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Chapter 214 Journey of three people

Jing Mouyou

Chapter 214 Journey of three people
“Mr.Lennon, I am a good driver!” Edgar said and got in the driver seat, he used his actions to answer Chu Yunsheng’s question.
Looking at the grey sky, Chu Yunsheng lifted one of his feet and was about to get on the RV, however, he suddenly paused.  He turned around and slowly walked back to the survivors. The waste on the ground was already covered with the snow, so whenever Chu Yunsheng stepped on it, it would make a clear crunchy sound.

:”Mr.Lennon, are you? Are you staying with us?” although Xiao Si knew this was impossible, he still said it with full of hope.

Almost all the survivors shared the same thoughts. Although Chu Yunsheng didn't reveal his face,  the things he did for them in the past few weeks couldn't be measured in any way. At first, Chu Yunsheng saved their lives from the animal's hands, then he helped them wipe out animal clan's threat, and most shockingly he had also helped them to eliminate all the flying head monsters near the camp…..

As if as long as he was with them one day, no matter what kind of dangers were out there, he would help them remove it.

Although Chu Yunsheng had said to Edgar that they might die tomorrow, the survivors didn't really believe it, to them the safest place on earth right now was probably staying with Chu Yunsheng, so when Edgar got on the RV, they were extremely jealous.

:”one last advice before I go.” Chu Yunsheng said to their chief Shan Yuxiong, he pointed at the girl and carried on :” her power has increased, everyone can start trying those poisonous mycelia, it might be beneficial to the ordinary people like you, of course, it is very risky, you might lose your life, but I don't think I need to teach you what high-risk high reward means.”

It wasn't that Chu Yunsheng didn't want to take the girl with him, however, if the girl didn't mention it, Chu Yunsheng also didn't want to force her, after all, her mom, relatives and friends were all in the camp, Chu Yunsheng didn't think the girl would abandon her family, and there was no way he could bring them all together with him.

Shan Yuxiong looked at Jing Mouyou, he seemed to be confused, it looked like the girl had not told other people about the deal they made. But Chu Yunsheng didn't think she would keep the secret long, she would most likely tell everyone after he left, so the conditions he mentioned before would most likely only last for a short period of time.

Chu Yunsheng also took out a bottle of vitamin c from his grey coat and gave to the girl. No matter what happened after he left, the girl had worked hard to help him to recover the purple flame monster, every time during the healing, the girl would unleash her energy until she would almost pass out, so this was the reward Chu Yunsheng gave to her.

Then, before they said anything Chu Yunsheng quickly turned around and got into the RV. He and Edgar still needed to arrive to the next destination before the sky went completely dark.

Jing Mouyou felt both surprised and grateful for what Chu Yunsheng did. She was staring at Chu Yunsheng until he got into the RV.

:”Wait, Mr.Lennon, please wait!” the middle-aged man who was saved by Er Guai was shouting while helping a woman in a military uniform to squeeze through the crowd and walk to the front.

Chu Yunsheng recognized this woman, while he was wiping out the animal's clan, he had seen this woman. She was the one that the middle-aged man had asked him to save.

:”Mr.Lennon,  please take us with you, please, I'm begging you!” the middle-aged man was still very weak but he still carried another person with him, so when he got to the front his face was very pale and he was constantly panting while shouting.

“I don’t deal with the military, so goodbye.” Chu Yunsheng shook his head and rejected the man’s request.

“No, Mr.lennon, we are not scared of dying, it is just that we have an important information that needs to be sent to the headquarter, please, it is a matter of life and death of millions of people! ” the man was extremely agitated.

“Did you not know that millions of people have already died?” Chu Yunsheng did not even face him while talking to him, he was tired of dealing with the military.

“Let me talk to him, move me closer to him.” the female major said in an extremely weak voice.

The middle-aged man walked clumsily while carrying the major toward the RV’s windows, he had to lean against the side of the RV to make sure that he would not fall over while walking.

“Mr.lennon, I know that we are a burden to you, but I can pay you, as long as you can send us to any military base!” the female major reached her hand out to hold the RV’s door and said.

Chu Yunsheng did not respond to her, he signalled Edgar to start the engine and get ready.

“Mr.lennon, we can provide you with some information that could help you to increase your power” the female major believed that this was an extremely tempting offer, Chu Yunsheng would definitely trade with her, because she understood that all the Skywalkers desired to increase their power badly.

This was also the reason why she could live this long when she was captured by Wu Weijian. It was because of the knowledge she had that made Wu Weijian not daring to kill her, Wu Weijian couldn't understand the complicated method of increasing his power, he needed her help. However, it did not mean that Wu Weijian was going to treat her nicely, he just gave her enough food for her to barely keep her sanity.

However, this time she clearly found the wrong guy, Chu Yunsheng did not need her information to increase his ability. Even all the methods from GRD in Jin Ling city combined were worthless compared to the method in the ancient book.

So the RV was immediately started running without any delay.

The female major was dazed for a second, she did not expect Chu Yunsheng to not be interested in what she could provide to him, he did not even pause for a single second!
“We also got information about those aliens. we had captured one before….. ” Seeing the the car was about to leave, the female major suddenly knocked on the RV’s door and said.

The RV instantly stopped,

Chu Yunsheng jumped off the RV and said coldly:” whoever lies to me won't live long, you have to know that!”

The female major was relieved when she saw that the RV stopped. “You can execute me if you think I am lying,” she said while leaning against the RV.

Chu Yunsheng looked at this woman from top to bottom, the “woman” was so skinny that she was almost out of human shape. He quickly thought for a second. Whether it was the powerful monsters like Min and monster's king or the woman in the white dress and the cloaked man, the more Chu Yunsheng knew about them, the more he started to realise that they were not just them out there.

So to him, knowing more about them would help him fight those aliens better in the future!

“I can take you, but not him, more people means more danger !” Chu Yunsheng said while pointing at the man.

:”Major Qin, go with him, I'll stay in the camp, as long as you can safely return to the base, commander….” the middle-aged man didn't seem to be sad.

:”make your decision quick, you have three minutes! If you insist on taking him, then don’t waste my time!” Chu Yunsheng looked at the grey sky and said.

“Lao Li, take care of yourself!” The major Qin held Lao Li’s shoulder and said. Staying with Chu Yunsheng was her only hope, if she missed this chance, she would probably be staying in this little camp for the rest of her life.

“Don’t worry, I am fine, Major Qin, if you see my wife and son when you returned to the capital, tell them that I am still alive!” Lao Li smiled.
“I will!” major Qin released him and used her remaining strength to salute him.

The RV started running again and soon it slowly disappeared into all survivor's sights,

“Edgar, follow the route on this map, we need to get to this place before the night goes completely dark!” Chu Yunsheng pointed a place on the map said, then he put the map on top of the dashboard.

:”My name is Qin Qiying.” the female major was sitting next to the driver seat, she turned around and introduced herself.

:”Follow him, call me Lennon.” Chu Yunsheng pointed at Edgar and said.

:”you are a foreign Chinese?” the Female major looked at Edgar and said in confusion.

“ Aboriginal Chinese, unlike you who is a senior official’s offspring, so far I still don't know how the moon outside china looks like!” Chu Yunsheng said sarcastically.  Although the female major didn't have a healthy shape, Chu Yunsheng could still tell that she was very young. Such a young female major, unless she had a powerful family background, there was no way she could be a major at her age.

Qin Qiying was dazed for a second, of course, she knew Chu Yunsheng was mocking her, however, she didn't expect that Chu Yunsheng would do this. To her, Chu Yunsheng’s response was more like an ordinary people’s response in the age of light. It was so familiar to her that she even found it a little “cute”.

Of course, It was all because she had seen a lot of people that changed the way they were when they gained their abilities.

Chu Yunsheng took out a piece of cooked meat and passed it to her then said:” You'd better ask fewer questions about me. Since we are in the same boat, there is something you need to know. Edgar knows all my rules, so ask him to teach you later! Once you finish this piece of meat, then take a short break. In my place everyone must have their existing values, your job is to take turns with Edgar to drive the car and be a lookout.”

“Also, you need to take a shower, it stinks!” Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows and said.
Edgar and Chu Yunsheng both had a shower when the discovered waster, so they were still fine, but this female major, god knows for how long she hadn't had a shower. The RV was filled with a stinky smell ever since she entered, it was a torture for Chu Yunsheng because his five senses were much more sensitive than others.

It was the first time that someone said to Qin Qiying that she stunk, she couldn't do anything but let out an embarrassed smile.

:” Edgar, teach her our rules, if there is anything, inform me immediately.” Chu Yunsheng said when he returned to the back of the RV.

however, it wasn't a smooth ride at all,  sometimes they had to stop the RV next to other broken cars to hide from the centipede monsters in the sky; if the road was blocked by the cars, Edgar had to get off the RV and use the roaring flame gun to burn the cars into ashes.

Only until afternoon, did their first destination appeared in their sights. However, there was also a strange group which appeared in front of them at the same time, one of the cars in the strange group seemed to have broken down in the middle of the road and It just happened to block the road.  

“Go, check what is going on!” Chu Yunsheng patted Edgar's shoulder and said, Qin Qiying was so weak at the moment, she could not even move to the back of the RV to take a shower, let alone get off the RV to check the situation at the front.

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---------------------------translator's note--------------------

I found that this city is very similar to the world of  《Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind》,
so the most of concept arts were taken from that anime, I wish I could share them all, but because of the storage problem, I could only a few more pictures. but if you have time, this anime is worth watching.
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quite an important foreshadowing in this chapter.......

regarding the personality changes after people awakened their ability...
it is extremely important......

I don't know if you guys still remember the fire king back in Jin Ling city suddenly became a different person?

that is also a foreshadowing.

and lastly, Happy new year everyone.


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