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Village daughter of a potato farmer, until she was praised as a sword god Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Divine Beasts and Sword gods

 Konegarde, a city hidden behind high walls and strong barriers, and within this city, there laid some facilities that were kept strictly confidential and the training ground was one of them. It’s usually used by knights for training, but students are allowed to use it once a year.

 It is also the place where the academy tournaments are held.

 The results of this tournament had a big impact on our grades and, in turn, our salary. This tournament is used to clearly rank students, with combat ability being the main evaluation point and education being almost irrelevant.

 I've been undefeated since summer, both in education and in competitions, and I was proud to be number one in my grade.

 At the age of eleven, I received a monthly salary of 470,000 Noah. I was also mentioned as one of the favorites to win the championship this year.

 With the tournament coming up the next day, Cepharis suggested that the two of us go out to town to celebrate the tournament’s eve.

 We were getting paid more than adults, but I had no interest in shopping. So, I mainly saved my money, or once in a while, I spent a little on relatively fine dining.

 We decided that the celebration would be at a shop I often went to, but as soon as we entered the store, Cepharis immediately ran off because of something she wanted. She was a mass of material desires.

 Her ranking was eighth in our grade, and considering her age of twelve, she was in a surprising position. It may sound sarcastic when I say this, but all the other students in the top ten are over fifteen years old. At our current stage in the second year, there was not that much difference in our mana ability, so the upper rankings consisted mainly of older kids.

 Among them, Cepharis was in 8th place, so even if it sounds sarcastic when I say it, I really thought it was amazing what she had accomplished.

 At any rate, I earn not much more than she does, and as I said earlier, she was a mass of materialistic desires, so she quickly indulged in her desires.

 “I guess I'll be going shopping for clothes and shoes today.” She said.

 “That's fine. But I know you will not come back for a long time, so I’ll go and start eating first.”

 I often came to this shop because it had my favorite meal on its menu. Omelette with potatoes. It is fluffy, delicious and melts easily in the mouth. It's a superb dish.

"The usual, with gnocchi and potato potage."

“Almost always the same choice. It's not all about potatoes; I think you should consciously avoid potatoes." The waiter said with a smile.

“If you ask me, I think you should unconsciously start eating more potatoes.” I replied.

When I looked up, Cepharis had returned. She sat across the table.

"So what did you buy?" I asked, half excitedly.

"Fufufu, this is it." Saying that, what she brought out was raw meat.

“…You bought meat?” This was truly unexpected.

"It's not just any meat. This is the meat of a divine beast!"

 In this world, there are beasts called gods.

 Unlike ordinary beasts, they are highly intelligent and terrifyingly strong. They had a deep relationship with humans, and high-ranking Divine Beasts were divided among the nations of the world.

 At the same time as being an object of faith, they were active as decisive weapons in war.

 There also existed some rare individuals who could compete on an equal footing with the divine beasts, even though they are humans.

 They were given the title ‘Sword god.’

 Those who have surpassed human limitations and now possess powers comparable to those of gods. They are mankind's greatest strength.

    But I had concluded that it had nothing to do with me, since my dream was to grow the best potatoes in the whole nation.


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