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I Was Reincarnated As The Older Brother Of A Villainess Destined to Die, So I Want To Change The Future By Raising My Younger Sister With My Own Hands ~I Am The Strongest In The World, But My Little Sister Must Be The Cutest In The World~ || Chapter 39 || Interlude 3

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Volume 1 Interlude 3 — Caron — She who knows love (After)

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Regular Chapter

— —

When we learned that Onii-sama was an adventurer, Orca and I rushed to him.

That wasn’t fair, Onii-sama. Hunting demonic beasts by yourself were such an interesting thing to do, so please let us join you!

Onii-sama was reluctant at first but we finally succeeded in pushing our way through, albeit with some conditions. High five, Orca!

It was a good decision to go with Onii-sama on the hunt for magical beasts. It was a fresh experience, and I was able to confirm my own abilities, and I think I became even stronger.

Plus, I got to watch and enjoy Onii-sama’s battle scenes!

Onii-sama was so attractive that I could eat several cups of white rice—his favorite grain—just to looking at him. Oops, I've got a nosebleed.

After all, Onii-sama was a genius. Even though the world disparages the Non-attributes as useless, he doesn’t get bothered by it and continues to improve himself. He has developed numerous spells that no one has ever achieved or heard of, and he also shares with us that knowledge.

Both Orca and I benefited from it and were able to acquire strength that no one in our generation could match. Truly, Onii-sama was an amazing person.

Recently, Orca and I have been able to have conversations praising him, which has made our days very enjoyable! And this was all thanks to Onii-sama.


It seems that a crisis had come to Orca's family. Onii-sama has decided not to send reinforcements for the benefit of the count's family, but his face looks very distressed. Naturally, Orca was also despondent.

Both Orca and Onii-sama—and everyone else—said that they were convinced about their decision, but they don't look like it all.

Can we really just continue to do nothing about it?

No, that wasn’t the case. We absolutely must take action. The protagonist in the story that Onii-sama told me still moved even in times like these. He acted according to his heart without regard for profit.

Now was my turn to support Onii-sama!

After that, I went around and talked to the executives. I was nervous because some of them were speaking to me for the first time, but I managed to reach out to all of them. All that remained was to persuade Onii-sama.

As I expected, Onii-sama was caught in a dilemma between the Count Family and himself. As I am only a daughter, I cannot truly understand the weight of carrying the family on my shoulders. It was very frustrating, but I have no choice but to give up.

However, I will persuade him. I would put forth the statement that Onii-sama once said, “We're good siblings and we support each other.” and urge him to change his mind. I am sure that Onii-sama would have a better future if he follows his heart.

Thanks to my desperate persuasion, Onii-sama has made the decision to send out reinforcements. Of course, I would accompany him.

Orca was genuinely surprised to learn the truth the next morning, but he was also glad about it.

— —


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I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw how horrible war could be.

It was a depressing sight when we arrived in Byakudai territory. Everything had been destroyed, and not a single person remained alive. A hellish world had spread out in front of me.

The sheer terror made me want to flee, but I persisted. Onii-sama had warned me about this type of development and advised me to take it seriously.

He also warned me not to take it too personally, but this was something I and Orca couldn't avoid. If that were the case, I would not turn away.

Orca seemed to understand this and looked straight at his hometown, while I gently stroked his back.

— —

There were about 40 survivors left in the Baron's castle.

A very small number…Even I, who have just started studying about being a noble, could understand it. This Baron territory wouldn’t survive. There was an overwhelming lack of manpower to run the estate. As a result, Orca's Elder brother would most likely relinquish the title.

Nevertheless, life is connected. As long as Onii-sama has taken on the responsibility of dealing with the enemy soldiers, the castle was safe. There was nothing to worry about, and I should do what I could do.

First, I had the injured gathered and treated them. I gave priority to those who were seriously injured with [Great Heal], and those with minor injuries were healed altogether with [Area Heal]. Thanks to the training I had continued until today, I was able to heal all the injured. There were no more groans in the castle, and just a few smiles returned.

After the treatment, I helped with the same chores as Orca was doing and talked to those who looked pale.

Some people may wonder if the latter was necessary, but I couldn’t leave it alone.

I know that I am assisting Onii-sama in a small way in his research on Mind Magic. The influence of the mind was immeasurable. A single thought could have a profound effect on the body. Sometimes it makes you sick, sometimes it cures you of an incurable disease.

That was why I threw cheerful words to those who were depressed because of the civil war. If someone could be saved with just one of my smiles, there was no greater joy.

— —

I’m in trouble. No, it wasn’t the kind of difficulty that someone has fallen or the war situation has deteriorated. From others’ perspectives, it was just a minor problem.

The reason was that everyone in the Baron territory has begun to refer to me as the “Saintess of Sunlight.”

I am not a person worthy of being called a Saint. Leaving aside my joy and embarrassment, I am simply bewildered about it.

When I consulted with Sion, whom Onii-sama had assigned as my escort, she replied, “What are you saying? The Young Lady is worthy of being called a Saint. So please be proud of it and puff your chest out.” The same goes for the other knights. They weren’t helpful at all.

Well, that was enough to get Onii-sama to praise me….

No matter how much I tried to correct it, there were no signs changed of me being called a Saint, so I gave up. All right, I'm a Saint. Call me whatever you like.

Meanwhile, the battle in front of the castle seems to have been settled, and I heard that Onii-sama had defeated the enemy general. As expected of Onii-sama!

I immediately tried to congratulate him on his feat, but unfortunately, it wasn’t possible. Since Onii-sama’s appearance right was an adventure named Six, it seems that I shouldn’t be more friendly with him than necessary.

What about expressing my gratitude as the client's daughter? was that not allowed either? Then that was regrettable….

After that, the opportunity to make contact with Onii-sama did not come around, and in the end, the carriage ride home was our first reunion in a long time. Of course, I hugged him with all my might. I will never let him go!

— —

I would like to talk about a later story. I heard about it later in connection with the civil war.

It seems that the former citizens of Baron territory have spread the word about what happened at the castle, and “Saintess of Sunlight” has become my official alias. Because of it, I am too embarrassed to walk on the street. Well, I have never walked around the castle town without [Disguise].

Also, there was something else that I just couldn't forgive.

What surprises me the most was the bad rumor circulating around about Onii-sama! I don't know who started it, but one day I will find out and burn them to ashes! I swear to my life.


My days were colored by Onii-sama. I couldn’t imagine my life without him…So, If there were a world without him, it would be a gray and boring life.

I love Onii-sama. I adore him from the bottom of my heart. He was essential in my life.

I don't know if this feeling for him was familial or if it was the “Love” I have read about in books before. Though, I’m too young to know for sure.

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However, I could assure you this much.

I will always be by Onii-sama’s side. Even if the world stands against him as an enemy, I would continue to stand by him. Because I’m Onii-sama’s little sister.

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