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Chapter 317 Re-group

 Chapter 317 Re-group
One of the skeletons was wearing an old-fashioned Chinese military uniform, and probably because they died a long time ago, the uniform was severely broken.

The other one didn't seem to have any clothes

There were 2 pistols, a water bottle and a watch that stopped working next to them. He also noticed that there were many fish bones around them as well.

There were a few bullets that were buried on the ground forming a strange arrow shape pointing a circle not far from them.

Chu Yunsheng used his claw to dig the circle. Soon, he found a small package that was wrapped by a piece of clothes.

The clothes were rotted, Chu Yunsheng could see a yellow notebook inside.  The claw was too big to flip the notebook and the notebook itself was also severely damaged.  So Chu Yunsheng had to use one of his sharp legs to flip the notebook.

As he flipped the notebook open, he saw the words were written in traditional Chinese, and there were many words already fade out or too blurry due to the water damage.

He spent a long time barely figuring out its contents.

“... The Republic of China ...  xx year xx month…  Guangdong Province… earthquake…. Strange antiques unearthed…  Japanese gathered force… take it… we were ordered to set up an ambush….

…  Guangdong province has many mountains and forest…. Japanese soldiers were delayed….. the situation was good on our side...

…. xx day… Lee betrayed us…. Ambush spot was exposed….. we were surrounded…. Captain Sun died…. Brother Ziyu, Brother Haoming, and other people were forced to hide in the forest…..

… Ate animals, drank raindrops... tough life… but for the country…. No regrets...
…..xx day, brother Huaiyu was very sick….

…. XXX day brother Shaoyang died of poison...
… brother Ziyu suggested to destroy Japanese's digging site, all of us agreed...

… brother Ziyu died in the explosion, brother Haoming and I fell into a deep crack….
… it is dark here, and we are lost, brother Haoming almost died of infection….

…. It was unbelievable what I have seen today. Even the most advanced country in the world don't have this kind of technology….
…. If we can study it and learn something from it, even if just a little bit of knowledge, we will….

… brother Haoming finally woke up, I am very happy….  God bless us… I will definitely bring the information about this ancient miracle back to the capital…

Can't approach it, it kills everything that approached it...

….. I have seen two levels, but there seemed to be another level below them. how do I get in?....

…. Earthquake….. exit was blocked….
...hungry and exhaustion…. Monsters were chasing us….

….. I was wrong, there were more than two levels, maybe three levels or maybe 4 levels… the first level was this lake… but we are trapped here….

….. we were like animals eating raw strange fish...

…Ii had an argument with brother Haoming, he wanted to take the original route back and find another way out….

… still couldn't find a way out, we don't know how long we have been trapped under the ground….

….. brother Haoming committed a suicide today….

…. I don't know how much longer I can hold it, I am hungry….

….. What I have done! How can I …. I'm sorry Brother Haoming….

…. I am leaving a draft map and a notebook, I hope someone will see this and bring my body back to my hometown and bury me there.

….Xiao Qingshan last note….

Chu Yunsheng signed, he didn't expect that people were also trapped here decades ago, and until they die they still couldn't find a way out.

Chu Yunsheng carefully closed the book, he noticed that behind the skeletons there was a small crack. It was only big enough for one human to crawl through.

Just when he wanted to check the crack, he suddenly heard a loud roar from outside. Then many icicles were shot into the cave.
The cave was not big, Chu Yunsheng couldn't dodge icicles, so he was hit many times.

He quickly crawled out of the cave and started to climb up again. At the same time, he glanced at the water below to see what was going on.

The water monster that was chasing Chu Yunsheng earlier was still there. But there was another one.

The icicles that were shot into the cave came from the other water monster's mouth.

When the water monster saw Chu Yunsheng crawled out of the cave, both of them were very excited. The speed of the other water monster spitting out icicles was also increased a lot.

It was like heavy icicles machine gun that was constantly shooting icicles at Chu Yunsheng as he climbed upwards.

Within a few seconds, Chu Yunsheng's surroundings were covered with icicles, some of them even stabbed into Chu Yunsheng's back.

Suddenly. The rocks around Chu Yunsheng began to fall. 

:” Shit!” Chu Yunsheng cursed.

Under such a heavy attack, even if a metal wall would also be damaged, let alone the rock.

Just when the area that Chu Yunsheng was climbing was about to fall off, he immediately jumped up and tried his claw to catch one icicle that was not far above him.

However, the icicle was only able to support his weight for 3 seconds. Then. He started falling again.

At that moment, Chu Yunsheng wished that he could fly, just like a green shell insect...

The little water monster already opened its mouth waiting for Chu Yunsheng to fall into his mouth.
It was at that moment, Chu Yunsheng’s surroundings were lit up, then a long stream of fire appeared in his sight.

And before Chu Yunsheng fell into the monster's mouth, a green shadow flew past him and took him away.

Then, Chu Yunsheng saw a purple and a golden shadow on the surface of the water, and they were slowly swimming towards him from far away. On their back, he also noticed some familiar shadows.
In that split second, Chu Yunsheng knew who they were, and he was both relieved and excited and at the same time. He finally found his company.


Elder purple instantly unleashed a round of purple flame shockwave at the smaller water monster while it was still far away.

The purple flame shockwave split open the water and hit the water monster.
The little water monster didn't even realize what happened, then it was blown up and knocked back very far while its body was still covered with fire.

It screamed pain while constantly twisting its body.

“ Roar!” This time was the bigger one. It roared in anger, at the same time it instantly unleashed many icicles at Elder Purple.

But those icicles did not hit Elder purple at all, because elder golden spit another stream of fire and it instantly gasified those icicles.

Seeing its attack was blocked by Elder golden, it roared again and swam back to help the smaller one...

“Shit... Elder purple, let’s go, quick…Little Green fly to that cave…. Elder golden follow us... ”
Just when the elder purple was about to unleash another around attack at the older water monster, it was immediately stopped by Chu Yunsheng.
Not a single insect understood why Chu Yunsheng wanted them to leave, they were just about to win the fight. But luckily they followed Chu Yunsheng’s order this time.

It was not that Chu Yunsheng did not want to explain to other insects, it was very hard to him to make them understand it. From one water monster chasing him to two water monsters that were trying to kill him, and from the second roar that the water monster made before it swam away, Chu Yunsheng knew that this type of creature was living in groups.

There were more of them coming, and if they were not going to leave soon, they would be trapped here. Those water monsters were not like the mice they fought earlier, and all the insects were currently in the water at the moment. So those water monsters had advantages.

That was why that they had to leave, and leave as soon as possible! 

Green shell sent him back to the cave again. Chu Yunsheng quickly picked up the map and stuffed it into a gap between his shells.

“I am sorry. Although I got the map,  I can’t take you back….” Chu Yunsheng respected soldiers, especially those who were fighting the invaders. However, there were not many things he could do. He could not even bury them here. 

Elder golden soon arrived.  The cave was very small, so Elder golden had to expand the cave in order to got in.  then Chu Yunsheng asked it to quickly dig through the small crack that was mentioned in the note.

With the help of Elder golden, they were further and further away from the lake….

While they were still in the tunnel that was dug by the Elder Golden, Chu Yunsheng suddenly heard many heavy water splash sounds and a group of strange monsters’ loud roars coming into the tunnel from the lake non-stop.
Chu Yunsheng instinctively had a shudder. luckily they left earlier, otherwise, they would definitely be swallowed up in the crowd.


Brother Worm crawled towards Chu Yunsheng and suddenly spat out a pile of red mucus.
“What is this?” Chu Yunsheng was confused. So he asked Dumb Insect.

“Eat… eat… fire …. Energy ….” Dumb Insect replied.

“Where did you get it?” he immediately interrupted the dumb insect and asked.

“Opposite…. Fire… energy… tunnel…. ” Dumb Insect said much faster this time. It seemed like it was scared that Chu Yunsheng was going to interrupt him again.
But Chu Yunsheng still interpreted it.  “No wonder why that so many days has passed, but you guys are still filled with fire energy, even Little Green also transformed into the second form.  ”

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