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Chapter 360 Sky City: Jin Ling

 Chapter 360 Sky City: Jin Ling
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A woman whose hair was tied up on her head stopped Chu Yunsheng, and said:
“Can you help me?”

She could only be identified as a woman due to her voice. Wrapped in thick, messy clothes, and with an unkempt appearance, it was very hard to tell their gender just by her looks.

The woman was struggling to move a dead body. She was followed by a child about 6 or 7 years old.

Seeing that there was no response from Chu Yunsheng, she looked anxiously at the sky that was getting darker and darker. She begged: "Brother, this is my younger brother (the dead body). The child is too young to lift it. I want to bury him there, so the kid will have a place to commemorate the dead.”

Chu Yunsheng looked at her with glassy eyes. Then he looked at the cold body on the ground. There was a hole in its body caused by a red shell insect. The body’s internal organs were held in place by a piece of cloth, and it was already frozen into an ice cube.

Chu Yunsheng wiped off the snow from his mouth and breathed in the freezing air. He then began to lift up the man's body by its feet. Both of them moved slowly and clumsily towards the burial zone planned by Hong Kong general administration department.

The air was filled with depressed smells. The child seemed to be frightened by the war that happened in the past few days. His eyes fluttered in dismay, his lips were purple, and he kept pressing them together very hard while tightly holding the corner of the woman's clothes without saying anything.

"Brother, what about your family?" The woman was lifting the body's arms while asking the question as if it was a normal topic.

Chu Yunsheng spat out the snow in his mouth, and began to move his lips. However, his vocal cords weren’t functioning properly.

Unlike Chu Yunsheng, the woman seemed to feel numb about losing her family member.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng looking dispirited, she began to talk to him like nothing had happened.  “Lost everything? Sigh!~ it’s our fate. Brother, don’t be sad. I was like you when my husband died, I cried for seven days and seven nights non-stop. I cried until my tears dried up. But now? I’ve become used to it, and once you become used to it, your feelings will become numb, and you will find out that it is not a big deal. ”

Chu Yunsheng was bowing his head down and lifting the body with a numb expression. But the woman still kept talking like she suddenly found someone that would listen to her:  “Brother, if you are alone, when we get back, I'll introduce someone to you. You see, the government is encouraging us to help each other. To us, the best way to do that is to live together as a family. As the old saying goes: Two people that live together will know how to take care of each other, it is much better than living alone. If you are sick, there will always be someone beside you.”

Suddenly, Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows and glanced around as if he was looking for something.

The woman thought that Chu Yunsheng was interested, so she carried on: “Finding a good woman to live with is not easy. Looking at your situation. You definitely don't want those who already have kids. Those without any ability to work are not suitable either. The ideal ones are those who are able to work, have the ability to endure hunger, those who are not sick, and know how to take care of you.”

Chu Yunsheng suddenly stopped, his glassy eyes suddenly became focused and he looked very serious.

The woman didn't notice the change. When she was about to say something again, a man suddenly appeared. He was carrying a broken backpack, limping towards the woman with happiness.

“Brother,” she said to Chu Yunsheng, “This is my man.” The woman dropped the body, and walked toward the man. “Elder Niu, how is it? Did you get it?”

The man put down the broken backpack and stroked the kid's head. He smiled, and said, “Luckily, I found my aunty early. I got some before the government got there. Those fuckers from the government even want to take away the food that the master insect gave to my aunty.”

The woman opened the bag and looked inside. A smile instantly appeared on her face. She quickly closed the bag, and gave her man a strange look. She said: “Careful what you say. They will arrest you for that. We are just regular citizens…”

The man smiled fatuously: “Okay, okay, oh right, I also heard something very strange. It is said that the master insect had a kid with a human, and that kid is currently with the people from the government.”

The woman cracked up, and said: “You believe that? I also heard that the master insect is Chu Clan's master's relative.”

Her laugh made Chu Yunsheng feel uncomfortable. Why could a person that lost her husband, her parents, and her brother laugh like that next to her dead brother's body?

The man picked up the kid, shook his head, and said: “In this age, any strange thing can happen….”

Chu Yunsheng suddenly stepped way. He felt a familiar fire elemental energy coming from the ground below them.

Before the man finished talking, the ground began to shake. Suddenly, an infested human that was almost 5 meters tall dug out of the ground.

It was heavily injured, its shells were heavily broken, and there was even a hole in its stomach.

The man and the woman were running as fast as they could while shouting for help. However, as if God was making fun of them, three more infested humans dug out of the ground in front of them. They got scared and sat down on the ground instantly.

Chu Yunsheng stood in front of the first infested human, and didn't move. He couldn't understand their language anymore. The man, the woman, and the kid were forced to crawl back to Chu Yunsheng again.

In the next second. The man and the woman’s eyes opened wide. Chu Yunsheng reached his hand out to touch the infested human. Those monsters were made by him, and they still had consciousness in their mind. Although Chu Yunsheng's insect life was over, their painful and conflicted life has only just begun.

The sound of troops marching was getting closer and closer to them. He raised his head and suddenly disappeared in front of the couple.

Before the couple was able to react, he reappeared holding a man dressed in an energy practitioner's uniform.

An energy practitioner didn't even have the ability to resist!

Chu Yunsheng knew that Lee Taidou was following him since the end of the war. He suspected that it was Huo Jiashan who had asked him to do so, but he didn't care too much about it.

Lee Taidou also understood that Chu Yunsheng, the monster, definitely knew that it was followed. So when Chu Yunsheng caught him. He was not shocked.

“I don't even know how to call you anymore. Chief Huo asked me to follow you. He wanted to talk to you.” Lee Taidou said respectfully.

Chu Yunsheng pointed at his throat, and shook his head. Then, he pointed at the four infested humans, then pointed at the troops that were coming towards them.

He had agreed with Huo Jiashan to deliver the bomb, but he hadn’t told Huo Jiashan about the 18 infested humans.

Since he was going to leave this place. Chu Yunsheng wanted to resolve this problem.

Lee Taidou immediately understood what Chu Yunsheng meant. So he quickly ran towards the troops to stop them.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know what Lee Taidou told them. As he approached the troops, and attempted to borrow a pen and notebook from an officer, all the soldiers, including that officer stepped back in panic. All their faces turned pale with terror.

Chu Yunsheng still managed to get a pen and a notebook. When he wrote down the secret of infested humans, the officers and Lee Taidou instantly broke out in a cold sweat. The secret was beyond what they could handle, they needed to report to headquarters immediately.

Chu Yunsheng asked Lee Taidou to ask those infested humans that if they wanted to stay or leave.

As he expected, all of them chose to stay in Hong Kong. Despite all of their heavy injuries one of the infested humans carved his name: Ren Tongyan, on the ground while enduring the pain.

Instantly, the officer who was scared of Chu Yunsheng broke into tears. He ran towards the infested humans and cried: “Commander, is it really you? I am Xiao Li, from the elder San's regiment, our division…. Our division…”

Monsters suddenly became their own people! Everyone was lost.

‘So the rumors were true.’ The couple thought nervously.

When the scientists who were originally hiding behind the troops realized what had happened, they all rushed towards the front and ordered the soldiers to protect those infested humans and escort them toward the academy of sciences.


“Are you leaving?” Lee Taidou asked.

But Chu Yunsheng didn't answer him. He quietly left, and gradually disappeared into the snow.

Suddenly, Lee Taidou couldn't help but shout into the snow: “Are you a human or an insect?”


Three days later, an ear piercing siren suddenly rang out in the originally calm Jing Ji islands.

A heavy-duty jet fighter that was fuming thick black smoke crashed into Jing Ji island from the sky.

On the wreckage of the jet fighter, it was clearly written:  Sky City - Jin Ling

Edited by: Chubby;

------------- translator's note------------

Finally finished another volume.

Sigh… I really like the dumb insect. It reminds me of my stupid dog…..

Anyway. Here are my thoughts on this volume.

This volume is both sad and important to the entire book. It is going to affect how other humans treat MC in the later volumes.

Just like Lee Taidou. No one knows what MC is anymore. Is he human? Or is he a monster?

We all know MC is a human because we have read the story from the beginning. But what about the characters in the book? They don't have the precious information as we do.

Remember when the characters in the book tried to condemn the commander in chief Wu Fanghou's action in chapter 329? The Author vaguely and indirectly uses this character’s words to explain the importance of information in this book.

For instance, in the same chapter 329,  Huo Jiashan talked about Ke Qianer claimed that her actions were affected by the bow was a paradox. This paradox also applies to MC as well. Were MC’s emotions and decisions really affected by his insect’s body or was it just his mind trying to trick him to think that way?

Now. Since this paradox also applies to MC, then, the mysterious advisor/ young master’s words also apply to MC.  he/she said that  “ Everyone has an inner devil in them. People who believe it, would restrain themselves, people who don't, would let loose the chain of the devil. It has nothing to do with the bow... ”  If we use this sentence, plus what happened to MC in the past, it is easy to understand why MC would think that way.

Of course, this is just my opinion. You can also treat it as MC’s actions and decisions were affected by his insect’s body.

Ah also, the reason why I said that the advisor is he/she is because of Ke Qianer’s words and how other people treated that advisor.

Hint 1. In chapter 329  when Liang Xingdong wanted to touch the advisor, he suddenly stopped and took back his hand. The chapter also mentioned that it seemed like he was fear of something.

Hint 2. In chapter 335  “Master, you mean…. He left Hong Kong? ” suddenly a strange luster flashed in Song Mi’s eyes.

Hint 3 in chapter 356 Song Mi said that He is your best choice…

And lastly, hint 4 Ke Qianer’s words. “Everyone only knows her as a man. However, no one knows that she has a strange disease since she was a child. She is, in fact, a girl.  ”

I am terrible at organizing my thoughts. Here is what I thought so far. You will definitely be able to discover more than I did in the chapters…...

As usual, I need one month to read next volume to establish some terms first. So no update for a month. I am also currently working with Chubby to correct old chapters’ mistakes. So it might take longer than usual.

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…….. volume 6…...

After years of suffering, humanity is finally able to stop the situation from getting worse. Many heroes and forces begin to rise. However, will they be able to take back their own land and expel all the monsters from earth? Will more aliens appear?

Will MC carry on his journey to the North, or will he be trapped in an area again?

Jin Ling city has finally re-appeared again, but will MC be able to find out?  And what was the voice in his mind at the end of volume 3? How did the voice know that Jin Ling city was not fallen? Why did Shang say that Chu Yunsheng was not supposed to exist in this world or any worlds?

Will the aliens in the white dress be still hunting him?

Stay tuned for the next volume!

Volume 6 The Rise Of Heroes


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Chapter 359: I, a lone wanderer

Chapter 359: I, a lone wanderer
Edited by Chubby; 

No one knew who it was, and no one knew where it came from.
It was like a devil that just escaped from a fiery hell.
The flames that attached to its naked body were burning strangely; many debris and bodies were spinning around it. Mysterious, powerful, and pure energy was shooting everywhere, causing chaotic energy turbulence wherever it went.

Every step it made, countless rocks and soils would be lifted up from its feet.
“It is not dead! Quick! Kill it!”
Suddenly, someone broke the silence and shouted.
No one knew who fired the first shot, but people began to fire their guns frantically.
It stopped and opened its eyes.
Its clean pupils reflected the images of fires and bullets, its black long hair scattered in the wind.
It opened its hand, and took a deep breath. Despite the strong winds caused by the energy turbulence blowing around him, he seemed to be unaffected by it.
A yellow copper bullet, rotating at a high speed, broke into the world of energy first. However, as if it was cut open by a sharpener, it was dismembered, broken and fragmented instantly.

A piece of bullet debris flew across him and cut its pale face. A drop of red blood slowly appeared.
It knitted his brows, and its eyes became colder! In the next second, he jumped up.
On the ground, the sounds of explosions echoed. The gunfire didn't stop for a single second. However, it didn't seem to be affected at all.

In everyone's sight, it was quietly hovering above the first round of attacks and moving its hand in the air.
“Quick, artilleries!’

Soldiers immediately waved their flags to signal the heavy weapon units.
“Fire elemental heavy artillery is ready!”

“Ice elemental heavy artillery is ready!”

More than one hundred main battle tanks moved their main guns simultaneously and aimed at the monster.
It seemed to ignore whatever humans were doing, and just focusing on drawing something in the air.

Ke Qianer suddenly changed her face while looking at the things that monster drew.
All Chu Clan's disciples were looking at each other in confusion….


Under the dark sky and above the raging fire.
A strange talisman appeared in the thin air.

Then a fiery rain appeared, instantly blocking all of the human attacks.
Ke Qianer instantly stood up from her chair. Her eyes were wide open and her face was filled with an unbelievable expression.

It is a Chu Clan's technique!
Then another talisman appeared!

As the second talisman burst out a bright light, the figure landed on the ground and began to walk slowly forward. It walked through the fiery rain, and walked through the turbulent energy...

All the insects’ body began to fly towards it.
Then, armor began to appear on its legs!
It was quickly growing upwards to its knees;
Its thighs!
Its waist!
Its chest!
Until it was covered with armor and holding a sword in everyone's sight!
“Fire! Fire! Kill it!”
Ke Qianer's face was as cold as ice. She reached her hand out, wanting to pull the string of the bow. However, the bow was struggling violently, wanting to break free from her hands.
A faint of panic flashed in her mind, as she looked at the monster with a sword walking out of the inferno.
Despite being hit by many attacks, its speed didn't reduce. Instead, it began to speed up. Again, and again it’s speed increased until it broke through the sound barrier, and charged straight into the heart of the human's defense position!

“OMG, it even broke through the sound barrier! Stop it! Stop it immediately!” a senior Officer shouted in panic.

The regiment commander used all of his regiment's firepower wanting to stop it. However, it was only able to hit its afterimages.
The company commander charged out wanting to stop it. However, it stepped on his shoulders and jumped past him.
The battalion commander ordered his men to form a wall of people, attempting to stop it. But as it ran into them, all of them were either knocked backward or flew into the sky.
Wu Fanghou put down the binoculars and said: “Qianer, take the helicopter and leave here immediately. Its target is here. You are our hope. You can't die here.”
Ke Qianer grasped the bow tightly. There seemed to be blood in her hands. She bit her lips very hard and stared at its afterimages. A hundred Chu Clan's disciples immediately began to escort her to the landing pad.
Seeing the helicopter’s blades began to spin, its speed increased again.
Thirty high-level ice energy practitioners formed a square formation and made a thick wall of ice.

It was finally slowed it down.
Fifty fire energy practitioners were split up to attack the monster from both sides of the ice wall.
However, it was only slowed down.
After a bright light beam appeared, the ice wall was shattered!

All Chu Clan's disciples were shocked!

It's sword QI!

It was the highest level of Chu Clan's technique that they know of!

Is it really a monster!

How can a monster know Chu Clan's techniques?!
Ke Qianer moved away the people around her, and said coldly.” General, I know who it is. You can ask them to stop now. It is coming for me!”
Everyone was looking at her in confusion and shock!
However, how can they stop now?

The army was already in disarray when it broke into the defense position.
Many soldiers were knocked away or flew into the sky.
And many energy practitioners died under its sword.
“Who can stop it!?” a man shouted.
“I can!” a rank S energy practitioner jumped towards it and shouted. He was followed by four Rank A energy practitioners.
“It is not invincible! I don't believe it!” The rank S energy practitioner shouted and punched his fiery fist forward.
Sword Form: Broken stab!
After a light beam appeared, the Rank S energy practitioner fell from the sky.

And the monster continued.

 “Protect the general!” The last security battalion shouted!

“Let it come through!” Wu Fanghou shouted.

“Use your life to protect the general!” it was very chaotic in the defense position, all the soldiers thought that it was here for their commanders.

“Shut up. Let it come through!” Wu Fanghou’s body was shaking with anger. He began to realize that no one in this place was able to stop it.

If the monster is really the one that helped them. There might be a chance.

“Use your life to protect gen...” The voice suddenly stopped. The figure crashed into that officer. The officer was knocked back, and fell onto the ground in a puddle of blood.

“General, you need to leave! ” Many officers began to drag Wu Fanghou backward.

All the remaining Chu Clan’s disciples charged out at the same time.

However, it was useless. Not a single person could stop it.

After another light beam, the helicopters exploded, and Ke Qianer was knocked forward by the explosion.

Standing on a pile of bodies, it pointed the sword at Ke Qianer who staggered up from the ground.

The bow had already flown away from Ke Qianer and flew toward it.

However, it seemed to hate the bow. It kicked it away immediately.

But the bow flew toward it again.

Then it kicked the bow away the second time!

The third….

The fourth….

It even began to use the sword to hack the bow.

Ke Qianer’s body was shaking. She bit her lips and silently watched the bow that she treated as the most precious thing in her life, trampled by it.

After the bow was kicked away by it once again.  Ke Qianer used all her strength to hold the bow and said: “It doesn't want you, it does not cherish you! Why you still do not accept me. I have sacrificed everything for you. I have lost everything….everything...  ” She raised her head and cried out loud: “‘Why! Why do you have to treat me like this!!? ”

In the next second, she glared at Chu Yunsheng and said coldly “You think you have won? You think you can take revenge on me? I will not let you get what you want!” Then, she suddenly raised the bow and used the string to slice through her own throat.
Blood burst out from her throat and splashed everywhere on the bow. She still held the bow tightly and said weakly: “You will never be able to take revenge! …suffer like me… suffer...”

“Master!!” Song Mi ran toward her from the beach!

Many people began to land on the beach from Jing Li island. What they received was good news. However, when they came here. What they saw was completely different.

Ke Qianer used her bloody hand to touch her chest, and said: “Know…. My… heart…. Please… take… care… of….”  her head dropped before she could finish the sentence.

“Qianer!” Song Mi burst out crying.


The sword dropped from Chu Yunsheng’s hand and stabbed into the ground.

Ke Qianer’s last attack almost killed him.  If it weren’t for the book absorbing most of the energy from the attack he would have been killed already.

However, it was also because of her surprise attack, it caused an accident to happen when Yan Min’s body exploded. As a result, after the monster talisman was reversed, he could not talk.

But his inability to talk was not the only reason he remained silent at that moment.

It was because of the feeling inside his heart.  He hounded Yan Min and Ke Qianer to death, but the mixed feeling inside his mind just irritated him.

Maybe Ke Qianer was right, maybe it was because he did not end their lives personally.

But what else? What exactly made him feel unrest?

Looking at the dead people that were killed by him on the ground, he felt a chill down his spine. Who would they hate? And who should they seek revenge on?

He felt cold. Maybe it was because he did not have any clothes on, he told himself.

He began to slowly turn around and walk out of the defensive position as if he had suddenly lost his soul.

“Let it go, you will not be able to stop it. Stop the unnecessary death.” Huo Jiashan stopped a division commander and said. He had just arrived on the defense position, but he had quickly gathered enough information from some energy practitioners.

Chu Yunsheng was like a defeated soldier, walking on a broken land and walking numbly in the direction where he buried the dumb insect.

All the soldiers moved a way to make a passage for him, and as he walked through the crowds, everyone glared at him with hatred.

He was scared to look into their eyes. He simply bowed his head down, and kept walking.


Chu Yunsheng did not know how long he had walked. But eventually, he returned to Fragrant River city. He found himself a broken dirty coat, and wrapped himself up after deactivating the combat armor.  He took off shoes from two abandoned bodies, and put them on. Later on, he also found an Ushanka. 

In a trance, he was barely able to wrap himself up tightly and kept walking.

It began to snow.

With his hands in his cotton sleeves, he hunched over while he walked. He did not know why he felt cold. The cold was not from his body, but from his heart.

He staggered towards the place where he buried the dumb insect and kneeled down. “....dumb insect… I am going to find my family now….” he said while stroking the flat ground.

However, he did not leave immediately. He remained, murmuring and stroking the ground, until he too, was covered with snow.


In a place far away, many people were gradually sent to Hong Hong from Jing Ji island. All of them began to look for their family members as they landed.

On the vast land, on the battlefield, there were only heart-wrenching cries.

Chu Yunsheng went to see the son of insect before he left Hong Kong.

He also saw the funeral of Ke Qianer which was arranged by the higher-ups of Hong Kong. Huo Jiashan was holding the son of insect in his arms when he attended the funeral.

He was not far from them. He could even hear the baby's noise in the sad funeral hymn. However, he did not dare to talk to them, or hold the son of insect last one time.

In the end, he left in silence.

As he disappeared into the darkness, the snow that fluttered down from the sky began to cover all trace of him in this city.


I, a lone wanderer, drifting in this miserable land.

Through ill-fated bitter and pain,

Under separation and disruption,

I met you.


Tearfully I propose to my brothers a toast,

Let snow cover up any warfare stain.


The sky is forever dim, the desolate land is profoundly vast,


The whole world is suffering chaos.

Throughout the land cluster herds of refugees.

In an instant, when conflicts burst out,

your kindness cannot be found.


Life or death depends all on a flash,

honor and fame are no more than illusory.


After the momentary merriness, and the momentary tenderness,

Tomorrow by the headstream of fragrant River,

please bury this sad soul in the resounding tunes.

Edited by Chubby;

------------------translator’s note---------------------

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Some part I don’t know how to translate it, so I replace them with ellipsis.
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