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Chapter 223 Not knowing how to appreciate the kindness.

Concept: Major Qin Qiying
Chapter 223 Not knowing how to appreciate kindness.
Chapter 223 Not knowing how to appreciate kindness.

“So, you think this woman is aware of something?” Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows after Edgar reported back to him.

“I think she was just curious, but I don't think she knows what is going on,” Edgar paused for a second and said.

In terms of what was going on, both of them knew exactly what he meant. However, they didn't want to say it out clearly.

Chu Yunsheng thought for a second then patted Edgar’s shoulder and smiled, “it was me who stepped out of line earlier.”

Edgar knew that since the UFO’s incident, Chu Yunsheng clearly trusted him even more. They didn't use to talk a lot on the road. Now, Chu Yunsheng even discussed this with him.
More or less, he felt like he was slowly getting into Mr.Lennon’s world.
Of course, he didn't doubt that if he had made a different decision, with Mr.Lennon’s speed and power, he would have been killed by him already.

Chu Yunsheng thought it over and decided to play safe, he would not believe a single word the woman in the white dress or any aliens that associated with them said, if he fell into their hand, there was no way he would be alive.

That day, the reason why the cloaked man was desperately trying to capture him was all because of the method of making talismans, however, it was just a part of the knowledge in the book, if they discovered the book, there was no way they would let him live.
Even if they would not kill him, but having lost the book he depended on, meant that sooner or later he would die.

Chu Yunsheng rarely hid his power deliberately, he usually only kept one or two secret moves like The Monster Seal talisman so he could attack the enemy by surprise. From Shen Cheng city to the fog city, until later on in Jin Ling city and the camp in Wu city, he had been always like this.
He did not have extra time or energy to hide. Hiding his power would only make him die faster.

But now was different, the aliens were searching for him everywhere, he already had a hard time dealing with the woman in the white dress, what if two aliens jumped out from the UFO? then surrendering would be the only option.

Therefore, before he had enough confidence in fighting them, he had to hide like a turtle, hiding its head in its shell and trying to survive as long as it could. Only his life was the most important, anything other than that were secondary.

“You did a good job, just tell them that we are senior officers in the army, you can carry on acting like you are a Skywalker, if they asked you why you are with us, you tell them that you have been temporarily recruited by us to escort us.” Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and said.

He had thought about finding a place to hide first and coming out when he was powerful enough to compete with those aliens.

However, Jin Ling city had already disappeared for more than three months now, his heart was torn with anxiety because he couldn't get any new information about them;

Secondly, if he could not gather the treasure that the senior practitioner left behind before the great devil arrived on earth and if he just depended on his own cultivation speed, he would be dead for sure;
Lastly, he didn't know exactly how powerful the alien's forces on the earth were, how many flying machines they had, and how many aliens were as powerful as the cloaked man and the woman in the white dress? Were there aliens more powerful than them? Without knowing how strong they were, even if he hid for 10 years, how would he know he would be more powerful than those aliens?

So regardlessly the situation he was in right now, he needed to keep going. Hiding was definitely not an ideal solution.

As long as there was a glimmer of a chance, he would take it. The treasure that the senior practitioner had left behind was used to deal with the great devil, so it would definitely be very helpful at fighting those aliens who were looking for him, the treasures that had left behind might even include an advanced flying machine.
“Do we need to let major Qin know first?” Edgar nodded his head and said.
“No. She is smarter than us, just make sure that when you are talking, she is there. She will know,” Chu Yunsheng shook his head and said, “from now on, you will still act like you are the decision maker amongst our three, after all, they thought you are the only Skywalker in our group, I can squeeze with a few people on the bed at the back of the RV,  so you may allow people to stay there, otherwise, it will be difficult to explain.”

“Don't worry, this time I will handle it well,” Edgar said.

“You may leave now, later on, I'll get you some protective equipment, you will need to wear it when we set off tomorrow. You are still an ordinary person. Pretending to be a Skywalker is a very dangerous task to you,” Chu Yunsheng wanted to take a little bit of time to make an energy shield for Edgar, he also wanted to use 2 pieces of golden shells and its tendons to make a vest for him.
In fact, it was not that he wanted to make a vest all of sudden. He saw other students were wearing the insect’s shells as vests, so he wanted to copy their ideas as well.

Class C RV was smaller and had fewer functions than class A RV, however, it also had some advantage,  it was much easier to control compared to the class A RV.
The temperature was still very low outside, the weather was freezing. The RV had heating facilities, however, petrol was extremely precious, so Chu Yunsheng didn't want to waste it.
But Chu Yunsheng had another way to warm up the RV, he used a few small pieces of red shell to wrap the last few pieces of flame monster’s seed and used it as a small heater.

So the temperature inside Chu Yunsheng's RV was not cold at all.
When Chu Yunsheng got back on the RV it was already in the midnight, the RV was already filled with people, but it seemed like there were more girls than boys.

Probably Edgar had already instructed those students what to do in the RV, so when Chu Yunsheng just got on the RV,  some students immediately said, “Major Du, here, here, we kept a place for you.”
When Chu Yunsheng was thinking of a fake name he needed to use, he didn't know why he would think of Du Qishan. But for the sake of convenience or maybe some other reasons, he told Edgar to tell other people that his name was Du Qishan.

There wasn't enough space for everyone to lie down to sleep, so apart from Qin Qiying, Yu Zhixuan and a student who suffered from the frostbite were sleeping on one bed the rest of students were mainly sitting against each other while taking a nap.
Of course, Edgar and Chu Yunsheng also got the best spots on the beds.

“Major, when we arrived at the military base, could you help me to get into the military?” a girl next to Chu Yunsheng asked sternly.

“If we are still alive, then we can talk about it again, oh right, where were you all heading originally?” Chu Yunsheng just realized that he and Edgar forgot to ask them what was their destinations. All he knew was that they were heading south.
“Originally we wanted to go to Jin Ling city. But we can't get through the forest, so sister Jiang was taking us to the south, we have heard that there was a troop retreated to that direction, we are hoping that we will be able to catch up with them,” said the boy who was leaning against the bed.

“What if you can't find them?” Chu Yunsheng asked again.

“Then heading south until we arrived at Yang city, if Yang city also fell, then Hong Kong, I don't think in such a big country we will not be able to find a place to stay.  Don't you think so?” the boy said again.

Yang city? Hong Kong? It was too far, especially with their ability, they would most likely die halfway on the road.
“Is Jiang Qianqin your teacher?” Chu Yunsheng paused for a second and asked. Since they were probably going to stay together for a while now, it was better for him to know more about those people.

“No, sister Jiang was the daughter of our vice-principal, she is a very smart lady, before she became a Skywalker, she was a musician who was very good at the classical music, she even won an award in Europe,” the boy’s tone was filled with admiration.
Just when he finished, Edgar returned from the hall. Instantly, Edgar became everyone's “target”. All the students were rushing towards Edgar asking him a lot of questions.

Chu Yunsheng was not interested in what they were asking Edgar, so he started to harness the energy inside his body to practice his cultivation method.

No matter what they were talking about, increasing his own strength was the most important.


“Brother Sanbao, the monkey is back,” the fat man Qian knocked on the door of a private room that belonged to Ren Sanbao and whispered.

After a while, Ren Sanbao opened the door with the mask one and asked eagerly, “how is it?”
In the small gap between the door, the fat man Qian glimpsed an erotic sense in the room, he swallowed very hard and then quickly looked away, “We have found quite a lot, Lecturer Bi said that the quantity is more than enough.”  

Ren Sanbao’s eyes were instantly filled with happiness, he nodded his head and said, “ask Lao Bi to hurry up extracting the toxins we need, tomorrow, giving him some more food as a reward!”  

The fat man had an obscene smile on his face, he carried on said, “two days, Lecturer Bi said that he will get it done in two days, by that time...” he paused for a second and suddenly let out a perverted laugh, “that Jiang person will be yours…”

However, Ren Sanbao instantly changed his face, “Tell lecturer Bi to increase the concentration of the toxin, we need to handle that Doctor as well!”

The fat man Qian also changed his expression, “This doctor does not know how to appreciate our kindness, at that time, we will deal with them all together… by the way, that RV is truly wonderful stuff, and that black guy really knows how to enjoy his life!”

Ren Sanbao sneered, “that Jiang women think that she can sit back and relax after that doctor joined her? Let’s just pretend to cooperate with them in these two days…”


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