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Chapter 331 never separate.

Chapter 331 never separate.
Chapter 331 Never Separate

Chu Yunsheng quickly got out and climbed up towards the top of the tomb. Dumb Insect also popped its head out from the top of the tomb to gaze at the group of human beings nervously.

“It’s human being… It is deviant.” Dumb Insect said nervously.

“Quiet, maybe they won't come this way,” compared to those human beings, Chu Yunsheng was more worried about the shadows behind them.


“Run, quick, there is a cave at the front. Once we get there, we will be safe.”

“Quick! Let's forget about them!”

“It's too dark, I can't see anything… Ah!…”


Chu Yunsheng was able to hear the sounds of voices and screams that came from the north mountainside clearly.

Soon, those shadows also became more and more clear. Through the thick and dark fog, what appeared first was a dozen refugees who were holding fire torches, and staggering desperately toward the col where Chu Yunsheng was.

Then, as the outline of the five tall shadows behind those refugees also became more and more clear. Chu Yunsheng had a chill down to his spine when he recognized what those shadows were. They were five large tentacle monsters!

Speaking of tentacle monsters, since he left the horror city, he had never seen them in any other inland cities, but now he saw them near the coast again.

If he was still in his human body, he could deal with those five tentacle monsters easily. But now, he and Dumb Insect could not compete with those monsters at all.

Every single one of those monsters was bigger than the ones that he encountered before. They were about 4 stories high and with countless tentacles.

“Dumb insect, go check if we got any worker worms already?” Chu Yunsheng pushed Dumb Insect down and said.

The damn hazy shimmer in the sky was too dim. if it could get brighter a little bit more, those human beings would be able to see the tomb, then they wouldn't run towards his tomb.

“How is it? Dumb insect?” Seeing those human beings and monsters were getting closer and closer, Chu Yunsheng was more and more anxious. He needed energy. Without energy, he couldn't defeat those monsters.

He couldn't lose the tomb as well. Without the tomb, he didn't know how long it would take him to go back to his original body. Let alone avenge Elder Purple’s death.
“Almost... almost!” Dumb Insect chirped quietly from the bottom of the tomb.
“Quick, find a way to speed up!” Looking at those human beings stepped into the mountain pass and the monsters closely followed behind, Chu Yunsheng urged.

Chu Yunsheng was crouching motionlessly on the top of the tomb looking at the situation outside. In this kind of distance, those refugees might not be able to see anything. But those monsters were definitely able to detect them.

The reason why they were still chasing those human beings might be that they were not scared of a solitary tomb.


“Oh my god, it's the insect, insect!” One of the refugees finally noticed the tomb and screamed.

“Uncle, what do we do? What do we do? We are all going to die…”
“...we should have gone to Hong Kong!”

“Brother, it's a dead end! “

“Gui Qin, you and the rest of the women take the kids to climb over the mountain and run towards the west!”

“Lao Gong (husband)!  I don't want to leave you. We said that we would die together.”

“Go, stop wasting time!” A man shouted.
“No, we will live as a family, and die as a family! You said it!” The woman cried. But she still didn't change her mind.

“Sister, help mother and dragged your sister-in-law away!” The man pushed away the woman and shouted to the other woman.

The women were crying but they didn't dare to slow down. They were dragging three children and the woman called Gui Qin, while climbing up the mountain next to them through a narrow trail.

"Qin Dazhu, you fucker, you are not a man! How can you break your promises!" The woman struggled and shouted at the time.
“Sister-in-law, please, I'm begging you. My elder brother…”

“ Ah… Monster…” after another scream, a young man was pierced through by the monster and lifted up.

“Xiao Yan!” another woman let out a sad and shrill scream.

She inadvertently loosed her hand and the woman named Gui Qin instantly broke free. She tumbled down the hillside and staggered back to look for her man.



“Come back!” …

Despite all other women were shouting to her, she was still running towards her man.

Her man was already captured by the monster. He couldn't move at all. One of the monsters' sharp tentacle was already aiming at him and ready to penetrate the man.
The woman leaped towards the man and hugged him tightly. She closed her eyes and said, "Zhu Zi, you said that we would not be separated, you… huh!...”

She suddenly let out a short grunt and her body trembled a little bit. She was penetrated by a tentacle and it made her instantly spat out blood. But she still carried on, “you… said… that… you… wouldn't… leave... me...” despite her mouth was covered with blood, the woman smiled tenderly while moving her face close to the man's face.

“You… Stupid… woman…” the man's face was covered with tears and blood.

The monster retracted its sharp tentacle, the blood it brought out was like red flowers scattered on the ground. The man kneeled on the ground and he had already stopped breathing. But the woman was still hugging him tightly. The cold temperatures quickly froze their blood together…


“Human beings, they are like Elder Purple and…” Dumb Insect crawled next to Chu Yunsheng sand said with mixed feelings.

“Yes, because they are the same race,” Chu Yunsheng said helplessly. He knew what Dumb Insect was talking about.

“I understand it now. They are also brothers…” Dumb Insect suddenly said.

“Has any worker worms hatched yet?” Chu Yunsheng immediately changed the subject.
“Yes, they already dug into the ground,” Dumb Insect replied.

“Insert all The Energy Transporting Tubes into my back!” Chu Yunsheng looked at the internal of the tomb and said

Dumb Insect was confused.

“Quick! If they are dead, then we will be next!” Chu Yunsheng urged.

The women, who tried their best to climb up the mountain, still couldn't get away from those monsters chase. They all died slowly one by one.

Despite Dumb Insect still didn't know what Chu Yunsheng wanted to do, it still followed Chu Yunsheng's command.

“Inject all the energy into my body when the worker worm came up!” Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth to endure the acute pain and said. At the same time, he opened the crack on his head and aimed at the monsters who were on their way to the tomb.

After they killed all human beings, their target had changed from human beings to his tomb.

Chu Yunsheng tried to stay calm. Red light beam attack was his strongest attack. However, all his energy could only allow him to shoot once. But, there were five large tentacles!

Moreover, his aim was not very accurate, so he must wait until they were close, and wait for the worms to send energy up, and then kill them!

Insects were not human beings, so the first tentacle monster didn't dare to be as reckless as when it was hunting human beings. When it reached a certain distance, it began a tentative attack by throwing sharp objects at Chu Yunsheng's tomb.

Dumb Insect wanted to use the tomb's defensive tubes to attack those monsters, but it was immediately stopped by Chu Yunsheng.

The tomb was not meant to be used for attacking. Besides, the defensive tubes were extremely weak when they got outside.

Soon, the second monster also stepped onto the creep. It was constantly waving its tentacles as if it wanted to tear the tomb apart.

The worker worms still hadn't sent any energy up yet, despite Chu Yunsheng was constantly urging Dumb Insect to speed them up.

Then the third monster, the fourth monster… Slowly, all the monsters stepped onto the creep area one by one.

"Puff, puff, puff!"

As they reached the attack range, all of the monsters began to shoot their tentacles at the tomb. At the same time, they slowly spread out trying to surround the tomb.

The newborn tomb's defense was not as strong as the tombs that were set up for a long time. Under those monsters' attacks, the wall of Chu Yunsheng's tomb was quickly torn up, and many holes began to appear.

The defensive tubes of the tombs instinctively shot out from the holes of the tomb to defend the tomb. However, they were not as powerful as the tentacle monster.

“Dumb Insect, hurry up! I need energy!” Chu Yunsheng shouted.

Dumb Insect was equally busy at this time. It had to control the tomb to counterattack and repair. It also needed to contact the worker worms. It had just become a Min less than a day, it had already reached its limit.

Chu Yunsheng couldn't wait anymore. He couldn't let those keep tearing his tomb.

He quickly moved along the edge and aimed at one of the monsters from the top of the tomb and cast out his strongest attack.

“Woo… woo…"

The red light beam instantly penetrated the top of the tentacle monster, melting it from the top down.

The monster only got a chance to let out a painful scream before it collapsed on the ground.

Despite Chu Yunsheng killed one of the monsters, it also exposed his location. In the next second, the rest of the monsters all shot out their tentacles at Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng waved its sharp and poisonous legs to cut off two tentacles, then quickly jumped back and fell into the tomb through the hole on the top.

He just used up his energy, he needed to wait for the worker worm to send up the energy.

The sounds of monsters attacking the tomb constantly appeared in the tomb. Looking at the holes that were made by the monsters, Chu Yunsheng asked Dumb Insect, "Dumb Insect, are you scared?”

“No, not scared.” Dumb Insect moved close to Chu Yunsheng and said with determination.

“Dumb Insect, if the monster got in before the worker worm delivered the energy, you try to break out and get help from Yan Min. I'll try to slow them down," Chu Yunsheng said calmly.

“No, you… you go. I'll slow them down,” Dumb Insect immediately replied.
“Listen to me, Dumb Insect, you are a Min now. Only you are qualified to talk to the other Min. Do you understand?” Chu Yunsheng said sternly.

“Yes, but…” Dumb Insect knew what Chu Yunsheng was talking about, but it didn't know what to say.

“Good! I'll try my best to fire another shot. You get ready!” Chu Yunsheng immediately interrupted Dumb Insect and said. At the same time, he tried to absorb as much energy as possible from the dried-up tubes.



The wall of the tomb finally broke open a big hole, the monsters grabbed the sides of the hole and split the hole even wider.

Instantly, all the monsters flocked into the tomb through the hole.

“Dumb Insect, go!” Chu Yunsheng immediately used his claw to pinch Dumb Insect and threw it to the top of the tomb.

“They are here…” Dumb Insect was shouting while it was in the air.

Before Chu Yunsheng realized what it meant by they were here, a large amount of energy was infused into his body.


The red light beam went straight through three monsters that flocked in, and scared away the last monster that was about to go in as well.

“Dumb Insect, send me up," Chu Yunsheng's body was filled with energy. It had already exceeded the limit that his body could take. His body was constantly expanding and he started to bleed a lot. He needed to let it out as soon as possible.

As he got to the top. He immediately fired another shot. However, the shot only scratched the escaping monster.

“Woo… woo…” the monster screamed with fear and doubled its speed again.

dumb insect instantly charged out of the tomb.

“Dumb Insect, come back! Don't chase…” Chu Yunsheng's body was still expanding. It caused so many pains around his body, that it almost made him lose the ability to think.

In the next second, he suddenly realized that he was in the progress of transforming into the second form.

He was gritting his teeth very hard and grunting constantly while enduring the acute pain.

He couldn't open his mouth or compile any message to send Dumb Insect.

It was at that moment, a loud baby cry and rang out in in the quiet world.

Chu Yunsheng instantly opened his eyes, and Dumb Insect also stopped. It crawled towards the pile of women’s bodies and moved the bodies away.

“Wa… wa…” probably Dumb Insect moved away the heavy body on top of the baby. The baby cried was even louder.
Dumb Insect was dazed for a second. In the next second, it raised its claw.


  1. Oh... baby time!!! Anyway thank you for the chapter and hard work. (I wonder if they (MC and the dumb insect) will feed the baby with the fire energy in the tome... then that will transform the baby into a insect like human. Or wait, let the MC take over the baby's boby.