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Chapter 200 one-shot killed

Chapter 200 one-shot killed
Chapter 200 one-shot killed

Chu Yunsheng intentionally stayed far behind them. While everyone was facing the other side, he quickly got into the house which the "Centipede" monster used to shed its skin. He did not have time to examine it carefully when he got into the house, he just quickly used the storage talisman to store its green skin then unobtrusively returned to the back of the group.

He would not allow any chance of studying the unknown powerful monsters to slip away from him. Because he never knew what he might be able to learn from those monsters. He might also be able to find a way to prevent the poison from their skin.

Chu Yunsheng had been a cautious man since Earth was plunged into the darkness, the notebook he made was already filled with the details of all kind of monsters that he had encountered in the past. He had also asked Jing Tian to copy the notebook and sent one copy to GRD. He hoped that it would help them in some way.

At that time, when Professor Sun saw the notebook, he could not help but gasp in shock, because the information they kept in GRD about those monsters was not as detailed as the information Chu Yungsheng provided to them. Most of the information they had at that time came from the refugees who escaped to Jin Ling city, some of the information even contradicted each other. So to them, the information in the notebook was priceless.

Since the “Sky tracks” overlapped with each other, no one knew exactly how many monsters had entered Earth.

From the horror city to the fog city and from Jin Ling city to here, the distances between those cities were not even that far. However, the journeys between them were filled with monsters. Based on what he experienced throughout those journeys, Chu Yunsheng could tell that the whole world was going through these changes, not just his country.

So to him, even if he encountered another bizarre city after this spore forest, he would not be surprised at all. Because this world was crazy, the god was crazy… and maybe one day all the negative feelings that were suppressed by him might break out again and make him crazy as well.

When he was alone, he had also wondered why he would want to help Edgar this black man and an ordinary man. Maybe it was just that his subconscious want him to have someone beside him, so it would prevent him from losing his mind while going through the lonely and dangerous journey,

Of course, this was just his thoughts, because he could not find the real answer to his question.

Zhang Zizhao had met up with their Chief already, and it seemed like they were busy discussing something, but Chu Yunsheng was not interested in what they were discussing. His attention was at the person who was following them from far behind.

“They are here!” Chu Yunsheng said to Edgar with a stern voice. It was not that he had heard something or saw someone. It was that none of those “traitors” showed any sign of panic. It could only mean that the traitor knew that the “animals” were here.

“Mr.Lennon? What did you say?” Edgar was alerted, but he was not sure if he heard Chu Yunsheng correctly.
“Listen, they speeded up!” this time Chu Yunsheng heard the rustling sound caused by the messy and heavy footsteps, he could even hear the sound of people panting.

Edgar looked around, at the same time, he tried to catch the noise that Chu Yunsheng mentioned, “nothing?” he said.

“Go tell them, the animals are here!” Chu Yunsheng said to Edgar.

Edgar immediately went to the front. It instantly caused a commotion in the crowd. 

Soon, many insect’s shells were passed over from people’s head to the front of the group.

Zhang Zizhao squeezed through the crowd to reach Chu Yunsheng, “Mr.Lennon, this is our Chief Shan Yuxiong, May we talk to you for a second? ”

He was still not confident that Chu Yunsheng could deal with so many animals just by himself.

Chu Yunsheng quickly glanced over, “don’t you think that this is not the right time?” he knitted his brows and said.

“If you two don’t want to die, you’d better stay behind those shells, they are going to arrive here soon!” Chu Yunsheng said quickly. He did not know what they were thinking, and why would they choose this time to talk to him.

Shan Yuxiong was a sobersides and a retired military officer, he had a lot of wild survival skills and some decent leadership skills. That was why he gained many people’s trust and became the chief of this camp.

He frowned when he heard what Chu Yunsheng said, it was not that he was angry, it was that from Zhang Zizhao’s tone, he was not sure that this Skywalker could protect them just by himself. To him, it was not a wise decision to rely on this stranger, even though this man was trying to help them.

However there was not much time for him to respond to anything, the rustling sound caused by the footsteps was even louder now, even the ordinary people could hear it.

It was too late for them to discuss anything now, Shan Yuxiong had no choice but hope that this Skywalker could force those people to retreat.

Chu Yunsheng could see further than the ordinary people could, when the other people heard the rustling sound, he started to see the shadows appearing in the secret passage.

What he saw was a group of people holding various types of weapons and insects shells. Unlike the shell that Zhang Zizhao’s people were holding, the shells that those animals were holding seemed to have been carefully modified.

When they arrived at the place 30 meters away from Chu Yunsheng, three shells were immediately stabbed into the ground, then all types of firearms were pointed out from the gaps between the shells at Chu Yunsheng and the people behind him.

“Shan Yuxiong! You have no way to run now!” said a man who was wearing a military gas mask, after he jumped on the top of the insect's shells.

‘Fire elemental dark warrior?’ Chu Yunsheng could clearly feel that the man used the fire elemental energy when he jumped.
But Chu Yunsheng did not pull the trigger, he was still looking for the wind elemental dark warrior, the passage he was staying at the moment was very narrow, if the wind elemental dark warrior controlled the wind to blow all the spore viruses into the passage, then all the ordinary people behind him would be dead.

‘I must find him quickly and kill him.’ He thought.

“Shan Yuxiong, look at those ants behind your… They don’t deserve you…” the fire warrior sneered when he saw that Shan Yuxiong did not respond to him.

“Bullshit!” Shan Yuxiong cursed and then stopped, it seemed like he did not want to talk to the guy.

“Lao Xiong, don’t pretend to be a hero, the world has changed now, you are the one refusing to adapt to the changes, not me! Why would you rather suffer with them?” the fire warrior said.

“I’d rather die than live like an animal!” Shan Yuxiong sneered.

“You fucking idiot… my boss...” a man shouted presumptuously from behind the shell, but he was immediately stopped by the fire that was cast out by the fire warrior.

“Shut up, Shan Yuxiong saved my life, you need to show him some respect!” the fire warrior said sternly.

“Wu Weijian, if I knew you would become like this, I would not save you!” Shan Yuxiong said with disdain.

Wu Weijian laughed out loud, “Lao Xiong, did you forget that we were in the same squad, we retired at the same time… we… If you knew... would you quit military?”   

“You are the shame of our squad!” Shan Yuxiong snorted.

“Lao Xiong, do you think that I will let you go this time! Because of you, I fucking let go of so many of those pigs, otherwise, you really think that you could gather these many people? Stop fucking dreaming!” it seemed like Shan Yuxiong’s words hurt the fire warrior. The fire warrior’s face and voice suddenly changed.

“I am going to ask you one last time, are you going to join us or not. If you join us, the seat for the underboss is still yours! I can let you keep those pigs, you can let them live longer than the others!” the fire dark warrior said.

“Boss Wu, you promised me that you will let Zhang Zizhao and Jing Mouyou go, you promised...” a high-pitched voice shouted in panic from behind Chu Yunsheng.

But the voice was immediately stopped by fire warrior’s sniper rifle, “Your father, I, also don’t like traitors!”

“Wolf… get ready to blow the wind. Let them taste the poison first! Everyone get ready to fire!” Wu Weijian shouted, “Lao Xiong, you can still stop me now… Lao… Xiong!!!” he shouted Shan Yuxiong’s name out loudly.

But Shan Yuxiong still did not respond to him.

At the same time, Chu Yunsheng finally found the wind elemental dark warrior.

The dark warrior was very close to the front, and he didn't move when he was trying to gather the wind elemental energy, but he was instantly locked on by Chu Yunsheng. Chu Yunsheng quickly adjusted the energy bullet to increase the bullet’s penetration ability.

Shot fired!

The bullet penetrated the shell and penetrated the man’s body. The target was hit.


The blazing fire instantly lit up the wind elemental dark warrior, within a split second, the man lost all his ability to fight.

One shot and killed a Skywalker straightaway? Wu Weijian was stunned!

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In this chapter, the author has given out the information about the traitor, I don’t know if you guys found out or not.

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