Saturday, 14 April 2018

finally finished volume 4

A lot of people have a hard time to accept the ending of volume 4, many Chinese readers said that MC made a stupid decision.  but to me, it was the most reasonable character development. it was actually quite predictable since the end of volume 3, where he started to have signs of mental illness.

having said that, it is really up to how each individual reader interprets the story.

A little spoiler, the next volume is the volume which made most of the readers cried the most. I really don't know how to translate a novel, so I know that my translation will not be able to provide that kind of feeling. but anyway before anyone takes over this project, I will carry on with my shitty translation.

I will need to take a month off to read the next volume and establish some words and terms. so no chapters next month, but if you have any questions, please use this link.


I will be answering all your questions there.


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  2. Thanks for the chapter and hard work

  3. What a crazy ending, I hope he can come back somehow because this novel is only as good as Chu Yunsheng

  4. Thanks really good novel, can't wait for next volume..

  5. Realmente bueno, me gusta mucho ya que me gustaba jugar starCraft
    agradecerte por la traducción y edición, no es facil pero diablos has mejorado mucho con respecto a los primeros capitulos, espero que sigas con este proyecto sin nada mas que decir nos vemos en el proximo volumen.


  6. Gracias por traducir esta increible obra, ojala te vaya bien en tu descanso y espero con ansias el próximo volumen :)

  7. I agree with you mehn and the only problem about MC is that he's only thinking about one thing I've always had it in mind that the system was an alien because the MC has the book that the human ancestor gave his ancestors the book but I'm still happy with this volume.