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Chapter 220 Sword Form

Chapter 220 Sword Form
Translated by  Ben Chan and Sarah
Edited by: Sarah

The street was in a hubbub.  Students were talking to each other exchanging information, trying to guess who the man in the 3D holographic image was. 

People were racking their brains to find any pieces of information about the man because of the huge reward, all of them wanted to try their luck.

However, they did not know that this "person", was not far from them, the mysterious man was only less than a hundred meters away from them!

Moreover, they were unaware of a potential fierce battle that can happen any moment and could possibly get them killed.   

They were staying next to a time bomb and the trigger to the bomb was the person they call "Doctor" --  Edgar.
However, no one knew what Edgar was thinking. Chu Yunsheng did not have time or energy to think about what Edgar was planning to do. Ever since the flying object showed his image, he was already planning for the worst.
He was not sure if he should fight them or escape from them, since he did not know how powerful the flying object is At the same time, he did not think escaping was a good idea because he did not feel that his speed would be faster than the flying object.

Moreover, if the woman in the white dress was on that flying machine, he did not think he would be able to run away.In that case, maybe he should listen to the advise Ding Yan told him back when he was in Jin Ling city, which was to pretend to cooperate with them for a period of time, as long as he could live and eventually, there would be a chance.

At the moment he did not have many talismans to help him in a fight, he could only rely on the sword fighting techniques. 

Speaking of sword fighting technique, Chu Yunsheng always thought that the essence of sword fighting technique was to unleash more sword Qi and control the movement of sword Qi at will.

As he learned more words from the book, he understood more about the sword fighting technique. Only now did he learn that inside the sword fighting technique there were many forms of unleashing the sword qi. The higher and the more difficult the sword from, the more powerful the sword fighting technique was, and according to the senior practitioner, the most powerful form could only be unleashed once even by himself!

After he reached Rong Yuan body substage three, the sword fighting technique could unleash 18 sword Qi. This was a crucial part of the fighting technique, because once he was able to unleash 18 sword Qi, he would be able to use the first sword form [broken stab]!
[broken stab] was the simplest sword form, it was also the only sword from he could use. The form’s purpose was simple and concise: to break through defence, pierce through the target, and to kill in a single move.

This was also the reason why he needed to get an RV and ask Edgar to disguise as a Skywalker. He needed time and a quiet environment so he could study the cultivation method and break through substage two’s barrier as quickly as possible.

The power of the sword fighting technique gave Chu Yunsheng the strength and skills he desperately wanted, as it was his primary fighting ability. The talismans are only a secondary support. His physical body will only be strong when his main fighting ability becomes strong, which will then allow him to handle complicated and extreme situations when necessary.
Suddenly, his thoughts were interrupted by a voice:”I know where he is!”

The street instantly became silent and Chu Yunsheng’s heart skipped a beat.
He did not know if that person really knew where he was, but he needed to take the first move to prevent any accidents from happening. While he was thinking, he moved quickly and lightly into the building, and ran all the way to the roof.
His plan was to use his sword Qi to destroy the thrusters of the flying object before they found where he was. If he succeeded, he would have a huge advantage when he wanted to run away. The flying object was levitating just above the roof, so he believed that once he unleashed the sword Qi, the chance of destroying the machine’s thrusters was very high.

At the same time, one of the searchlights locked onto the person who said it, it was a girl who was so nervous that her body was constantly shaking underneath the light. Then she pointed at the east and said:” we saw that man yesterday, he headed towards the east.”

The flying machine did not respond to her straight away, instead, the bright white light that was shone onto her changed into green ripples. As the searchlight moved up and down, the green ripples appeared to be scanning the girl from top to bottom.

“You need to keep your promise, can we have the food and weapon now?” the girl became nervous by the sudden change of the light, but still gritted her teeth demanding for the reward.
The green ripples then bounced back and the searchlight changed to red immediately. The robotic sound appeared inside the flying machine again:”

Human! Unfortunately, you are lying, and you will be punished!” 

Within a split second, another milky white beam shot towards the girl. Unlike the beams the machine shot out earlier, this time the girl didn't even make any sound, and was instantly blasted into pieces.

Everyone in the crowd felt a chill down to their spine, especially those who wanted to lie, all of them were stunned!

A few seconds quickly passed in silence. In the meantime, Chu Yunsheng finally arrived on the roof, hiding in the shadow. Beneath the searchlights, Edgar still did not make any movements.

The flying machine probably thought that they could not get anything useful from this crowd, and started to ascend. The robotic voice appeared again.

"Humans! We may meet each other again, and at that time, if you have any information about this man, our agreement still valid. But you have to respect the agreement, especially your honesty….

Remember what he looks like, his name, and remember that he likes to stay alone. If you see him, please tell him that we mean no harm….”

The flying machine ascended higher and higher until it became a bright spot, then quickly disappeared into the dark sky.

Only when it completely disappeared from everyone’s sight did Chu Yunsheng deactivate the armour and walked down the stairs. But before leaving the building, he paused for a second, took out a few more cotton clothes and wrapped himself up to make himself look a little bigger than before. He then carried Qin Qiying up again and returned to the RV.
“Doctor, are you alright?” just when Chu Yunsheng got near the RV he saw Edgar’s knees buckle and almost collapsed onto the ground. Yu Zhixuan who was next to him immediately asked him and tried to help him get up again.

However, her leg was broken earlier. Although it was set by Qin Qiying, she still did not have any strength to help Edgar to get up.,.
Suddenly another pair of hands came out of nowhere to help her.

“Doctor, do you need me to help you to get on the RV” it was Chéng Dàiyōu, giving Yu Zhixuan a provoking look while asking Edgar with her tender voice.

“I...I’m alright… alright...” Edgar murmured while sitting on the steps of the RV’s entrance. However, his mind was completely in a muddle, he did not expect Mr.Lennon would be…... 

“Doctor, you are blocking my way.” Chu Yunsheng was holding Qin Qiying and speaking calmly as if nothing had happened.


Edgar was like a panicked rabbit, as he jumped up immediately, bumping his head into the top of the door. 

“Doctor?” even Chéng Dàiyōu noticed his strange behaviour.

“I’m alright... alright….” Edgar did not dare to look into Chu Yunsheng’s eyes, as he bowed his head down and moved aside while looking at the ground.

He finally knew Mr.lennon’s real name.

It was a name that was so famous in Jin Ling city that even a foreigner like him has also heard of it. He had heard a lot of things about him, and as a researcher, Edgar knew that Chu Yunsheng had an important role in GRD.

When he was in the abandoned town outside Jin Ling with Chu Yunsheng, he had thought of the possibility that both men were the same person. However, he had never seen Chu Yunsheng before, so he could not prove it.

“Are you sure that you are ok?” Chu Yunsheng stepped onto the RV, then he paused at the entrance, turned around and asked him.

“Yes, Yes! ” Edgar forced himself to calm down, but he did not know where to put his hand. Instinctively, he tried to grab the roaring flame gun to pretend he was okay, however, he accidentally grabbed a smooth and soft little hand instead.

Yu Zhixuan instantly blushed.

Chu Yunsheng put Qin Qiying on the top of the bunk beds and said:” Major Qin, you may rest first, I hope you can get well as soon as possible, I can’t help you for too long.”

Qin Qiying was lying on the bed. However, her mind was filled with Edgar's reaction and Chu Yunsheng’s figure, and her eyes were filled with shock and confusion.

Chu Yunsheng might not know, but the former soldier Shan Yuxiong had told her everything that had happened in the camp, including how Chu Yunsheng killed Wu Weijian….

Translated by  Ben Chan and Sarah
Edited by: Sarah


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