside Jin Ling city was much less.
What he needed the most right now was to figure out where he was at the moment, how far he was from Jin Ling. Would the insects catch up to them? Were there be any big city near them etc..

:”Mr.Lennon, I don't” Edgar was confused. Apart from those things he mentioned, what else would worth them to search for?

Chu Yunsheng “took out” a bag of salt from his cloak and said:” add some salt, I have not had  salt in food for a quite some time!”

"salt!" Edgar's hands started to shake!

Even in Jinling City, salt was also considered as the extreme luxury good, in order to get a little bit of salt, some people would rather give up their dignity, chastity, and even life.

"I need to find something to determine what we are now." Chu Yunsheng said plainly.

It didn't take him long to find a notebook in the bedroom on the second floor. The notebook was in a cabinet next to a bed.

When Chu Yunsheng opened the notebook, the letters in the first line he saw was scrawled, he could barely read it: XXXXX home xxx 0553------*
It was an area code. However Chu Yunsheng could not remember so many area codes, so he immediately took out the National map book which he had prepared a long time ago from the storage talisman. Soon he found out the code belongs to Wu City in WวŽn Province!
But he still could not tell his specific location just purely by this number.
Chu Yunsheng turned the house upside down trying to find anything that could indicate where he was. Eventually, he was able to find an agricultural newsletter in a corner of the house. Based on the information on the old newsletter, he suspected that he was probably in Tรญng bรกi town in Wu city.

Then he used this information to locate his position on the map once again. If he was correct, he was about 20 kilometres away from Wu City.
Chu Yunsheng was sitting on a collapsed mattress and used his middle finger to knock on the map book. It seemed like he was thinking something carefully.

Wu City was not far from Jinling City. since the dark age began, all the people had flocked to Jin Ling city. Duan Danian was one of them, so it was most likely that Wu city was an empty city now!    However, he still wanted to try his luck. because it was near Jin ling City, so maybe the local people had escaped to jin Ling city in a haste,  there might be some food still left behind.

In addition to that, Chu Yunsheng also wanted to take a chance to see if he could find some fuel. he was not worried about the cars, based on what he saw during the great retreat in Shen Cheng city. Probably the streets of Wu city were blocked with vehicles, So fuel was the only thing he needed to find. 

Although the green shells could fly, ever since he saw the strange Centipede-like monster in the sky, Chu Yunsheng gave up the idea of using the green shell to travel. Safety should be the first priority.  Finding a car and using it as a means of transportation was the best and the most reliable choice.

His first destination was not towards the northwest where the ancient book was pointing at. Although the book kept telling him that the third map was in that direction, he did not know how far he would need to travel. Who knew how long it would take him if he started to travel towards that direction blindly by foot.

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Chapter 189 Fly into the sky

Chapter 189 Fly into the sky

Chu Yunsheng was very surprised, originally he thought “Min” would start to fight him over the control of the insects just like last time.

However, the strange force just “hit” him, but it did not try to regain control of the insect. it seemed like “Min” was only trying to put some pressure on him.

Just right after the pressure was put on him, all the insects around him started to push in.
“Min” was a creature with a high degree of mysterious intelligence, which Chu Yunsheng already knew. The reason why it gave up having a direct “mind battle” with Chu Yunsheng over the control of the insects was probably because it had already recognized Chu Yunsheng, in other words, the damage caused by the last mind battle still affected its behaviour and judgment. 

Since it did not want to have the mind battle again, Chu Yunsheng could fight freely without any concerns.
With the purple flame monster taking the lead, many red shells were smashed into pieces by its two powerful flame antennas. At the same time, the 9 golden shells were ordered to spit fire to rip the swarm open.
Chu Yunsheng was only focusing on the green shells in the sky and Edgar only focused on a few green shells that were missed by Chu Yunsheng.
Chu Yunsheng only wanted the speed, he did not want to focus on the damages, as long as he could get out of this area of sticky substances, the inset couldn’t do anything to him. So he had to make sure that his group would not be slowed down by the swarm.
Once the attack began, Chu Yunsheng immediately changed his strategy, he changed his route and started to approach the tombs and walk along them.

He wanted to attack the tombs. the insects were scared that Chu Yunsheng was going to destroy the tombs, so some of them gave up attacking Chu Yunsheng, those insects moved towards the tombs and stacked one by one to build a wall to block Chu Yunsheng’s attack.
The deeper he went into the area of the sticky substance, the more stressful he felt. More and more insects started to show up, only some of them were split out to protect the tombs, and most of them were stacking themselves up and trying to surround Chu Yunsheng’s small group completely.
The red shells could not break into Chu Yunsheng’s formation, so they were only focusing on stacking up the wall to slow down Chu Yunsheng’s movement.  The green shells started to gather more and more above their head. Although not many of them dived down at Chu Yunsheng, he believed that once they reached a certain amount, they would start to dive down all at once.
“Mr.lennon! What do we do?”Edgar shouted in panic in the hole on the back of the golden shell. he had never seen so many green shells gathered at once. There was no way they could break out from here!
“Shut up!”Chu Yunsheng was surprisingly calm. One insect less meant one less pressure, so he did not stop shooting.
The buzzing sound caused by the rapid vibration of the green shell’s wing was getting louder and louder, the dark cloud in the sky was getting bigger and bigger in the speed that visible to the naked eyes.

Suddenly all the green shells let out a high pitched screeching at the same time, then they started to dive down at Chu Yunsheng’s formation like artillery shells. 

“Go to hell!” Chu Yunsheng shouted, this was the moment he had been waiting for, he immediately unleashed 12 sword Qi upwards stop the green shells’ attack.   

He gave up using the sword Qi to attack the green shells at the beginning because the could of the green shell weren't dense enough. If he used his sword Qi to attack, he wouldn't be able to kill many of them.

He was waiting for the moment when they all dived down at him at the same time, so he could unleash the sword Qi to eliminate them all at once.
Broken shells and meat pieces were constantly falling down from the sky. Although the green shells had numbers, the powerful sword qi still stopped them in the air.
After casting out the first round of sword fighting technique, Chu Yunsheng was staring at the power of the sword Qi. When it was almost disappeared, he immediately cast out the second round to keep green shells away from them.
It seemed like they could handle the attack easily. However, Chu Yunsheng was not at ease, instead, he was getting more and more nervous.
Suddenly, the ground started to shake.

 “Fuck!” he cursed silently.
It was the golden shells.
Similar to the purple flame monster, normally they didn’t like to stay in the group. Only because of the existence of “Min”, they were gathered together.
Chu Yunsheng immediately cast out the third round of sword fighting technique trying to kill as many green shells away as he could, before golden shells dug out of the ground. Then he ordered his golden shells to speed up their pace.
Based on the violent ground movement, Chu Yunsheng knew for sure that the amount of the golden shells was definitely more than the amount he sealed.
The red shells seemed to know that Chu Yunsheng was in a difficult moment. They also started to speed up building the wall to slow down Chu Yunsheng.
At the same time, many red shells at the front of the swarm started to spit corrosive liquid at Chu Yunsheng.
Luckily the fire which golden shells spat out melted most of the corrosive liquid. Otherwise, the amount of the corrosive liquid would be slowing them down even more. 

At the sound of the ground cracking, the first golden shell’s head came out of the ground inside Chu Yunsheng’s insect’s formation.

Chu Yunsheng immediately ordered two golden shells next to it to stop it from crawling out, at the same time, he also jumped towards the golden shell to cut off its head before it could spit fire.
But it was not over yet, many golden shells started to crawl out of the ground at the back, in the middle and at the front of Chu Yunsheng’s formation, they almost crawled out of the ground at the same time and they completely surrounded Chu Yunsheng.
Those golden shells did not care about the red shells around them, they immediately spat out fire at Chu Yunsheng’s insects. At the same time, Chu Yunsheng also ordered his golden shells to spit fire to block those golden shell’s attack.
Around 30 fiery dragons instantly appeared in the swarm and lit up the entire battlefield. Almost all the red shells near them were liquefied.
As golden shells were fighting at each other, Chu Yunsheng activated an icicle whirlwind talisman. He needed to kill those monsters quickly, if he could not kill those golden shells quickly, “Min” would gather more and more high-level insects here.
When the icicle whirlwind talisman was activated, a tremendous amount of ice element energy was gathered and spun around Chu Yunsheng until they formed many long sharp icicles. Then the whirlwind started to expand outwards. 
Once the whirlwind expanded outside the Chu Yunsheng’s group, its speed instantly increased tremendously. All the monsters within 50 meters in diameter around his group were hit by the powerful icicles!

Some of the red shells barely survived the fire attack, but the icicles instantly made several holes in their bodies.

Although Chu Yunsheng had expected the power of the icicle whirlwind talisman, it still surprised him when he saw the actual damage made by it.

If he had hundreds of icicle whirlwind talisman and if there wasn't any purple flame monster in the swarm he was definitely able to escape from here.
However, he only had 15 of them.

 He took the opportunity when the swarm was suffering the heavy losses under the icicle whirlwind attack to speed up his group once again.

Within just a few minutes in the battle, he had already lost one golden shell and two were heavily injured.

Luckily he had the backup, so he could keep his formation intact.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know how far he had travelled or how many insects his group had killed. When he looked at the time, it was 14:00. But there were still many insects and he still could not see the end of the sticky substances.

He had one purple flame monster; one golden shell and 5 green shells still capable to fight in the storage talisman.

When his group climbed over a hill which was covered with sticky substances, Chu Yunsheng’s mouth opened uncontrollably. He didn't see the land as he expected, instead, he saw a gigantic tomb that was almost 10 times bigger than the other tombs he saw before.

There were many insects around the tomb, and it seemed like they were busy building the defence. Suddenly, Chu Yunsheng heard a high pitch screeching, he heard this type of noise before.

It was the noise that processor Sun showed him when he was in Jin ling City.

Instantly, more and more insects gave up attacking Chu Yunsheng from behind. Instead, they all ran towards the tombs in panic. They were trying rush to the tombs as fast as they could. It seemed like they wanted to help those insects building the defence in order to stop Chu Yunsheng.
‘Those motherfuckers are finally scared.’ Chu Yunsheng cursed.

‘That must be their core tomb!’ Chu Yunsheng didn't expect he would break into this area.


Suddenly, Chu Yunsheng squinted his eyes and looked carefully at the gigantic tomb. The tomb was built near Lu Guolong’s granary depot. It was the place where the strange “mirror wall” appeared.
Is min here? Chu Yunsheng tired to sense the location of “Min” through the insect he sealed, however, the strange force was still very weak. the “force” should be getting more and more powerful when he was closer and closer to “Min”.

Was it because “Min” was not here? He wondered.

Then what was the meatball thing he saw before?

Chu Yunsheng was still looking at the tomb. There was a channel there. It was the channel that connected to the insect’s world. It was also the channel he wanted the alien to open for him.

It was undeniable that it was very tempting to him. The reason why he survived this long was because he wanted to get into the channel to find Jin ling City.

Chu Yunsheng started to struggle!

:”shit!” Edgar suddenly cursed then crawled out of the golden shell’s back. In the sky, a massive cloud of the green shells was flying towards them.

Edgar’s curse instantly woke up Chu Yunsheng, then he saw two purple flame monsters were moving fast towards the gigantic tomb.  It instantly destroyed Chu Yunsheng’s idea of breaking into the swarm to cross the mirror wall. He didn't know how many more insects were in the mirror wall, just those two purple flame monsters and the green shells would cause a lot of trouble for him.

Earlier on, Edgar’s attention was attracted by the green shells in the air. Only until he turned around and tried to remind Chu Yunsheng about the green shells did he finally noticed where they were heading.

All the insects in the swarm were agitated when Chu Yunsheng ordered his insects to charge towards the gigantic tomb.

:”MR.LENNON! MR….” Edgar was shouting out loud, he must have thought that Chu Yunsheng had gone crazy.

But Chu Yunsheng wasn't crazy, in fact, his mind was extremely clear. Since the insects and “Min” were extremely nervous about this super tomb, it became an excellent opportunity. He could separate a large number of sealed insects to constantly attack the tomb. It would attract their main force and delay their time to chase him. It would also allow him and Edgar to pass the tomb with less resistance.

But before that, he had to handle those two purple flame monsters first.

The solution was simple Chu Yunsheng would use ice trap talisman to trap them. He estimated that four ice trap talismans were more than enough to deal with two purple flame monsters. Chu Yunsheng also suspected that there aren't any more of purple flame monsters in the swarm, otherwise “Min” wouldn't order two of them to come here from other places.

One ice trap talisman would trap the purple flame monster, let alone he planned to use two of them on just one purple flame monster, once the monster was trapped inside the ice, it would not be able to break out of the ice in a short period of time.

Chu Yunsheng had a strange feeling that two purple flame monsters were “min”’s last resort. He could sense that “Min” started to panic through the connection from the sealed monster.
It was a great chance now, and he did not want to miss it, He instantly took the opportunity and expelled “Min” influence from all the monster’s mind he controlled.

“Min” seemed to busy controlling the swarm, so it gave Chu Yunsheng the opportunity to summon two more monsters. In total, he was able to control 12 monsters now.

Chu Yunsheng split one purple flame monster and 7 golden shells out to attack the super tomb, and himself was hiding in one of four golden shells which were heading different directions!

Many insects flocked towards the group that Chu Yunsheng used to distract them. Fewer and fewer insects were blocking Chu Yunsheng’s way.

The swarm slowly disappeared from their sight until they could not see the gigantic tombs at all. The cloud of green shells also disappeared from the sky.
Chu Yunsheng slowly lost his connection with 8 insects one by one until it left him with only one purple flame monster…..

He immediately summoned one green shell then climbed onto it's back, then sealed the four golden shells back again.

The sudden disappearance of the golden shell scared Edgar. Then he was hooked by a green shell’s back leg and flew into to the sky.

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Chapter 188 "Min" is here

 Chapter 188 "Min" is here

Chu Yunsheng had never actually thought about this question before. Since the dark age began, he was always busy arming himself and increasing his strength. He had never actually thought about why this would happen.
There must have been a reason behind it.

However, he didn't even know if he could survive tomorrow, so he decided not to think too much about it.
:”You should rest now, you don't need to guard the area tonight. Have a good rest. Whether we can survive or not, it's all going to depend on the fight tomorrow!”Chu Yunsheng said.
Edgar nodded his head then he leant against the table next to him. Soon, he fell asleep.


7:00 next day.

When the hazy shimmer appeared in the sky, Edgar and Chu Yunsheng also appeared on the street outside their building.

:”Edgar, later on, no matter what you see or what you hear. Do not make any sound!” Chu Yunsheng reminded Edgar one more time.
:”Yes. Mr.Lennon!” Edgar believed that he had seen many strange and scary things. But if he was with Chu Yunsheng this powerful man. He didn't think anything would scare him away.
He didn't know why he felt so pumped up today, and his body seemed to be filled with energy, he believed that even he was fighting a bear right now, he would definitely win.
However, he didn't know that Chu Yunsheng secretly cast Liu Jia talisman onto him. Since Chu Yunsheng wanted his help, he didn't want this black man to die quickly. Liu jia talisman could provide an energy shield and increase user's physical strength, So It should be able to help this black man survive sometimes.
Just when Chu Yunsheng about to order the monsters he sealed to come out from the street. He suddenly told Edgar:” remember, if you want to follow me. Do not ask any questions. Do you understand?”
:”Yes. Yes, Mr.Lennon!” Edgar was dazed for a second then replied. He was confused why Mr.Lennon would ask him this question, but he still replied with yes.
However, when he saw the purple flame monster crawling out of the street, he forgot everything. He forgot his confidence, his promises, he even forgot what Chu Yunsheng reminded him earlier. At that moment, his body instinctively turned around and attempted to run away.
However, he couldn't run away.  Mr.Lennon caught him before he had a chance to run away like he had a pair of eyes on his back.
Purple flame monster. Edgar’s legs were constantly shaking. 

The monster was getting closer, and Edgar was struggling even harder. However, he couldn't break free. His chest was moving up and down rapidly and his mouth was wide open. Just when he about to scream out loud. He saw an extremely strange thing happened. The monster didn't attack anyone, Instead, it submissively bowed its head down!
He instantly stopped struggling and remembered what Mr.Lennon tried to remind him earlier.
So, that was the reason why he kept telling him to stay calm and not to make any noises.

Mr.Lennon tamed a monster!!!

How could a human even do this? Is Mr.Lennon really a superman? This was crazy!
When he saw Mr.Lennon used the other hand to touch the monster. His heart almost popped out his chest.
:”Hmm….Finally fully recovered!” Chu Yunsheng murmured. He then released Edgar and said:”Mr.Edgar you have forgotten what you promised!”
:”Yes!!…. Mr.Lennon...I…. Oh my god….” Edgar instinctively replied yes when Chu Yunsheng called him, but then he suddenly realized if he replied yes, Chu Yunsheng might misunderstand him, So he immediately tried to explain.
However, just when he tried to explain. He saw a group of golden shells slowly crawling out of the street corner, he lost his composure again.
One, two, three…. Nine...
A total of 9 golden shells, Edgar almost lost his ability to think.

The Mr. Lennon he knew was a mysterious and quiet man who always wore a cloak. He could not imagine this man could tame 10 powerful bugs.
His body started to shake again, and his hand clenched the dark energy gun tightly. Just when Chu Yunsheng thought he was going to run away again. He saw Edgar slowly calmed down.
Edgar realized that how ridiculous his confidence was, he couldn't compete with any one of those monsters. He also understood the reason why Mr.Lennon wanted to take him, it was because he was trying to help him.

“Edgar, get into the hole on the back of that golden shell! Swarm has already noticed us. We need to go now!” Chu Yunsheng suddenly changed his expression.
:”o...Ok.. Mr.Lennon  .” Edgar responded with a shivering voice. But he felt hard to move his legs. He tried several times but he still couldn't get on the golden shell.
This was the first time he touched a monster and it was a monster even more powerful than the red shell. He had seen 8 soldiers who were burned into ashes by this monster with his own eyes...

:”if you carry on acting like this, I suggest you just stay here.” Chu Yunsheng said sternly.

However, He picked up Edgar by his hand and threw him onto the back of the golden shell.
Edgar gritted his teeth, he took a deep breath then crawled into the hole Chu Yunsheng mentioned.
“remember, your job is to kill any green shell that breaks into our formation. Wait until they get close. Don't waste any bullets. If you don't improve. I'll immediately kick you out!”
Chu Yunsheng was not happy about Edgar’s cowardly behaviour, however, he forgot Edgar was just an ordinary man. No one was able to stand up straight when facing the group of insects, let alone a group of the most powerful insects.

:”Mr.Lennon, may God be with us!” said Edgar after he crawled into the hole. 

“Let’s go!” Chu Yunsheng immediately jumped on the head of purple flame monster and said. He was not a believer, he only knew that if he did not fight hard for himself, even the god would not be able to save him.
When Chu Yunsheng’s group appeared at the area of sticky substances, all the red shells and green shells were “stunned”. Maybe they had never seen the insects staying in such formation before. Or maybe they just simply scared of the purple flame monster.

All the insects were just slowly moving back as Chu Yunsheng moving forward, they kept their distance away from Chu Yunsheng’s group and it seemed like they didn’t know what to do. 

Chu Yunsheng also noticed their strange behaviour and he immediately speeded up his pace and controlled the insects to keep a distance away from the tombs. He wanted to take this opportunity to move as far as he could; before “min” discovered him and forced the swarm to attack him.
Chu Yunsheng did not know how big the area of sticky substances was, and how far he needed to run. All he knew was those sticky substances were spread into the distance as far as his eyes can see.

Edgar had asked him before they left the building, what do they do if the sticky substances are endless?
His heart sunk when Edgar asked him this question. after a long pause, he finally told Edgar that if that was really the case, he wanted to try his best to walk as far as he could, he wanted to see if the world had really ended.
Chu Yunsheng clenched onto the dark energy gun, he did not want to fire the gun just yet. He wanted to wait until the insects run out of patience.

More and more insects started to gather around Chu Yunsheng. However, they did not have any sign of attacking them.  The small town has already disappeared from their sight and the route back to it had already been blocked by many red shells.
Suddenly he was hit by a powerful “force”. Then, the 10 insects he had sealed all stopped instantly.

Chu Yunsheng knitted his brow, “min” is here.

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