Thursday, 14 June 2018

Change of some terms

Just spoke to my colleague. She said that deviant is a better word for Yi Yuan than abnormality in this story.
So from now onwards,  Yi Yuan will be translated as deviant. Older chapters will be edited again.
In the next week, I'll try my best to release 3 chapters every day. Sorry for the trouble. And thanks for the support!
Once again.
Yi Yuan = abnormality = deviant.


  1. Replies
    1. as long as everyone likes this book. it is much better than donation. If you got time, maybe write a review on novelupdate website. and as always. thanks for the support.

    2. Nice, thank you for the notice... anyway, thank you for the hard work! I'm still into the story... I hope it doesn't and too soon...

  2. Thanks, I think three chapters is very difficult to achieve.

  3. Thanks I love this book, I will give the best review I can.