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Chapter 204 a hidden granary.

Chapter 204 a hidden granary
Chapter 204 a hidden granary

Whether it was a type I dark energy gun or a type 2 dark energy gun, they all relied on the energy field inside the gun.

Although Chu Yunsheng didn't have a problem with bullets, the energy gun required energy recharge to support the energy field running. Otherwise, it would be just a regular gun.

Currently, the type I dark energy that Edgar was using and the type 2 dark energy gun he was using were almost running out of the energy. Edgar was just a zoologist and Chu Yunsheng didn't know much about the dark energy gun, so they both could not figure out how to recharge the gun.
As Chu Yunsheng was thinking about what he might be able to find out from the freeze gun, Shan Yuxiong interrupted his thoughts, “Mr.Lennon, don't you feel strange, that why I would keep those two photos?”

Chu Yunsheng shook his head.

“The reason was simple and it might sound ridiculous. We had a strange feeling that something was coming when we saw the UFO and I believe that we were not the only two people who had this kind of feeling.

In fact, we had also overheard some vague information saying that people from the top had already known something about the apocalypse…”

“Are you sure that it was not just a rumor? Even if it was true, I don't think that kind of information was something you could overhear.” Chu Yunsheng doubted his words.

“I wasn't sure until I met more and more people who had similar feelings. I started to pay attention to this kind of people after I read a post online which accurately predicted the arrival of the monsters, and world of darkness...” Chu Yunsheng had a sudden shudder when he talked about that online post.

Then Shan Yuxiong pointed at a male who was wearing a dirty down jacket and said, “he was another man I met who also received the information about the apocalypse in advance. That man used to be a billionaire.

The funny thing was that even though he had prepared everything, he still didn't expect that it would be this bad…”

Chu Yunsheng slowly started to realize that Jin Ling city had more secrets than he had thought.

Although the city had tried to gather all the grains from other places before, there wasn't any places inside the city where they could store a large amount of grains.

Even if he ignored the food problem, he still could not explain why the city had nuclear weapons. That type of weapon should not exist inside the city, and there was no way they could have transported them into the city after the world was plunged into the darkness...
A lot of things indicated that they knew about the apocalypse in advance, it was just not the apocalypse they had expected.

But Professor Sun, Zhu family, and the ninth division, etc... they did not tell him anything about those things before, maybe they thought it was not necessary or perhaps in their minds, he still wasn't qualified for their upper-class circle...

Chu Yunsheng sneered, it looked like not trusting them fully from the beginning was the right decision.

But he still felt strange, why would Shan Yuxiong tell him so many things? They both just met each other for the first time in their lives.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng slightly puzzled while looking at him. Shan Yuxiong hesitated for a second then slowly took out a map and said bluntly, “Mr. Lennon, to be honest with you, that man told us where he kept the grains, but that place is too far for us, I know that we will not be able to keep you here, so this map is our gift to you, and thank you…”

He then paused for another few seconds and said, “it's very cold nowadays, so the grain won't go bad easily, If you think this information help you in any way, could you do us a favor?”

“I need to know what is it first, then decide whether to help you or not!” Chu Yunsheng said.

Shan Yuxiong nodded his head and said, “to us, it is very difficult, but to you, it is very easy. Although Wu Weijian died, some of his men are still…”

Chu Yunsheng took over the map and interrupted him, “ok, I'll need to talk to that billionaire later. If everything is exactly as you said. Then there won't be any problems.”
The reason why Chu Yunsheng answered so quickly was that even without Shan Yuxiong asking for it, he would still need to go into the city to find cars, so to him, it was just something he could do alongside that easily.

Since Chu Yunsheng escaped from Shen city, if he was not in danger, he would always help other people who were in need. He didn't think he would gain people’s trust that way, because he himself also would not trust the person who helped him either.

“Mr.Lennon, we are ready to go now,” Xiao Si said nervously. He was scared of talking to Chu Yunsheng because he still remembered what he did in the secret passage.

“You can see in the dark?” Chu Yunsheng was curious.
Xiao Si didn't look like a Skywalker, but Chu Yunsheng overheard from the other survivors saying that Xiao Si could see in the dark. This was something other survivors couldn't do.
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